Things You Need to Learn in order to have a (more) Enjoyable Camping Experience 14


There are certain things that you’ll need to learn, accept, or let go of when you’re going on a camping or paddling trip.  While every camping experience will differ, going on an interior camping trip where you’re off the grid, away from any sort of civilization, there are certain things you’ll need to understand and accept, so that you have a more enjoyable trip.  Things such as: comfort items, things you need to survive, or your wants …


Funny story:  Back when I starting going “camping” when I was 16 to 18 years old, (and I use the word “camping” in quotes because you’ll see in a minute), my girlfriends and I used to go to a campground nearby called Sibbalds.  We used to take blow dryers and curling irons, make up and trashy outfits (for the boys, you know..) and it was all a joke thinking back on it.  It wasn’t until I met Jeff when I was 18 years old that he showed me what camping was truly all about and it wasn’t long before I fell in love with camping and nature.  Apart from the pesky bugs,


Things you need to let go of in order to have a more enjoyable camping/paddling experience:

  • Dirt & Cleanliness.  You’ll have clean hands for maybe, maybe the first hour..okay maybe first ten minutes camping.  A nail scrub brush can be something you might find helpful to combat dirty looking hands your entire trip, but eventually you’ll learn to let it go.  It’s not the end of the world.
  • Bug Bites.  Ugghh! You will get many, many bug bites.  Some in places that are very, very unpleasant, like your private bits and holy moses!  Not fun.  But the bugs are not going anywhere, so best you come to that realization real quick.  Learn to live in their world.  Get yourself a bug net, or they even make entire full body bug suits.  They’re hot but they do the trick.  And deet or bug spray.  Wearing light-coloured clothing helps, too.

Things you’ll want or need to survive:

  • A stove and back-up stove is never a bad idea just in case one fails on you.
  • A water filtration system and extra hose should yours have a hole.  We had a brand new water filter system and there was a small hole on the hose that Jeff had to cut off in order to get the suction to work properly.
  • Lots of lexan/reusable water containers.


  • Bug repellent and a bug net.


  • Fire starters for when it is absolutely miserable out and literally everything is wet and soggy.
  • Meal planning and well-thought out meals, days you’ll be away and what is practical for your needs.  Remember, you carry in what you need and want, so be smart about it.


  • An axe and saw, along with an extra saw blade.  Jeff almost broke his several times, and come to think of it, he actually did break a bit of the tip off the blade.
  • Extra tent pegs.
  • A tarp and rope to hang over a fire, tent or dining area.


  • Extra rope for everything.
  • Toilet paper and paper-based wipes.
  • Breathable layers of clothing that can wick sweat and dry out easily in the elements.  Also, make sure you don’t take your most expensive duds, because they will likely get dirty or get ruined from the lovely smells of campfire.
  • Rain gear.  We just had 5 days of 7 that were at freaking monsoon so I can appreciate this point more than you know..


Comfort items that will make your trip more enjoyable:

  • A small folding camp chair
  • hot coffee: it energizes you and makes you feel all warm and cozy inside.
  • Whiskey or alcohol: it warms the soul on a rainy, miserable day.
Camping with Dogs

Clearly, the dogs didn’t come on this particular trip but I had to include the picture. They like camping, too.

  • This is also listed above but trust me, you’ll be much happier with bug spray and a bug net if you pack those along for your trip, too.
  • A camera and a solar charger.camping
  • Binoculars to view the wildlife.  That’s how we spotted this guy:



  • a handy husband like mine.  🙂  He seriously can do anything, I’m constantly amazed by his knowledge and his skills.  I’m never, ever afraid to put my life in his hands.
  • Lots of fresh socks.
  • And finally, a tree hammock.  You will thank me later, trust me.  They are divine out in the middle of nature.

I hope some of these tips are useful to you, but remember that every camping trip is different as is everyone’s needs and wants.  Regardless, I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Thanks!


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  • Cassi Duran

    this is a great read- i definitely need to start bringing an axe with me camping! i had never even thought about how useful it could be 🙂

  • Definitely good tips! I would like to try some camping. I think we’re going to start really simple with a campsite that isn’t that far from us, but if we get more into it I think these tips will be really helpful!

  • Corey Wheeland

    I’m not a huge camper, but I think all of these things might help make the experience so much better. It seems a waste to live in Colorado and not enjoy it.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Great tips! I don’t know the last time I ever camped, and nothing quite like this! Oh gosh, bug bites for days I’d imagine. I can’t even sit outside without getting a ton.


  • Shybiker

    Good advice. I love being outdoors but bugs bother me so bringing something for them is essential. I liked reading this post.

  • I don’t plan on any camping trips unless it’s “glamping” lol but I like your tips 😉

  • Awww thanks so much for sharing, momma! I haven’t been camping in ages but this post makes me want to try again. I can do without the bugs but you know, not the worst thing on the world. Awesome that Jeff is such a mcguyver and handy in the woods! Love your pics 🙂

  • Thanks Cassi. 🙂 You don’t always need an axe but if you’re scrounging for wood or if you find logs and need to make tinder, it comes in handy. You will NOT see me get close to an ax because I’m so clumsy, but my husband always uses it when we’re away. 🙂
    Have a great week hun!

  • Camping can be fun but you have to ease into it and say if you’re a new camper, not to delve into anything like what we did. Car camping is perfect and close to home, even better. That way if it really turns to $hit, you can run for the hills and head home. Perhaps when Ollie gets a wee bit older? 🙂
    Thanks for reading, momma. xo

  • I’d love to go to Colorado someday – I’m sure it’s just beautiful there. The views, the air… 🙂

  • I’m a bug magnet, take me anywhere with you and I assure you that you’d be good. lol! Thankfully I don’t bleed or scab, I just swell. So for a couple of days while I was camping, I was looking like a Klingon and had to take Benadryl. LOL!

  • Bugs annoy the living crap out of me, too, which is why I arm myself with whatever is possible/necessary to keep my sanity. Not going to lie, a couple of the days there, I admittedly had a temper tantrum because the bugs would just not leave me alone for crying out loud! Deet and bug nets helped but I still got eaten alive. That’s my biggest pet peeve camping without a doubt.
    Thanks for reading, Ralph. 🙂

  • Hey girl, nothing wrong at all with glamping. We “glamp” every now and then, too, and it’s a totally different ballgame compared to a trip like the one we were just one.
    Thanks for reading hun. 🙂

  • DO it, go camping but don’t pick a place that’s too much or overwhelming. Do a nice car camping weekend or something around where you two, live. Have you ever been camping with Bryan?
    Jeff is SO handy. If he doesn’t know how to do something, or have knowledge on just about everything, I’d be amazed. He constantly blows me away. 🙂
    Thanks for reading Momma, love that you enjoyed reading it. 🙂 xoxxoo