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Charlie CCL 2017

Almost two years ago exactly, Charlie was having surgery to repair a torn CCL in his left hind knee.  Well, you guessed it – we are in the same boat, my friends.  Charlie has injured his back right leg and it looks exactly like it did when he tore his ligament two years ago.

Charlie was at my mom’s house, having been dropped off with his brother on Saturday night so Jeff and I could go up to visit our friend’s, Tara and Erik.  Everything was peachy yesterday… Until we got back to my mom’s house after Father’s Day dinner with my step-dad.  We got back to her house from the restaurant first and went to go open up the side door into the yard and all of the dogs came running excitedly … except for Charlie, who was hanging back behind the others, hobbling around on three legs.  Jeff said the minute he locked eyes with Charlie, he knew he was in pain.  He just gave him this look and all dog mom’s and dad’s know the look.  That’s what breaks my heart about them when they’re sick or in pain, they can’t tell you what’s wrong or why they’re hurting.

We took both dogs home last night and immediately got Charlie settled in his crate, all comfy and cozy as much as possible.  His brother wouldn’t leave his side and all the while I just kept saying, “Here we go again, boys”.  This isn’t our first rodeo and thankfully I know what to expect this time around, but still, I can’t help but worry about my little guy.  He’s ten now, ya know?  But I know it isn’t dire, other than his bad knees, knock on wood, he’s been a healthy boy and he has many years ahead of him.

And so, now, he’s on crate rest for a couple of days to see if by chance this isn’t his ligament and maybe a sprain and it’ll improve some (my gut and past experience tells me it’s a tear, though). 

Charlie CCL 2017
Charlie CCL 2017

So by tomorrow, we should know if his leg is strained or it’s a more severe and a torn ligament.  I had a vet appointment for Wednesday but bumped that up to Tuesday and we’ll be getting a referral for the orthopedic surgeon and as soon as we have that, we should be good for an appointment with the surgeon to get x-rays and confirm what we’ll be doing with him to make him better again.  

Like I said, I suspect it’s a torn cruciate ligament just by how he’s holding it upright and not wanting to put weight on it.  He’ll probably be able to get into see the surgeon late this week/early next week and then I figure surgery will be imminent.  At this point, I just want to get the ball rolling so we can get on the healing train.  This time around, being experienced, although I’m sad about the turn of events, I know what to expect this time around and there is less worry and stress about the unknowns.  He’s going to be fine, he has some fine doctors looking after him and we’ve got a great rehabilitation team to get him back on the mend.  Even though I always secretly wanted to get back into water therapy with Charlie, this was not the way I wanted to start it back up again.

But, it is what it is and we’re taking care of our little man.  After all, we don’t have kids and these two boys ARE our kids.

Stay tuned for more.

Charlie post-op Charlie Post Op - Day 3

(these are from two years ago, not to be confused with what’s happened this weekend)


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