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Life Lately

How do most of you balance life and blogging?  I struggle HARD to carve out time to blog.  With working during the day and then trying to catch up on blogs and comments in sporadic pockets or when I’m commuting two hours daily, or whether it’s trying to put down my phone so that I’m more present and engaged in real life, the struggle is real.  There’s not much I can do to improve this situation other than to just deal with it and manage it accordingly.   And so here is where I catch up on all things Life Lately & a Charlie Update.

Life Lately

Last Friday night, Jeff met me downtown after work because we were heading to the Toronto Festival of Beer.  We’d never attended before, because let’s be honest, we’re not huge beer drinkers by any stretch of the imagination, but a couple of months ago, Jeff had heard that Methodman and Redman would be headlining on the Friday night and that was enough to make Jeff buy tickets.  So we met up, and then ended up walking around a bit just to bide some time and eventually, we decided on having dinner since we didn’t know what the festival had in store (we didn’t need to eat beforehand, we could have eaten something there..) but it was just as well.  We were trying to kill some time anyways, and then afterwards, we headed over towards the Exhibition Place and found nearby parking and walked ourselves towards the entrance.  Holy smokes were there a TON of people.  I mean, the lineups of people were incredible, nevermind the LONG lines for the porta-potties (OMG I’m not even going to go there).  There were apparently an impressive 416 beers on tap, which I thought was pretty cool, and so because we are not really beer drinkers, we just walked around the entire place, I grabbed a beer and then we went off to find out where the main stage one.  Turns out Saukrates was opening for Meth and Red, and surprise guests were Choclair and Kardinal Offishall.  They appropriately got the crowd going and put on a good show.  Seeing them, though, man, they have aged!  But then again, so have I.  I’m almost 34 years old, dammit.  I’m not a teenager anymore despite my mind some days thinking so.  The crowd was, obviously, pretty rowdy.  Lots of drunks and people spilling shit all over the place, we even watched one couple blow lines of coke from the backs of their hands trying to be oh-so-subtle but being rather the opposite.  It was kind of funny and kind of sad.  I dodged many elbows that evening and moments where I wanted to shove drunken people. but I didn’t.  I behaved.

Dinner Toronto

While on our way to Exhibition Place – a perfect evening to be out walking.. 

Life Lately Toronto

Toronto Toronto

Meth and Redman came out and man, they did not disappoint.  Those guys are 46 and 47 years old now and they can still beat rhymes just as good as back in the day.  I tried to meet up with a friend there but cell signal was garbage and there was just too many people to wade through.

Methodman & Redman Methodman & Redman
Saturday morning, I had three pet visits I was helping out with since it was apparently a busy weekend…

Pet sitting

And then right after that, I went over to my mom’s house so that I could bring the dogs home for the weekend.  I think this was my favorite part of the weekend, whenever Charlie comes home.  🙂  I ended up running some errands while Jeff stayed home with the boys, came back home and I cleaned our place from top to bottom and guess what the boys did?  They slept alllllll afternoon.  It’s such a tough life.  😉

Charlie Baxter
In the car on our way home to see Daddy!
Charlie – 25 days post-op
Our friend Bruce came over later in the evening and told us all about his trans-Canada 2.5 week honeymoon and it was nice to catch up with him.  Plus, Charlie was excited to have some company and Bruce obliged him with some much needed love, which you know, Charlie is starving for attention and love.  LOL

Then on Sunday, we slept in hardcore – 10:30 a.m.!! I couldn’t believe it when I opened my eyes and glanced at my watch.  We both laughed and exclaimed that the day was already half over for crying out loud.  Today was a lazy day but a productive one at the same time.  It was beautiful out all weekend so Jeff decided to go out for a 34 km bike ride while I stayed home and made food and did 4 loads of laundry (FUN!).


Now on to Sir Charles.  Big boy is now 29 days post-op today and is doing FAB!  He thinks he should be running a marathon, I’m sure, but he’s still being very good, taking things relatively slow.  Next week, his walks increase to three ten-minute walks a day, so that’s progress.  A week today he also goes back to see Dr. Isakow to assess his progress and healing and then at this time, we’ll presumably get the all-clear to start rehab with him, which includes hydrotherapy, something that we’re all looking forward to.  I know not all dogs like the water and it can be a bit scary for them if they’re nervous, but thankfully for Charlie, he is the poster-dog for hydro and I shit you not, he smiles when he’s in the tank working.  It’s so freaking adorable.  Not only does he enjoy it, but it’s beneficial for his healing and building his strength and endurance back again.  Mark my words, he’s going to have a super-strong back end after all of this, we just cannot have any more ligaments tear, I mean he does have two more legs and I joke about it but it’s really not that funny.

Anyways, here are some current pictures of Charlie and Baxter…

Charlie post-surgery

Charlie post-surgery Charlie post-surgery
The END.  🙂  Have a great Wednesday!

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