A Sentence a Day – July Edition 3

Sentence a Day

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon Julie’s blog, Julie’s Touch of Style, through our Peaceful Posse Facebook group in one of the daily blog threads and I kind of fell in love with the idea of summarizing each day of the month with one or two sentences, hence the name A Sentence A Day. April’s Sentence a Day post is here if you’d like to read it, May’s Sentence a Day can be found here., and June’s Sentence a Day can be found here.

Leslie is kind enough to organize the link up and it opens up the first Thursday of each and every month. So if you feel like playing along for August, you better get started.

Sentence a Day

The key thing you need to ask yourself is this: If someone asked you how your July was, what would you tell them? And so, this post idea was born.

As an aside, can you believe it that it is literally already August!? Where has this year gone?

Let’s get started:

Saturday, July 1st:  Happy 150th birthday, Canada.  We spent the day being lazy asses and having a quiet day with Charlie (crated) and Baxter.

Sunday, July 2nd:  Today we had lunch out with family for my Aunt’s birthday.

Monday, July 3rd:  We biked 30 kilometers in downtown Toronto today and it was gorgeous out.  Tomorrow is the day that Charlie has knee surgery and we could not be more ready to get this done and behind us.  We wished him well before we left my mom’s house and gave him a ton of kisses.  My mom will be taking him in the morning for us.


Tuesday, July 4th:  Back to work after a glorious 11 days off — I can’t complain too much.  I said too much, lol.  Charlie had surgery and it was a success.  He’s doing great and will be staying overnight to ensure he comes out of anaesthesia okay.

Wednesday, July 5th:  We went to visit Charlie right after work and he perked right up when he heard Jeff’s and I’s voices (which totally made our day).  He’s doing pretty well considering he just had surgery the day before.

Charlie post-surgery

Thursday, July 6th:  Busy day at work, but it was productive.  Charlie is doing really well this evening and he’s definitely more alert.

Charlie post-surgery

Friday, July 7th:  Another busy day at work.. The boss is away so it’s quiet, which is nice for a Friday.  I . the evening at my mom’s with the dogs and having dinner.   Jeff is hanging out with his buddy Bruce, who’s wedding we’re going to tomorrow.

Charlie post-surgery

Saturday, July 8th:  Today was Jeff’s best friend’s wedding to his beautiful bride, Chantelle.  It was such a perfect day and we had such a fun time celebrating with them.

Munro wedding

Sunday, July 9th: Lots of errand running, cleaning and visiting with Charlie at my mom’s house.

Monday, July 10th:  I got all of the Q1 financial stuff done for work today, that was notable.  Oh and our kitchen faucet broke again so we just outright replaced it instead of getting the parts under warranty from Moen.

Tuesday, July 11th:  Charlie’s one-week post-op anniversary is today and he’s doing wonderful!

Wednesday, July 12th:  Jeff and I were both dead tired after getting home from work so we just decided to have a quiet night at home.  Our neighbour friend Dina came over to tell us she had bought a house.

Thursday, July 13th:  Jeff installed a new kitchen faucet in my aunt’s basement apartment at my mom’s house while I visited with my mom, the dogs and Charlie.

Friday, July 14th:  I worked a half day today and met Jeff down in the city.  We came home, cleaned and then I met my mom to get Charlie for the weekend.  He was good for most of the evening, mostly he just seems glad to be home, but you can tell he’s getting frustrated about his lack of freedom (read: he’s on strict crate rest).  Overall, he’s good though. 🙂

Saturday, July 15th:  I had a nice quiet day at home with the dogs.   Nothing too exciting.

Charlie post-surgery

Sunday, July 16th:  Jeff surprised us by coming home early from his trip up north to see his dad.  He rolled in the door around 9 a.m., fed up with the family drama/BS,  So we ended up having a nice family day at home.  🙂

Monday, July 17th:  A day of rest, more like an I don’t feel like going to work day.  Jeff and I both stayed home and had a couch day.

Tuesday, July 18th:  Friends visited with us before they moved 2.5 hours away from us.

Wednesday, July 19th:  I was hoping to make it to Yappy Hour, a dog social-hour/get together thing my pet sitting boss puts on around town during the summers, but I just didn’t have time and I was rushing around too much to make it before it ended.  Too bad, I’ll just have to make it to the August date.  Instead, I went to my mom’s and visited with Charlie and took him on a five minute walk.

Thursday, July 20th:  Nothing notable today other than my entire right side of my body hurting.  I’m not sure if this is muscles or ligaments, or what’s going on.

Friday, July 21st:  It’s my pet sitting weekend and I have two visits tonight, then I’m off to get Charlie from my mom’s for the weekend.

Saturday, July 22nd:  I have 14 visits today, which is a full day with a few breaks in between.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Sunday, July 23rd:  I have 11 visits today and Jeff is in a pitiful mood.  Stranding him with no car does that to him, but hey, he could go for a walk or something.

Monday, July 24th:  It’s a slow day at work, which is perfect since I’m dead tired today and it’s a Monday. Womp womp.  I went to visit Charlie and see my mom before her trip to the Dominican Republic with my Aunt tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 25th:  Meeting day 1 of 2 over 12 weeks, as opposed to every two weeks.  We slow down over the summer months, with Commissioners taking vacations and going to their summer homes for the warmer months.  My mom flew out to the Dominican this morning and we went to visit Charlie, who’s with my step-dad while mom is away.

Charlie post-surgery

Wednesday, July 26th:  Jeff made us a delicious steak tonight and I heard from my mom earlier in the day, although the wifi connection down there is junk.  I visited with Charlie (naturally) before bedtime.  He is rocking recovery.  🙂

Thursday, July 27th:  I got a sports massage tonight and it felt so good and much-needed.  It was mainly for my lower back, hips and legs and I’m trying to work out the pain I’m having on my right side.  I got exercises to do and a follow-up appointment in the coming weeks.  We had pizza for dinner and then went to visit Charlie.  Baxter stayed over for a sleepover since we’re going to the Toronto Festival of Beer to see Methodman and Redman tomorrow night after work.

Friday, July 28th:  I met Jeff downtown after work and we went out for dinner, then headed over to the Toronto Festival of Beer to see Methodman and Redman.

TorontoMethodman & Redman

Saturday, July 29th:  I had a couple of pet visits I was to help out with first thing in the morning, then I was off to pick up the dogs for the weekend.  And boy were they excited to come home. We had a quiet afternoon at home and our friend Bruce came over in the evening and he caught us up on all of his trans-Canada adventures while away on his honeymoon with his girl, Chantelle.

Charlie Baxter

Sunday, July 30th:  Jeff rode 34 kms on his bike this afternoon while I stayed home and meal prepped, did four loads of laundry and made dinner.

Monday, July 31st:  I felt like a bad mom not visiting Charlie tonight but instead we went for a 16 km bike ride and then I took Baxter out for a brisk walk before bedtime.

Sentence a Day

Where has summer gone?!  Or 2017 for that matter?  Time sure does fly…

– – –

And that’s July for you, ladies and gentlemen. Another month gone, just like that.

I’ll be back next month to recap my July. Have a great evening friends!

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