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What's up weekend?

Happy Friday and Welcome to the ‘What’s up, Weekend?’ Friday Link Up!

Welcome to the Happy Friday link-up that Charlotte, from My Pixie Blog, Beth from The Beth Next Door and I host call, ‘What’s up, Weekend?’

For almost three years now, Fridays have always been (and always will be) a place where I reflect on the happy and grateful things in our lives, but more specifically from the last week. To expand upon that, this link-up is now open to any post that relates to happy things, happy lists, gratitude lists, faves of the week or it could also be your practice to greet the weekend with a bang/open arms. Whatever your choice is, have fun with it. But please remember that any links that are just simply “dumped” or if your blog post does not mesh with our theme, it will be deleted.

For me personally, sometimes all it takes are gentle reminders of things that have made me grateful or appreciative during the week. We live in a world full of conflict, disaster, chaos, poverty, famine, and tragedy – you name it. Reflecting on the positive, I personally find, makes me more mindful, gracious and appreciative of all things, big and small.

You can be having the worst of weeks but I always, always manage to find things to be happy or grateful for. So, I hope writing out your lists makes you happy, too!

What's up, Wednesday?

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Grateful and Happy things of the Week:

  • Having Charlie and Baxter home all last weekend.  It felt great and complete with our furries back again with us.  I’m at my mom’s now for a week and a half while she’s in Barbados and then once she’s back, I think Charlie will be coming home for good.   (Great timing, eh, hurricane season and my mom is flying down to the Caribbean.)

The boys

  • My husband.
  • Getting together to celebrate a friend’s birthday with her friends and entire family.  It was nice to see her family do something nice for her because she’s always the one planning things or dropping things to help out others.  She absolutely deserved the recognition and we were happy and grateful to have been included.
  • Securing a place to stay down in Barbados for next July.  The place we normally stay is being renovated for 5-6 months and long story short, the owner is extending the rates to another property three doors over that is just as, if not more beautiful and awesome than our usual digs.  We’re all so, so happy and grateful.
  • Happy things/loving this week: my hubby gifting me with an Instant Pot and a pretty Twsbi Eco fountain pen. I also found a dress for our friend’s wedding next weekend.
  • Going out exploring new places with Jeff. Last Sunday, we went for a drive exploring, geocaching and taking in some beautiful sights.
  • Extra days to clean and do the shit I should’ve done the two previous days of the long weekend. Lol
  • One on one walks with the boys. Asides from the obvious, it is such a good bonding time.
  • Doing chores and tasks around home together.
  • Catching up with friends.
  • Going out for a coffee and chat with my boss.
  • This guy’s progress :


What are YOU happy or grateful for this week?

Tomorrow, Jeff is taking his friend out and a few others to celebrate his upcoming wedding next weekend.  I’ve got rehab for Charlie at 9 am on Saturday, then a hair cut and highlights, followed by my friend Kelly coming for a long overdue visit.  There is a dog festival in town so I’m not sure which day I’ll make it to but one of them for sure.  Oh and we also have to go out and buy Jeff a white dress shirt for his suit for the weekend.

What about YOU? What do you have planned for this weekend?

Take care my friends! 🙂

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  • Charlie is the cutest in that water, he seems like he loves it! You’ll have to share how you like your Instant Pot! I keep hearing so many good things about it! And I hope your mom is ok with the crazy hurricane weather down int he Caribbean! Much love my sweet, have a great weekend!

  • Oh Charlie. I wish they made me a human water tank like that. I mean, I bet they do have one. They probably do…but I wouldn’t look as happy or as adorable as he does. Plus, I wax my face.
    That’s wonderful that you got to celebrate your friend’s birthday. Everyone forgot mine because I deactivated my facebook account for a little bit – sneaky me. Guess that little handy dandy reminder does serve it’s purpose!
    I haven’t been geocaching in forever! I used to love doing that. Now we are on the hunt for those happiness project rocks. Everyone in our area seems to be doing them. They’re so lovely when you come across one with positive messages. I love the ones that kids make.
    Dog festivals sound like my kind of jam. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself “PET ALL THE THINGS!” AHHHHHH.
    Have a great weekend girly xoxo

  • Kim Munoz

    Loving all the togetherness 🙂 I just adore your boys. So fluffy! And now Im already excited for your trip to Barbados so I can live vicariously off your photos LOL Have a great weekend love!

  • Awe. I love those pics of Charlie doing his rehab. Glad to hear he’s doing so well. Sounds like you had a great week, and have a great weekend planned too. Enjoy you hair appointment and your visit with your friend!

  • Awww. what a lovely week you’ve had.

    Side note: why does it feel like I haven’t been in here in ages?! I’VE MISSED YOU, MUFFIN! Going to catch up today. Love all the togetherness, too, like Kim said <3 Sweet! And so glad to see Charlie's progress as always. Eeep, your mom is flying down to the Caribbean now? I wish her the best! My brother and his gf are in Miami and NOT evacuating and I swear I'm a ball of nerves since I found out.

    Also that's so lovely you have coffee talk with your boss. It's nice to be able to relate outside of the office and I remember you saying you enjoyed her in that role <3

    um, you need to take lots and lots of pics at the dog festie 🙂

  • San

    Sounds like a good happy week… 🙂 I have nothing much planned for the weekend… getting ready for a roadtrip next week though and I am excited (will go to the National parks with my cousin + his girlfriend).

  • TheEmiTimes

    It sounds like you had a great week. Celebrations are always fun. Have fun on your trip!

  • shootingstarsmag

    I hope your mom is safe – and has a great time. Aw, that’s sweet your friend had a nice birthday and everyone came together for HER this time around. I hope you have a great weekend – that dog festival sounds great.


  • So many things to be grateful for. It makes me so happy to see your pup doing well in his therapy.The little smile on his face in the picture is so cute! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  • That sounds like a pretty great week, Lindsay. Glad that Charlie is doing so well, and that both babies are home with you. Is your mom safe down there in Barbados?

    This week was a tough one, so I was happy when Friday rolled around. Tracey and I had a good weekend. Yesterday, we volunteered and also helped search for a lost dog (who still has not been found, but it felt good to be out helping in the efforts). Today, we took the day off and went into NYC. We explored Brooklyn a bit, and saw a performance by the Amazing Acro-Cats, a totally awesome traveling cat circus. SO much fun. I’ll be posting a few pics from the show, and ones of the Brooklyn Bridge to FB sometime in the next few days. 🙂

  • Sounds like you had a great week. Glad Charlie and Baxter were home with you this weekend. The water tank picture is too cute 🙂
    That is great that your holiday next year is secured.
    Hope your Mom has a great holiday and keeps safe.

  • Does your mom regularly go to the Caribbean during hurricane season? I feel like there was another year she was there during some bad storms and I was checking your blog and social to make sure she was okay. So glad you found another place to stay during your next vacay there. It’s great that your new digs might even be a little better! And I’m also glad to hear your little guy is doing so well with his therapy. That video you posted recently was so great!

  • Hey girl,
    I think Charlie is also just the cutest in the water, especially the way his hair blows in the water, it’s so cute. 🙂
    Ugh, I have YET to make anything in my Instant Pot, I must admit that I’m a bit intimidated and no idea or reason why I should be.
    My mom is thankfully okay. She’s down in Barbados, which was much further south and east of Irma. All they’ve gotten is lots of rain. She’ll be back this coming Saturday night, thankfully. I always miss her so much when she’s gone, but she has been FaceTiming me every night. 🙂 I hope your week has been better than the later hun. 🙂 xoxo

  • Hey babes,
    They prob do have tanks like that for adults or hey, a POOL?! lol But you’re right, you can’t get much cuter than Charlie when he’s working away in the tank. 🙂
    Facebook is so hand for reminders for birthdays, not gonna lie. Unless I’ve written it down in my daily planner, I won’t remember. You were missed from FB but I see you back and that makes me happy. I’m having a shittastic day and just want to crawl into a damn hole. 🙁

    We used to geocache alllllll the time but hardly ever anymore. It’s fun but at times you look like a bit of a heatbag standing around or looking for something in the bushes. LOL! LOVE the happiness project rocks, I’ve seen one in public and wondered what it was and then later found out.

    Oh I was all smiles on Sunday when I was at the dog festival. I have to write about that, dammit. Tomorrow I will, promise. Guess what I saw (that I fell in love with!) ? A 4-month old great dane. OMG I almost died, he was gorgeous, steel grey and the most massive ears I’ve ever seen, not to mention the feet. WOW!!
    Love you kim xoxo

  • The boys have been a bit more tame this week, instead of cuddly, they’ve been super playful with eachother and I have to remind Charlie to be slow and not get carried away horsing around.
    I cannot wait for next summer, it seems far away but really, in all actuality, it’s not. Before I know it, we’ll be there and diving. 🙂 🙂 I hope your week has been good hun. xoxox

  • He’s such a hit with everyone, I love it and he just adores all of the attention. I mean, how could you not?!
    Twas a great weekend, I’ll be sharing about the dog festival tomorrow I think. This week (and every week) has been nuts and I haven’t gotten to it. 🙂

  • I have no idea my dear, apart from your email today or yesterday was it, I emailed you a week or two ago with updates, so maybe it has been awhile since you’ve been HERE but not since we last talked. 🙂
    My mom flew down last Wednesday to Barbados for ten days and we thought she was nuts, but the island is south east of where Irma was so she was totally fine, thank goodness. I’ve been talking to her every night and she’s doing great, they’ve just had some rain that’s all.
    I’m so glad to hear your brother and his gf have minimal damage. They’re incredibly fortunate!!!

    I’m going to post about the dog festival tomorrow. I met a 4-month old blue grey dane and OMG Charlotte, I was in love. I even got some kisses from the little (BIG) guy. He had the HUGEST ears I’ve ever seen, he was SO handsome. 🙂
    xox love you momma

  • Hey Lauren,
    My mom is totally safe. Barbados is south east and actually pretty close to the equator so she was never in any harms way, thankfully.
    It was so nice to celebrate our friend Dina’s big birthday since she does so much for everyone else and little for herself. 🙂
    I’ll be posting about the dog festival tomorrow. That was so much fun, I was literally all smiles the entire time I was walking around. 🙂

  • Always lovely to see you around these parts. Thank you so much, I’m also so very happy with Charlie’s progress. We’re a bit behind compared to two years ago but we did start hydrotherapy about 3 weeks later this time around. It’s just great to see him thrive AND enjoy himself. 🙂
    I hope you had a great weekend Lecy. xo

  • My mom is/was completely safe in Barbados. They’re pretty close to the equator and thus were south/south-east from Irma. They’ve had some rain but nothing like what Irma did to the islands and the US. Pretty devastating, eh?
    Last week seems to have been tough for everyone, I don’t know what it was but everyone was feeling the same. I hope this week is better for you, though. For me, not so much. Just not having a great week and biding my time until Friday comes along.

    Please tell me they found the dog you were out looking for…. That’s awful. Good for you for helping out. I’ve helped in searches before and while you feel awful about the situation, at least you’re out there doing something. Dogs can move fast and gain mileage so quickly, especially if they’re frightened or runners. I hope it was a good outcome…..
    I MUST check out Acro cats. What the heck is that!? Sounds pretty fun though. Sounds like your little day trip to NYC was also a nice little getaway, too. 🙂 Gonna go check facebook now. 🙂

  • The weekend with the dogs was great and this coming weekend, my mom is back from Barbados (we’re house/dog sitting), so I think when she’s back, we’re finally going to bring Charlie home for good. My mom can have him during the day when she wants here and there or take him once a week for rehab, just the two of them, but it’s time and he’s doing well. He’s 70 days post-op today. 🙂
    We are so relieved about finding accommodations for next year. We always, always stay at the same place and when they told us they were closing for renovations, we didn’t know what to do. The location is perfect, the price is right, it isn’t far from the airport and it’s on the south end of the island where the water is quite calm. Anyways, I’m babbling now. We’re happy. 🙂
    Mom is safe and sound. Barbados was totally fine (it was south east of Irma), so all they’ve gotten is a bit of rain.

  • My mom goes wherever, whenever. LOL. In the past, she’s gone to Europe in the fall and usually leaves Barbados until December. But my step-dad for some reason booked Barbados. Barbados usually doesn’t get hit so they’ve always been good but still.. Had me worried a but until I looked at maps further. She’s been calling me every night so I know she’s doing well. I can hear the loud tree frogs and the steel drums and I feel like I’m right there. 🙂

  • Your road trip sounds fun! I hope you’re enjoying yourself and having a blast! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  • I’m so glad to hear your momma is okay! i think she’s nuts too but doesn’t matter as long as she’s fine 🙂 I hope she had a good time despite the rain. Man, she lives the life I want to have, ha!

    OMG, I can’t wait to hear about the dog fest AND see pics! That pup sounds like a CUTIE PIE!!