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Life Lately

Yep, I’m drowning, again.  I feel like the days are just bleeding into the other and I’m barely keeping afloat.  Such is life, though, am I right?  Everyone is busy with life and all the goings on, so no one is immune to all this crap that I speak of.  It is also hard to find the words when so much tragedy and sadness clouds Houston.  Nevertheless, I’m going to catch up today and share some photos of some of my life lately.

I guess we’ll go back to just over a week ago when Charlie celebrated post-op day #48 at hydrotherapy and then later on in the week, I went bowling with some co-workers for a summer social I organized.  Last week, Jeff and I headed an hour and a half northbound to spend some time with our friends at their family cottage (which was SO relaxing, by the way) and then I’ll wrap it up with a couple of photos of Charlie at Monday’s fourth rehab/hydrotherapy appointment on day 55 and then yesterday evening just visiting him over at my mom’s.

Life Lately

Charlie post-op

Charlie post-op

bowling with friends

Later that evening, Jeff and I headed up north with our friends Bruce and Chantelle and their son Landon.  I had high hopes that this was going to be such a relaxing weekend and let me tell you, it did not disappoint for one minute.

summer landscape

Saturday morning, early.

summer landscape

summer landscape

Later that morning, Bruce had arranged for us for a private tour of a local wildlife sanctuary called Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, in Rosseau, Ontario.  They have a small number of animals you can visit and tour with, but they also have over 700 animals I’m told that aren’t viewable to the public because the intention is to integrate them back into the wild, so human contact is left to minimal.  So that’s pretty cool.  Like for instance these three cubs.  They were found out in Banff and the mother was assumed to have been killed on the opening day of bear hunting season.

The animals you can visit with are pretty awesome and some will even interact with you in their exhibits, like these silver foxes.  These little guys were stinkin’ adorable!

silver fox

Just look at this guy, he’s SMILING.

silver fox silver fox

silver foxbobcat

A Bobcat

Canadian Lynx

A Canadian Lynx…. these cats are just gorgeous.  I love their beards, wispy ears and giant paws.

wildflowers Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

black bear

Tippy the coyote

 Tippy the coyote.  This guy was just begging for attention, exactly like a dog would.  He howls on command and the director was trying to get him to howl for us.  He played a YouTube video and sure enough, he howled away. 🙂

The Flynns black bear Coyote Moose Moose

Aspen Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary

And then we walked around for a bit in the town of Rosseau.  There were so many out of towners it was unbelievable.


Rosseau Rosseau Rosseau Rosseau Rosseau Rosseau Rosseau

And then the rest of the weekend was full of relaxation, enjoying some vitamin D and enjoying the company of good friends.


Mating dragonflies on my leg… yeah, WEIRD but cool, I guess?

Lake Roberts

Lake Roberts Lake Roberts suntanning

Holy shit, I broke out the shorts.  You know it’s hot when I wear shorts. 🙂

Lake Roberts Jeff

Lake Roberts Lake Roberts

Lake Roberts


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  • I hate when Charlie has surgery, but the hydrotherapy pictures are always really cute. He’s such a champ.

  • What a wonderful and relaxing weekend that was for you! I love that you got to tour the animal sanctuary! I love the pictures, especially the foxes, I love foxes. I am glad Charlie is doing well. And I hope you are doing better my dear, I know that drowning feeling well, keep going one day at a time. XOXO

  • Shybiker

    What a great post. Glad you had a relaxing time. The animals are beautiful.

  • You know it’s hot when I break out the shorts too! haha! But I definitely hear you on the Houston stuff just breaking my heart. I have family in a suburb that chose to stay and I am so grateful that they are safe, sound, and have no water damage to their house when their neighbors weren’t so lucky.

  • San

    What a fun time away… oh, and I want to adopt one of those grey foxes! They’re adorable. I didn’t know there were grey foxes!

  • Looks like it was a fun time away! I love seeing Charlie doing well in his therapy sessions. What a sweet pup. And that silver fox is adorable!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Aw, Charlie at his therapy is absolutely adorable! It sounds like your time away was great – all those animals are so cute. I love the foxes and the coyote!


  • Brooke @ wreckingroutine

    Looks like it was a gorgeous day! I am sorry that things are so busy right now. Hopefully they calm down soon.

  • Corey Wheeland

    That looks like such an idyllic weekend. That lake looks so peaceful!

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Oh my goodness – you’re pictures from the weekend make me feel relaxed! lol That looks like a great place to visit.

  • It looks like you had a great weekend! I love the pictures of all those animals! That Canadian Lynx is so pretty!

  • That picture of Charlie’s little legs in the water is the cutest ever!

  • You’re quite right, a crappy thing happened but dammit if he’s not the cutest in the hydro tank. 🙂 He makes me so proud!!

  • It wasn’t a fantastic weekend and I very much didn’t want it to end. The sanctuary was fun and the foxes were stinking adorable.
    I’m feeling better, and you’re right. I need to slow down and focus. One day at a time. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend babe. Xo

  • Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Lol! We’re alike in the shorts department!
    Houston is just sad… I’ve been reading one woman’s blog and how her parents new home was just flooded in three feet of water and reading her posts are just incredible. They were lucky, but still, all of the pictures, the devastation, the animals… wow.

  • Me too! They’re gorgeous little things and SO friendly. Mind you, those ones are used to humans but still. 🙂

  • It was such a nice weekend away, Lecy, it was fabulous. 🙂
    Charlie’s such a champ and it certainly helps that he likes going to rehab. He LOVES all the extra attention, you should see when he arrives. Everyone exclaims that Charlie is in the building. Lol!

  • What a terrific and restorative weekend, Lindsay! It is beyond cool that you got to experience that wildlife sanctuary. Those animals are amazing (and really cute)!

    My favorite thing is seeing Charlie in the water. He’s really adorable, and I’m glad he’s doing so well.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend THIS weekend. 🙂

  • I just love therapy with Charlie for so many reasons. My favorite is his little legs moving and his hair billowing in the water as he walks. 🙂

  • It was such a nice weekend. 🙂 Things are okay, I’ll manage, just gotta push through and past the stressful times.

  • It was such a great weekend, only staying longer would’ve made it better. 🙂

  • 🙂 It was great, Penny.

  • It was such a nice weekend away. 🙂
    Lynx are gorgeous cats eh? I love the wisps of hair on the points of their ears, and their massive eyes and paws. 🙂

  • That’s my favorite about watching him in the tank, his little legs and the hair billowing in the water. 🙂

  • It was a fantastic weekend, Kevin, through and through. Only one thing would’ve made it perfect: staying longer. Lol!
    He’s such a hambone and HAPPY as a fish when he’s in the tank. Were so fortunate that he likes it because some dogs hate it or just find the experience awful and that’s really too bad. Not only Is this beneficial for his body but he actually enjoys it AND it’s such good bonding. 🙂

    Thanks Kevin, you guys too!! 😉

  • Charlie looks too cute in the water! I’m glad he is doing well and he just looks so happy!
    Glad you could have a relaxing weekend and that private tour in the sanctuary looks amazing. Your photos are great!
    Sorry you are feeling stressed at the moment – I hope that September is a better month.

  • Agreed. 🙂 Not only does his body benefit from the therapy but he sincerely enjoys going to rehab, the people, the tank. Everything. 🙂 He isn’t really a swimmer so I was unsure how the tank would go over two years ago and thankfully, it’s been such a positive thing, and great bonding time for us. 🙂

    The Sanctuary tour and trip up to cottage country was very much enjoyed and welcomed. 😉

  • Carly Ned

    Your pup is so cute! I hope his recovery is going well.

  • Thanks Carly, he’s doing really well. Getting stronger and stronger every day. 🙂