You know you’re a dog mom/dad when … 8

You know you’re a dog mom (or dog dad) when:

  • You sacrifice your own comfort for theirs.  Be it on the couch, in bed, camping, you name it.  I’ll let them be comfortable over my own simply because I love them.

Baxter with Daddy Bichon Frise The Boys
 Camping with DogsCamping with dogs

  • You find dog poop bags in every crevice, every pocket and every nook and cranny.  And it never seems to phase you when you pull one out in public.  You just shove it back into the pocket it came from and carry on with your day.
  • You start purchasing dog-friendly furniture or furniture that is more suited towards your dogs than it is for you.  Check out some of the furniture that Costco has or Pinterest.
  • You always make sure you give them kisses on your way out the door, when you get home and before you fall asleep.
  • You include them in your wedding.

dogs wedding

  • The photo album on your mobile phone is essentially 99% full of dog pictures.
  • You always think about your dog(s) when you’re out shopping.
  • You sign greeting cards for people, “Lindsay, Jeff, Charlie and Baxter.”  Or make cards with them as the focus.  Yep, yes I do.

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

  • You move mountains to get them to appointments, schedule consults and pay a fk-ton of money for them to get better.  Why?  Because we can and we want to.  We don’t have human children and these dogs are our children.
  • You get excited to go home every day and have your dog greet you like you’ve been gone a million years.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days, they shower you with so much love and affection that makes us feel so loved and good, doesn’t it?
  • You leave the bathroom door open because you know the second you close it, there is whimpering and scratching on the other side. (We only close the door when we have company.)
  • You celebrate birthdays and milestones.  Every day with our beloved animals is a gift, am I right?  So we celebrate every single day because we never know how long we’ll have them with us.

Every day with our dogs is a gift and I can honestly and truly say that my life is that much better and richer because of them.  There really is no love like a dog has for his best friend and vice versa.

I would literally do anything and everything for my two boys – why?  Because I love them dearly and because I can.

What about you?  How many of you are guilty of these?   What are some other points that further prove you’re a dog mom or dog dad?

The BoysThe Boys


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