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Life lately

Do you ever feel like the days are getting away on you or you just can’t keep up?  That’s how I’m feeling lately.  Moments are fleeting and time is just whirling away on me… So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post a life update in pictures today for good measure.

Oh and if you want a nice visual (and a laugh), yesterday I was carrying a bowl back from the kitchen for a colleague and in the bowl were stuffed bell peppers.  With red sauce.  Can you guess where this is heading?  I spilled the bowl ALLLLLLLL down the front of my dress.  So, you can imagine me, pissed off and mouth agape in horror, I tear into the handicap washroom.  I ripped off my dress faster than I ever have in my entire life and here I am, standing in my underwear, at the sink, scrubbing away frantically on my nice little navy and WHITE dress.  And then I realise, shit, my dress is now soaked and I have to leave the bathroom.  Errr, what do I do?  I threw the dress back on and ran to go get my gym clothes (where I was heading anyways).  But damn, of course I go and drop red sauce all down the front of me.  I’m such a freaking mess. LOL!

Duke the black cat

Ink explosion Ink explosion
Storm clouds
Charlie Charlie and Baxter
Fiery sunset
Charlie Life latelly
Lush Harlequin Great DaneTell me this isn’t so friggin adorable.  I mean, Harlequins are beauty’s in and of themselves, but this guy, look how cocky he looks, with his crossed legs and that look on his face.  I love it. 
Sunset foam rolling
I pulled a muscle in my ass and spent days rolling out knots with a lacrosse ball.  Baxter saw the ball I was rolling on and thought it was his
snapchat snapchat
Silly Snapchat filters

EveningshydrotherapyIt’s been almost two years next week since Charlie had his CCL and meniscus surgery.  I loved spending time with him at the hydro pool…Not only was it great rehabilitation and exercise for him, it was some serious bonding time and I really enjoyed those months together.  <3

Charlie and Baxter

Summertime Flowers
Last Saturday

raw taco salad raw salted caramel square
Lunch out at a raw food restaurant that I love.  Taco salad and a salted caramel square. Mmmmm.


So tired…..



The flowers I took for the Bride-to-be on Sunday for her shower

Summer nights


And that is it my friends.  We are nine days away from our camping trip and I cannot wait.  We’ve got a packed weekend coming up – we are unpacking and repacking everything so as to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten.   On Saturday evening, we’re going up to our friends’ Tara and Erik’s place for the nice.  I’m sure there will be plenty of alcohol flowing, plenty of bug swatting and plenty laughter.  I’ll be sure to take lots of photos.

I may or may not be back around tomorrow, but if not, I’ll be back on Friday for the usual What’s up, Weekend.

I hope you all are having a great week!  The weather is nice and hot here and I’m loving it!  Summer is here!! 🙂

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  • Corey Wheeland

    Love how he crosses his legs like that – it’s almost like he’s human! 🙂

  • shootingstarsmag

    Love all these photos! Mmm…that salted caramel dessert looks amazing.
    Ahh! Sorry about your dress. That’s awful!


  • Doesn’t he look cocky? And his face.. OMG. Precious. I just adore Danes! 🙂

  • OMG it’s SO good, Lauren and even better out of the freezer. I literally take about a half hour eating slivers of it just savoring it. 🙂
    At least the red sauce stains came out, no biggie. Could’ve been worse.

  • Divya Budhraja

    Sounds like ME UP THERE! I’m such a clumsy person when it comes to holding things, standing still, walking, anything that requires any level of brain power. Hahaha 🙂

  • That salted caramel thing looks tempting!

    What in the world was going on with that ink pen?

    Happy weekend!

  • Kim Airhart

    I can’t even tell you how funny I thought that story was about your dress. Sorry. eek I shouldn’t laugh because that is the type of shit that happens to me ALL THE TIME. hense broken coffee cup story on my blog. Love all your pictures. I hope you have a fabulous trip in 9 days. FUN. Have a great weekend sweets!! Missed reading your blog. Shame on me.

  • Divya, I hurt myself standing still, woman!!!!! Lolol! At least I’m entertaining, you know…. hahah!

  • That reminds me, I didn’t go to the restaurant this weekend to get one for my hubby. He gets mad when I don’t bring him home one. Hhehe!

    The fountain pen was overfilled I think and I don’t even know what happened, I looked down and thankfully I had dark pants on but later when I went to the washroom, it leaked through my top, my pants… I had blue everywhere!!

    I hope you had a great weekend Ericka! 🙂

  • It’s all good Kim, at the very least, I’m entertaining and good for a laugh. 🙂 Thankfully that shit came out and soaking it later that night saved it. But my god!! Lol

    We leave in 4 days, we can’t wait, but it’s shitty timing. Our dog blew, what we think is, his ACL. He did in his left one two years ago and last night, we came home and he was gimping around on three legs. Such a sad pup. 🙁

    No worries girl. I’ve been behind too. That’s life. 😉 Missed you. Xo