Mid-May and flying through the month 10

Mid-May and flying through the month

How is it that we’re already halfway through May? May is just FLYING by!  On one hand, it’s great because our camping trip is just a mere 38 days away and we are getting quite excited. That might sound cheesy but we used to go camping all the time and haven’t in years, so we’re looking to get our feet wet again and we’re going all out with an interior/portaging 7-day trip in Algonquin Park.  I will write a separate post about this soon and how much we’ve spent, what we’re packing, and where we’re going, if anyone is interested.

Mid-May and flying through the month

Mid-May and Flying through the month

Anyways, we were supposed to head up north this past weekend, to check on Jeff’s Dad’s house, with him being all the way down in Florida, but plans changed.  Jeff was looking into taking his first aid/CPR/AED for work and ended up finding a course over the weekend, so he registered for that instead.  It’s a two-day course so I knew that I’d have some time to myself and boy was I looking forward to it.  I wanted the weekend to be productive and I didn’t want to be a lazy bum that kept putting off her to-do list.  Enough was enough.

So, Saturday morning, I drove down to Oak Ridges, where Jeff’s course was being held and dropped him off.  I then headed back home and got the sweetest of homecomings.  You’d think that I’d left for years and had just returned to see my dogs, finally, at long last.  That’s one thing I love about dogs, no matter if you’re gone for two seconds, two hours, two days, two weeks.  You always get such a warm, excited welcome home and I just love that.  I spent the day vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, cleaning the bathroom and I even had time to visit Jeff over his lunch break and also managed to wrangle the dogs into the shower and bath them.  I even got groceries shopped on my way home from lunch and I also caught up on the trash tv that Jeff hates in the afternoon (read: Kardashians, Catfish and RHONY).  All in all, it was a great day.  It was beautiful and breezy enough to have the windows wide open all day, it was great!  I picked up Jeff around 4:30 and then we headed home for the evening, with nothing else exciting happening.

Before Bath

Before their bath… (they had no idea what was coming.. mwahaha)

Baxter post-bath play time

Isn’t Baxter cuuuuuuute?  They’re such good little boys in the shower.  Rather than hunching over a tub and killing my bath (and getting all over the place), I just hop in the shower with them and they’re good for me.  They’re light enough that I can pick them up, too, which comes in super handy. 😉

grooming time

Anyone that has seen my snapchat has seen Charlie grooming Baxter and it’s a daily ritual. Charlie is very much like a momma who grooms her pups. 🙂


Drying up and looking extra cute. 🙂


Mid-May flying

Fresh flowers!

sunset Sunset

ferris wheel

Some pretty pictures from around the town where I live

Main Street

On Sunday, Jeff drove himself down to Oak Ridges as he thought his day would end a bit sooner than it did on Saturday, which was cool with me since I had run my errands the day before anyways.  I ended up doing five loads of laundry, I meal prepped our breakfasts and got lunches done for Monday and then Baxter and I pulled out all of the dehydrated food we bought for our camp trip and I inventoried that and subsequently made a couple of packing lists.  I also organized some dresser drawers and purged a few unnecessary things.  Jeff got home just around the time I thought he would – he didn’t get out early.  We then had an early dinner (which is shocking in and of itself) and then watched Pretty Little Liars for the rest of the evening.

groomingSunday morning lovin’

Baxter helping meI’m pretty certain I need to put this on Instagram and tag AlpineAire. 

This is Baxter ‘helping’ me on Mother’s Day inventory and sort through all of the dehydrated food we’re taking camping with us at the end of June.

camping lists

Charlie in warm laundry Charlie

It’s such a tough life being Charlie and Baxter.  😉


Tuesday’s sunrise was beautiful. The weather has significantly improved from all the rain we were getting a couple of weeks ago, thankfully.

How was your weekend?

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