Jungle Cat World 14

Jungle Cat World

I had heard of Jungle Cat World many of times over the years, but I’d never visited the place before, much less knew even where it was located.  I had mistakenly thought it was up in Bowmanville and connected to the Bowmanville zoo owner who was caught on video a couple of years ago by Peta for whipping/”training” one of his big cats.  I was wrong, Jungle Cat World is not at all affiliated to this man or any cruelty and that was enough for me to seal the deal to head out for a visit.
On the Friday of our Victoria Day Long Weekend earlier in May, I booked the day off to have a four-day weekend, which was just great in my books and off we went mid-morning at the drive was about 1.5 hours away and we wanted to ensure we’d be there for the walking tour at 1 pm where the keepers walked around telling you about the animals all the while feeding them.

A bit of a back story: I’ve long since stopped going to zoos despite my love of all furry things.  I’d stopped going because it hurt me too much emotionally and spiritually seeing so many animals bored, stressed and/or neglected. Particularly it was the female herd of elephants they had at the Toronto Zoo (Thika, Tina and Iringa) that I was madly in love with that I felt so torn about. I LOVED visiting them but they had 8 hectares of space. Eight hectares of space  and these creatures can walk hundreds of kilometers a day. They’d sway, they looked bored and theyd been plagued with dropping numbers at an alarming rate.. They were dying young or for unknown reasons and one had even passed at an alarmingly young age for a captive elephant. But there was also a tragic accident where one female got fatally knocked down and died. It was something crazy like that, I suppose I could get my facts straight but I can’t be bothered. I’m just going off vague memories. After all that, it became a game of politics with the zoo and its board members, and it was, if you ask me, all about cents and dollars. They never gave a damn about Thika, Toka and Iringa. Anyways I’m off on a tangent now. That’s why I don’t visit zoos. I stopped years ago after I came back from the Amsterdam Zoo and thereafter when I said goodbye to the Toronto three.

Jungle Cat World

It all started with a German couple in 1981 adopting a lion cub and there soon after, a young female tiger.  There was much public interest in the area to develop a formal zoo and so, they opened their doors to the public in 1985.  (Originally it was called Orono Exotic Cat World and in 1989, they became a fully accredited.)

I And so I don’t go on and on babbling, let’s just show you some of the animals that we saw on our day there…


Jungle Cat World

peacock peacock peacock

goat rooster



JaguarThis fella was a gorgeous Jaguar but like most dark or black animals, they are extremely difficult to photograph.  He was almost a dark reddish brown and the spots were obvious when they caught the light.  This guy was HANGRY!!



Hyenas… They are not like dogs AT all.  I think one of the keeper’s said their closest relative is actually the possum.

They are really short in the body, almost hunchback, with these little pig-like snouts but in a way, almost cat-like.  Very strange but definitely cool. 🙂

leopard Leopard leopard

This guy was clearly hungry with his mouth agape and clearly getting excited for his meal that’s to come.  His lady friend waited patiently for her turn for hers.  I didn’t get a good picture of her because she moved too quickly.

bob cat

I’m pulling a blank on this guy but I think he’s a Bob Cat

chickens Ducks Ducks

Lots of chickens, roosters and ducks


Fox Fox

And last but not least, sleepy big cats. 🙂

Here’s some video of the animals I took on the day we visited:

Thanks for stopping by you guys! xo

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