Charlie Update – 6 Weeks Post-Op 6

Charlie post-surgery

Charlie is now 6 weeks post-op and just yesterday, he started rehab and hydrotherapy.  He literally walked in the doors to the hospital, bright-eyed and tail-wagging, happy to be back in his old stomping grounds.

You see, this is all familiar territory for Charlie, having gone through the same spiel just two years ago when he injured his back left leg.  And now, here we are two years later, on the road to recovery for his back right leg.  You know, gotta make things even and balanced, right? I think I’m just going to start calling Charlie the ten thousand dollar dog.  Lol. Just kidding, okay maybe not.  But we love him and we would do just about anything for our fur-kid.

So how was it?  In short, great!  He was assessed by Virgilia, (a familiar face from two years ago and a face that Charlie just adores) and then we got started with his exercises – he walked the cavalettis, we did some passive range of motion exercises, some weight shifting exercises, some three-legged stands, cookie chases that promote weight transfer and focuses on balance, and then we wrapped it up and got into the hydrotherapy tank.  And he literally just stood there like the good old days, just waiting for the tank to fill from the bottom up, looking happy as a clam.  Such a pro he is.  🙂  Most dogs on their first visit will do 5 minutes or less in the tank, Charlie did about 7 minutes before we called it a day.  Is Charlie a superstar?  Now I may be a bit biased but, HECK YA!  🙂

Charlie Update

These are the cavaletti exercises. It helps extend and bend his knees, as well as promotes weight bearing and even weight distribution. It also helps them learn (again) to use each limb, and roll the foot instead of bunny hopping, which they can be prone to doing if they are compensating for an injury.

Charlie post-surgery

Charlie post-surgery

After he finished his 7 minutes in the tank, we blow dried him and then iced his quads, hips and knees, all while he was getting cold laser therapy on his knees by Virgilia.  We then made his next six appointments so that Charlie goes twice a week and he’s got homework (exercises) we’ve got to do daily.  Once the six sessions are over, we’ll re-assess and then perhaps at that point, we’ll graduate into their Bailey’s Place program, a program that allows us pet parents to reserve time slots to use the hydro tank on our own without the assistance (and exercises) of the vet tech, or with Virgilia.  This is something we kept up for seven month last time around, partly because it was good for him and benefitting his recovery, but also he ENJOYED it and was truly happy, so how could I deny something so positive that he loved?  I couldn’t.

Next week, I’ll share some video for our adventures.

Charlie post-surgery

So, friends, it is only uphill from here.  🙂

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