Things That Make Me Irrationally Annoyed or Angry 28


Hey guys! What better way to vent my thoughts and get everything off my chest than sharing it on the blog with all of you guys?  This topic has floated around the internets for a bit now, but I distinctly remember Stephanie posting on this matter not so long ago, so I thought it was high time for me to share my lengthy list that I’ve been keeping for months now and y’all can add in your annoyances, too, if you like.  I become annoyed or irrationally angry, often, about stupid or insignificant shit that I have zero control over.  Sometimes I get pissed off on my way to the train station, or it can be things I notice around the workplace, or even at home or in public.  I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff, really, I am. But sometimes man, sometimes I just get right pissed off. 


So, let’s get going, shall we?  Feel free to add any of your annoyances in the comments.

There are just certain things that drive me absolutely nuts and here are some of them:

  • People that walk 7-people wide on a public sidewalk.  No, all this space is not yours, share the flippin sidewalk, dammit.  I shouldn’t have to walk out onto the street to pass your slow ass, thank you very much.
  • When my alarm clock goes off at 5 a.m.
  • People that talk loud simply because they want to overheard by others.
  • People that chew the insides of their cheeks and make all these contorted screw faces.  I watched a woman on the train home recently do this for an entire HOUR.
  • Point blank: LIARS.  Lies are hard to keep track of and eventually you will get caught up in your own BS,
  • People that think they’re being helpful but all they are really doing is meddling and buggering shit up for you.
  • Friends or family that drop you like a hot potato because suddenly you no longer matter/you’re not important to them.    <—- Am I making any veiled comments about this point?  Damn straight I am.  I’m referring to the shit that’s going on with my father-in-law.  He’s dropped all of his family here in Ontario and we’re all pretty hurt/frustrated and angry about the whole situation.  Will I ever delve into more personal family details?  I don’t know.  It really is opening a can of worms and I’m unsure if I’m prepared for that, as much as I really want to shout it out from the rooftops what exactly is going on here…..
  • People that get up and walk away mid-conversation.  Who the FK does that?!!? Rudest.shit.ever.  I work with people that do this shit!  Very professional!
  • At work – listen, if you cannot recall details, conversations and what have you, don’t make guesses.  KNOW what you are discussing or you may risk making a complete fool of yourself because you’re aloof and don’t make any efforts.  Write it down if your memory is crap, come on!!
  • When someone at work says they are taking a break.  Ummmmm, from what exactly?  You do nothing already so tell me, what exactly do you need a break from, hmmm?  Fk that grinds my gears.  I have a co-worker that regularly disappears and people are constantly asking me where she is.  You know what?  I don’t know, try asking her.
  • People that pee on the toilet seat or don’t flush.  There are some pretty disgusting women out there…
  • People that live every single waking moment on Facebook.  Need to know where so-and-so is?  Check their Facebook.  Want to rob their house while they’re on vacation?  Go ahead, they’ve posted their entire life online!  People like that are annoying and also, hello, do you really want to be advertising to the masses your away on holiday and your house is just sitting there empty?

Revised to include:

  • Costco.  I loathe going to Costco.  Do your damn shopping, stop blocking every flippin aisle and if your primary purpose is to go there to eat or get samples, kindly step the F aside.
  • At the gym, when an instructor gives you tips on form, chances are that it’s for your benefit.  Or maybe you want to hurt yourself at the gym, I dunno.
  • As Charlotte said below in the comments, people blocking aisles with their shopping carts.  Would it kill you to put it off to the side, maybe?

In typing this list up, I’ve realised that many of these points are work-related, lol, but some of them are not as well.  I’m sure I could sit here and drum up many, many more but I’ll stop right there for today and maybe another day, I’ll add to it.

What drives you nuts?

  • Yes to so many of these!! Also, people who take up entire aisles with their shopping cart at the grocery store. No, I didn’t want to get through thank you.

  • OMG OMG OMG… YES!!! SO MANY THINGS ON HERE!!! The people who take up the whole sidewalks though, THAT IS SO IRRITATING! Or my other favorite. People who stop in the middle of the street to take a pic. Admittedly this used to happen ALL THE TIME when I worked in the city and I would just continue into them like, “oh, I’m sorry. DID YOU NOT REALIZE YOU ARE IN MIDTOWN!? MOVE YOUR ASS TO THE SIDE!”

    okay, now that I got that off my chest. This is fun! lol

    Ugh, that totally breaks my heart re: your FIL 🙁 I’m sorry momma… I really don’t know what to say there. Sometimes adults really don’t have all the answers, eh? Sending so much love your way <3

  • I also loathe Costco! And people who take hours to text back lol

  • shootingstarsmag

    Sorry to hear about your father in law. I don’t understand people sometimes. And yes, people that just disappear. I know someone where I work that would do this all time; she seems to be getting a bit better at the moment but we’ll see. I don’t work with as much either. LOL

    But seriously – people that block the sidewalk or aisle really annoy me!


  • When people only call you up b/c they want you at their celebration but you NEVER hear from them all year…wtf? this is my latest pet peeve. Is it a gift they’re after? I dunno and I’ve stopped being available for random celebrate me events. Where are these people the rest of the year or when I need them? Haha. I sound like a real B but that’s an honest annoyance. Thanks for sharing yours. It really helps to know other people get peeved at random stuff. 😀

  • Once you start listing, the ideas keep flowing! But it’s good to get it off your chest, everyone needs to vent. Even about petty shit. I wholeheartedly concur with everything you said, especially about women being gross in public restrooms. Is that what your nasty ass toilet at home looks like? If not, why would you think it’s appropriate for a shared space?! UGH.

  • Whew, that is quite a list! Did it help to write it out? I might have to try that! I recently had a friend (who I haven’t heard from in YEARS) ask me to review her resume. She contacted me through my blog so I know she has been reading and knows how to get ahold of me. Grr! Ok, I think that helped. 🙂

    The work related things are tough because you only have so much control over them. I think you should add to your list anytime you need to!

  • Corey Wheeland

    These are so spot on! I also can’t stand people that ask you how you are simply because they want you to ask them the same question back so they can talk for an hour AT you. Gahhh!

  • Ugh, the toilet seat thing drives me nuts. Like, it takes 2 seconds to flush and clean up after yourself. Bleck!!

  • Sorry about your father-in-law, family stress is very sad.
    Omw people that don’t leave a restroom clean after using it – it takes a few seconds to check!
    I don’t understand documenting everything that ever happens to you on FB. Glad others can relate!
    Totally agree with you on loud talkers who just want to be heard. I know someone who does this when they want to brag and if you don’t stop what you are doing to engage they will come tell you the entire story all over again. Yippee.
    Work related irritations are the worst because you see colleagues everyday so it is difficult to treat the situation as you would if it was a family member or friend. I’d distance myself from a friend if they were rude but you cannot ignore a colleague across the office.
    People that block the aisles of the supermarket raise my blood pressure!

  • Yes yes and more yes! I absolutely loathe when people take up a whole sidewalk and are doing it slowly. You then pass them and they give you the death stare. Like really?! Also sorry about your father in law. I have had this happen to me with my brother. It is really ugly and not okay. I hope things get better. Things are not better yet with me and my brother, but I am praying it will some day. Lately one of the things that makes me the most nuts is people in supervisor positions who delegate EVERYTHING off to other people. It’s like. WTF do you do then? Do you even work? You are being paid to sit here and delegate everything you do to others? So frustrating!

  • San

    Love reading other people’s pet peeves… LOL and I can definitely (!) relate to some of those…. I hate when people take up the whole sidewalk, esp. when they’re coming at you and see you and won’t make any space for you to pass them without stepping into the street… WTF???
    also, I am so over Facebook in a lot of ways and try to consume very carefully, when I go on it. I am not afraid to hide whole conversations… LOL

  • Kim Airhart

    You are my Sister from anotha Mista! That is for sure!
    My ex husband would chew the inside of his cheek for hours. Bugged the shit out of me. Nasty!

  • Wait. Did you write this, or did I. LOL. Because so many of these are what I would have written! Especially people who clog up the sidewalk, ones who talk loud just to be heard (do they really think they’re that important???), and people who get up and walk away in the middle of a conversation. So effing annoying!

  • Yasssss! I can’t stand that. Just kindly please move your cart over a bit and it’d make navigating far more simpler, absolutely less anger inducing.

  • Middle of the street is fine, UNLESS you’re impeding traffic and just being a bloody nuisance. Some people don’t care because they’re entitled little you know what’s, and don’t you dare call them out. Lol

    *Shrugs* Thanks Momma, sometimes that’s life. Can’t control it but I can manage it. 🙂

  • I hear ya. 😉

  • People that make themselves scarce at work suck! I constantly get asked at work where a certain person is and I haven’t a clue where she disappears to all the time. It’s so frustrating, so is family drama. So we limit our exposure to the crap, and it makes life much more tolerable.

  • Yeah that’s happens to us, getting invited to showers or events we’d never otherwise get invited to, and then we wonder is it because they want a gift or…..? Like really. lol.

  • It’s so easy to get these lists going, the billet points just keep flowing!
    Women make me shake my head in disgust, like for crying out loud you just peed all over the seat and that’s OKAY for you?! Even animals aren’t that barbaric, in my opinion!!

  • It certainly did help to write it out! Haha!
    Wow, that’s bold of your old friend.

    The work ones are always hard because there’s not much you can do about them but make the best of the situation, and rise above. But it’s so hard to bite my tongue. Lol!

    Write your own list, it’s cathartic. 🙂

  • Those are the kind of folk that bait conversations into something about themselves ALL THE TIME. That is annoying!

  • It’s so gross and unnecessary. Takes five seconds, tops.

  • Re my FIL, thanks. Not much we can do there, it is what it is.
    So many things could be on this list and continually added FOR SURE. The work irritations are the most frustrating, I think, because there’s not much you can do about them but to rise above, ya know?

  • I get dirty looks on the daily when I’m passing, like I’ve shit on their corn flakes or something. No one else is ever in the wrong nowadays, lest we call them out on their behaviour.

    I know that someday things will be better but for now, we’ll leave them be. It hurts too much and frustrates, so it’s best to keep our distance for now. I hope that someday that isn’t the case, and same goes for you and your brother. It sucks when there’s a divide.

    Don’t even get me started on managers and supervisors. I think that’s exactly their role: delegate until there’s nothing left to do and voila, the days work is done.

  • It’s just incredible the self entitledness that walks this earth. People used to be civil, polite and courteous, even friendly. Nowadays, those things are all in the past and everyone just looks out for #1…

    I only surf FB maybe once a day and I find life much nicer that way. So many people use it as their soapbox and I’m not into that drama.

  • I just totally winked at you, Kim. 🙂

  • I know, right?!? So many pet peeves and irritations to go with the array and assortment of individuals.
    It’s good to get things off our chests and out of our minds so we can pick ourselves up again and carry on. 🙂