Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently {June} 26

June Mantras & Goals

So last month was the launch of the Peaceful Posse monthly link up, Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently.  For those that missed it, the link will open up on the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days.  So for the month of June, it will open on Monday, June 5th and close at midnight on Monday, June 19th.  Next one will be Monday, July 3rd.

It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your posts.  Do whatever works for you, how about that? 🙂

So here goes my update on my May Goals and then we’ll get crackin’ on June’s mantras, goals and currently.


Let’s take a look at what my Goals for the month of May were: 

  1. Get the rest of the things on our list for our camp trip. Things like: coffee, aeropress filters, a small shovel, fishing rod and tackle. We also have to look at all the dehydrated food we’ve bought and see if we need to top it up any.  – This we ended up completing (and spending a small fortune, but hey..) and I was happy to get this all buttoned up long before we leave so that we’re not rushing around last-minute looking for things we need or locating things we already have.  We inventoried everything already and now we are just literally waiting for June 23rd to come around.
  2. Start drafting a post of all the planning that has gone into our week-long interior camping trip at the end of June. I’ve been keeping a folder of all of the planning and lists we’ve made since we decided on a camp trip to Algonquin Park.  – Thus far, I’ve not written much but I have lists and what not to refer to so when the time comes, I’m not at a loss for words.  We’ll see how it shapes up…
  3. Read more. Perhaps consider unsubscribing to some blogs I’m not digging or find myself skimming over or not reading at all.  – Yes and no.  I’ve unsubscribed to some and others, I should just cut the cord.

Mantras for June:


Mantras, Goals & Currently

June Goals:

  1. Read more.
  2. Start planning out more of our dinners so I’m not indecisive in the evenings.  I him and ha in the evenings what to eat for dinner all.the.time., I think maybe because I’m bored.  So I’m planning to meal planning dinners.
  3. Start cleaning a bit more during the week so I’m not doing so much of it on the weekends.
  4. Relax and unwind on our camping/paddling trip.  I plan to be unplugged for seven whole days.!!!


Reading… – Fast and Loose by Stuart Woods

Playing… Words with Friends, still.  And Jeff has now tried getting me into this golf game and I’m just not into it…

Watching… it took us a month but we’ve caught up almost to current of the The Pretty Little Liars series. Now I’m catching up on: The Bachelorette, RHONY, Survivor,  The Challenge, Greys… and so many more.

Trying… to calm my irritability.

Cooking… dinner, nothing exciting over here. Lol

Eating… blueberries.

Drinking… water. I’m up to 4 litres a day.

Calling… There are three people I talk to on the regular: Jeff, mom and Dina.

Texting… Always the same handful of people.

Pinning… cute outfits, inspirational quotes, mantras, ISFJ memes, dog/pet pictures.

Tweeting… nothing lately other than blog posts.

Going… on our camping trip soon, it’s so close I can taste it.

Loving… my family, friends and furries. Always.

Hating… people that constantly whine or complain.  If you’re unhappy about something, then do something about it.  Take the bull by the horns.

Discovering… new recipes for dinners.

Thinking… about a lot of things, though, aren’t we all?

Feeling… good, content, happy, gracious.

Hoping (for)… good weather on our camping trip later this month.  I’m prepped for all kinds of weather but it’s always much more pleasant if there isn’t crappy weather.

Listening (to)… some of Jeff’s podcasts, the radio, Sirius.

Celebrating… our ninth wedding anniversary later this month on June 28th.

Smelling… grapefruit or anything citrus.  And Marc Jacobs, Mod Noir.

Thanking… being mindful daily and always being humble and grateful.

Considering… ?? Not sure about this one

Starting… a trend and completing my monthly mantras and goals every month going forward. <—- this was May’s goal and lookie here, look at me go, here I am again for month two, June.  I’m doing well thus far.

Finishing… what I start. Always. 🙂

– – – – –

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  • I am with you in regards to a need to unsubscribe to things. At times my email in box is so overwhelming that all I do is hit delete rather than look at what is there. Also, do you think trying a food subscription box could help you with planning meals? It has helped us and although we don’t use it every week, we now have a good collection of recipes to fall back on. Hope it is a great week.

  • Kim Munoz

    Girl! Yesterdays grocery shopping trip was rough. I don’t know why but I was irritable af trying to navigate the isles. I watched 4 people go up to an employee and ask where the cucumbers were. Told David I wanted to just start tossing cukes into peoples baskets like Oprah giving away free stuff! HAHAH. Not sure what was with that but thankfully its gone. I also need to cut the negative people out or at least cut them back a bit. No room for that ish! Have a wonderful week ;-*

  • I’ve been unsubscribing and even unfriending in cases where it makes sense lately. My time is precious and I can’t waste it on things that don’t make me happy! Yay for a camping/paddling trip! We’ve going on a cabin trip next week and I hope to completely unwind/unplug too! Hugs pretty lady, have a great June!

  • Your mantras for the month are hitting so close to home for me. I’ve been using “Let it be easy” a lot lately and using the reminder that if I can dream it, then what I need to achieve it is already within me. Different words, same idea. 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    Wonderful mantras. That’s great you’re all ready for the camping trip and I hope you get amazing weather!! Having it rain would be a bit of a downer.


  • San

    4 liters of water a day? Dang girl… teach me your ways!

  • Nice job with the water! If I could drink drink half that I’d be doing great 🙂 I’m almost caught up on PLL, but I got behind on the Bachelorette. I just watched the first episode last night. I love your mantras for June. I need to find some 🙂

  • I need to up my water intake–I’m trying to keep a log so I know what I’ve had to drink each day, I just need to keep that jug full 🙂 that quote about the lotus being at ease in the muddy water–I love that. So very poetic indeed 🙂

    I’m loving the Bachelorette this season, I like that Rachel is not taking any crap from these dudes (as she shouldn’t!!).

    Go you for getting everything squared away in advance if your trip! I’m a HUGE list maker. I’m not sure what I would do without post-it’s and random pieces of paper 🙂 also happy almost anniversary!!

    Ps–I keep meaning to tell you that I have a hello fresh box to give away if you are interested. If you only want the freebie you just have to remember to call and cancel–but it truly has been a game changer (and life saver over here!) xoxo

  • Awesome Mantras. I hope you get amazing weather for your camping trip and enjoy every moment.

  • I’m digging those mantras (and the flower pics they’re superimposed on, too)! The lotus one especially resonates; so much “mud” around these days. But we can and will live at ease in its midst. 🙂

  • I hear you, Sheryl. I get overwhelmed when I see a ton of notifications. I’m trying super hard just to ploughing through everything this week and clean out all those red bubbles that tell I have messages or comments or emails. Sometimes I feel like not responding and then think, no, that’s not me. I like to respond to every single comment. I’m trying not to be hard on myself, though.
    I’ve been perusing a few meal subscription boxes and I’m inclined to think they cost more than what you get. At least here in Canadian dollars. But then if you want the convenience I suppose. I’m undecided thus far, we’ll see.

    Hope you’re having a great week hun. 🙂

  • I get ragey grocery shopping, particular Costco. I think some people just go there for the samples and block the aisles. I can’t deal, or with the rudeness or nearly getting run down in the parking lot because people are in too god damn of a hurry. LOL! Would have DIED to witness you cucumber-bombing carts like nobody’s business. Hahhah!
    You’re right, no room for negative people in our lives. Life is far too short for that non sense.
    Hope you’re having a good week babe! Xo

  • I think I need to go through my Facebook again and start unfriending/unfollowing more people. Some people just live on Facebook and update their statuses every 4.6 minutes and I can’t deal. Or people that I last spoke to in high school years and years and years ago, what’s the point of being friends if we don’t talk? To be nosey? Um no. Bye. It’s the year of shedding things and people that don’t serve me well and bring joy to my life. So far it’s been good.

    Your cabin trip sounds amazing and I can’t wait to hear about and see it. 🙂 Enjoy, relax and forget about the real world even if it’s just for a moment. 🙂 xox *hugs*

  • It’s SO true. Anything is possible. 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great week, Katie.

  • We are so excited and ready to go. We plan on unpacking and repacking just to make sure we’re not missing anything that’s crucial. Once we leave the car, there’s no going back til 7 days later. It’ll be fun, rain or shine. 🙂

  • Carry a 1 liter water bottle around with you every.where.!!! I drink a liter before having a coffee and then water the rest of the day. 🙂

  • San

    Also: carry a port-a-potty? LOL

  • Lmao! Umm, Jeff has already tried to buy me a thing so I can pee standing up. There are some thing some I’ll do and that isn’t one of them. Hahahah

  • Thanks girl. I used to hate water and then I realised, hey, it’s kinda good for you and I should, so I stepped up my game years ago, most especially in the last six months. Downside: I’m always in the bathroom. LOL
    I’m current in PLL and it kinda sucks. Now for the Bachelorette, I think I only have this week’s episode to watch. That’ll have to wait until Sunday night when Jeff gets home from up north.
    I hope you’re having a good week hun! 🙂

  • Get yourself a jumbo water bottle and make note of how many times you’d like to fill it each day. I used to drink water bottles (the plastic kind – I know, so bad!!) but I ended up getting gifted a 1 litre bottle from a blogger swap and it has been the best thing ever for me. I’ve doubled the amount of water I drink and even I am impressed. Who am I?!!
    I’ve seen various quotes about lotuses rising from the muddy depths and becoming something so beautiful, and I love that because it’s a metaphor for all of us, isn’t it?
    I just started watching the Bachelorette last week and I have to say, I love Rachel. She’s just so relatable and genuine she seems. And that smile of hers is killer. Some of the guys are redonkulous though. LOL
    We’ve got camping crap ALL over our condo, it’s insane. Next week, we unpack and repack every single thing just to ensure we’re not forgetting anything. And I started adding up how much stuff we bought for this trip and for future camp trips and I almost passed out. We’ve spent a ton of money, over a grand! Yikes! But it’ll be so much fun to be out in nature, unplugged and just relaxing. 🙂
    Is your box a certain amount of money off or a free box to try? I’d love to try it but looking at the cost of the boxes of what’s available here in Canada, I can see it actually costing more for the service but paying for the convenience of it. Some of the recipes I’ve seen look yummy though. This week, I made burrito bowls, tilapia with lime and cilantro and something else I’m forgetting. I basically need to get back to basics and start planning dinners again instead of trying to wing them. That never fares out well. How many times have you tried Hello Fresh??
    XXOOXOX P to the S: it’s almost Friday!! 🙂

  • Thanks, love. I hope we do, too. But, if we don’t, that’s cool too. We bring clothes for every type of weather and we make the most of the time out in nature. All of the stars, the sound of water, loons calling out at dusk. It has been awhile since we camped but we’re looking forward to getting in deep and having no one but the trees with us. 🙂

  • Aren’t the peonies beautiful? I think I’m going to try and find some this weekend. I love peonies but they don’t stay fresh for very long. And as for a lotus, I’ve never been lucky enough to see one in person, but they sure are pretty to look at. I love the symbolism behind the flower. It’s very symbolic of today’s society and that we need to rise above even amongst all the crap and shit, ya know. 🙂

  • I have so many big water bottles but I don’t use them nearly enough–thank for the reminder. I’m on it!! I feel like it’s the easiest “healthy quick fix” a person can make. You know what’s weird? Bryan doesn’t drink water. Like, does not like it so will drink anything but. It’s so weird to me! Also, HOW DO YOU LIVE!? LOL

    I love this season of the bachelorette and Rachel is absolutely adorable, isn’t she? I like that she’s not taking any crap from some of these idiotic men (like that Kaboom guy… seriously? STOP TRYING TO MAKE THAT A THING!).

    Listen, once you’re away and on vacation and enjoying the poop out of life, you won’t even think about all the $$ you spent. You can’t ever put a price on true happiness and relaxation, ya know? I actually am REALLY craving a little getaway with Bryan. Jamaica isn’t that far in our past, but I’m already jonesing for another little one… even if just down the shore for a day. It is SO beneficial!

    I’ve done quite a few boxes with Hello Fresh already (maybe 3 or 4?) and each one contains dinners for three nights. I really really like it and the food is ready in less than 30 minutes, unlike other food services which I wasn’t as crazy about. Obviously NO pressure, whatsoever. The free box is great to get started, but you do have to cancel immediately or you’ll be charged (which actually happened to me). In the end, I was glad for the box, because I totes loved the food. Anyway, I’m rambling. Talk soon!! XOXO and TGI(almost)FRIDAY!

  • Yes, love the reading goal! I am ALWAYS trying to get in more reading time. I really need to clean more during the week too, but it’s hard after work. However, I HATE rushing around on Sundays trying to get everything cleaned. Good luck with the goals!

  • Thanks girl. I definitely don’t get enough of or make enough time for reading. When I unplug for a week camping, that’s one of my intentions, to get lost in a book. 🙂
    Have a great week hun! 🙂

  • It IS so easy to get your daily water fix, especially with big, honkin’-sized bottles. Bryan and my step-dad sound exactly the same. He doesn’t drink water either and I find that so weird. Like, we need water to sustain life. What is your body made up of?! lol
    I’ve caught up with The Bachelorette and I’m SO glad that got rid of WHAMMOOOO or whatever the hell that man was shouting. He was definitely a different dude. Who are you liking so far? I like the dark man with the daughter and I LOVE the Russian guy. My fave was when they all went out into the audience at the Ellen Show and danced their asses off! HAHA!
    You should definitely plan something for you and Bryan. Maybe like a weekend away? And if you have Buster, look into places that are dog-friendly. Vacations always feel SO distant away once they’ve come and gone. I literally can’t believe Barbados was almost 12 months ago!! Insane!
    The Hell Fresh box, do you order it with a code that makes it $0 and then you have to immediately cancel the reoccurring order? Is that how it works? I’d try it, but I just don’t think it’s any cheaper, if anything, it’s just much more convenient. I dunno, I’ll try it. Thanks so much hun, I appreciate it. 🙂
    Love ya xoxoxo!