A Sentence a Day – August Edition 20

Sentence a Day

Earlier this spring, I stumbled upon Julie’s blog, Julie’s Touch of Style, through our Peaceful Posse Facebook group in one of the daily blog threads and I kind of fell in love with the idea of summarizing each day of the month with one or two sentences, hence the name A Sentence A Day. April’s Sentence a Day post is here if you’d like to read it, May’s Sentence a Day can be found here. June’s Sentence a Day can be found here, and July’s Sentence a Day can be found here.

Leslie is kind enough to organize the link up and it opens up the first Thursday of each and every month. So if you feel like playing along for September, you better get started.

Sentence a Day

The key thing you need to ask yourself is this: If someone asked you how your August was, what would you tell them? And so, this post idea was born.

Let’s get started:

Tuesday, August 1st – I came home from work a half hour earlier than usual to get a jump start on dinner (stirfry).  Then, I dealt with some key drama/BS for a pet visit that I was going to at 9 p.m.  Why people over-complicate things is beyond my comprehension.  Afterwards, I went to my mom’s to see Charlie and Baxter (Charlie is now 28 days post-op and doing well).  I then stole Baxter and took him home for the night.

Charlie post-surgery

Wednesday, August 2nd – I had a great day at work today.  Jeff came with me to visit Charlie and we enjoyed a nice family walk down the road.  Jeff then dropped me off at my pet visit, went to the store and then came back to pick me up.  When we got home, I took Baxter out for a brisk walk, which I think he enjoyed because he then came home and was belly up on the couch for the rest of the evening. 🙂

Thursday, August 3rd – Today was a busy day and a crappy one at that.  Thank goodness for long weekends.  Later in the evening, I visited the cats I’m looking after long term that live a couple of condos over tonight and then afterwards, I went to pick up Charlie for the weekend (yes!!).  Life is good when the four of us are all together.  🙂

sentence a day

Friday, August 4th – My four-day weekend starts today.  I slept in until 9 this morning and we did a Costco trip and watched Empire in the afternoon.

Saturday, August 5th – Charlie had a bath today and looks much, much more civilized and smells wonderful.


Sunday, August 6th – Jeff went up to visit his brother.  His brother wanted his advice on a new bike to get and waited for Jeff’s input.  Afterwards, they rode 13 kms and I stayed home with the dogs.


Monday, August 7th – Well I had plans to go to the gym for a 9:30 class but I woke up at 9:41 so that didn’t happen.  Womp womp.  Last day with the dogs before they go back to my mom’s house.

What's up, weekend?

Tuesday, August 8th – It was a crazy busy day at work, which made the day fly by.  Last day of work before I have 6 days off.  We ended up leaving our place late and heading up north, getting to Jeff’s Dad’s house at about 1 a.m.

Wednesday, August 9th – Wow, I see what Jeff goes through at his Dad’s house since his mom died in March.  His dad is such a different person now, it’s unbelievable (and not in a positive way).

What's up, weekend?

Thursday, August 10th – Jeff finally told his Dad how he’s felt for months now, being left to plan and coordinate a 100-competitor shooting competition.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been easy on Jeff.  Today we spent 10 hours at the range getting everything cleaned up and ready for this weekend.

Friday, August 11th – Last day to set up before Staff match day tomorrow, which is approximately 24 shooters tomorrow.  We’re all hoping that the weather holds out because in previous years we’ve had such brutal weather and the match is rain or shine so…

Algonquin Cup

Saturday, August 12th – It’s staff match day for us (we’ve organized a provincial competitive pistol shooting comp with 100 people attending) and it was overall a good day.  Afterwards, we grabbed dinner with some friends and then camped out at the range with Jon, Kahla and Ryan.  Fun times.  Bed at 1 am, up at 6. Oy!


Sunday, August 13th – It was a little rough going but I finally got my butt up by 6:20.  Competitors started to arrive by 7 and we left 13 hours later.  Another fun day, successful and many compliments from shooters, but man, exhausting.  Glad we booked tomorrow off.

Algonquin Cup

Monday, August 14th – What a smart decision booking today off was because the previous 6 days were go go go.  I went and grabbed the dogs from my mom’s house for the day and life is good.  🙂

Charlie The Boys Baxter

Tuesday, August 15th – What a dumb decision going into work after being off for six days and it’s day FULL of meetings til 3 pm.  LOL.  Charlie started rehab tonight with his old pal, Virgilia, the vet tech he met this time two years ago.  He did pretty good and wagged his tail the entire time.  🙂

Charlie post-surgery

Wednesday, August 16th – I had a meet and greet with an Italian Mastiff this evening that I’m going to be looking after this coming weekend.

Thursday, August 17th – Busy day at work and then I came home to do five loads of laundry.  JOY! lol

Friday, August 18th – I stayed home from work today, feeling kind lousy when I woke up.  We went and got the dogs from my mom’s house early in the day, as well as up to an outlet mall and we bought new shoes.  I had three pet visits in the evening, then went to bed late.  Baxter had an upset tummy tonight, poor guy.


Saturday, August 19th – God I was in a smashing mood today. Baxter threw up on our bed overnight. Then a few more times in the morning.  Wtf? I had 18 pet visits and by 10 pm, I was done like dinner.

Sunday, August 20th – Thankfully today was a bit lighter than yesterday, I had 11 visits.  I also had a guy meet me at 7 to go around with me on visits and see what pet sitting was all about and if this was a thing for him/if I thought he was a good prospect.  I thought he did a good job and I had a good gut feeling about him. (He got hired two weeks later.)  On one of my breaks, I gave Baxter a bath and I loved on Charlie before taking them back to my mom’s house.


Meanwhile, back at home, Baxter was catching up on his ZzzZzzZzz’s.

Monday, August 21st – Today was uneventful.  Tonight we had Charlie’s second rehab appointment.  We saw one of the other techs we met two years ago and it was like time had never passed, Charlie was so happy to see her.

Tuesday, August 22nd – We stole Baxter from my mom tonight to bring him home for some love.  We’re so lonely without the dogs at home with us 24/7.

Wednesday, August 23rd – I went over to see Charlie tonight after we had tacos for dinner.  Nothing monumental happened today. lol

summer sunset

Thursday, August 24th – Charlie had an early rehab appointment with my mom this morning and apparently slept the afternoon away.  Work was okay and overall boring to be honest.  Thankfully tomorrow is FRI-YAY!

Friday, August 25th – We had our summer social in the afternoon for our department at work, which was fun (bowling).  After work, we packed up and met our friends to head up to cottage country for the weekend.  Relaxation, good weather and good company ahead, it should be a great weekend.

bowling with friends

Saturday, August 26th – Today, our friend Bruce arranged for us to have a private tour of a wildlife rescue sanctuary.  We saw foxes, coyotes, two bears, a moose, a timberwolf.  It was so cool!  They had a small number that were residents but over 700 other animals off limits from the public because their intention is to get them back out in the wild.  Later in the afternoon and evening, we hung out in the sun, made good food and had plenty of laughs.

summer landscape

Sunday, August 27th – We stayed at the cottage for as long as possible today, enjoying the last of the beautiful summer days to their fullest before finally headed out around 3:30.  The drive home was busy but enjoyable.


Monday, August 28th – Jeff and I spent a vacation day at home today being lazy asses.  Baxter got groomed and Charlie had a 6 pm rehab appointment.

Tuesday, August 29th – Work, home, dinner, pet visit with the cats, visit Charlie and Baxter, then a trip to the grocery store for a couple of things, home, pack up breakfasts and lunches for tomorrow, then bed.

Wednesday, August 30th – Work was busy but productive.  Some of the things that people ask at work, or things they do, are quite simply baffling.  Home, dinner, cat visit, visit the boys at my mom’s house, home, bed.

Charlie post-op

Thursday, August 31st – It’s the last day of August, where has this month/summer/year gone?  It’s really starting to feel like fall and the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day.  I went to Charlie’s rehab appointment tonight with my mom, then back to her house for dinner.  Afterwards, I took the boys home with me and enjoyed some cuddles on the couch before bed. 🙂

– – –

And that’s August for you, ladies and gentlemen. Another month gone, just like that and we’re into fall.

I’ll be back next month to recap my September.

Have a great evening friends!

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  • All in all, that reads like a pretty darned good month, my friend. Well, except for the part about stuff with Jeff’s dad. That must be so difficult for Jeff. 🙁

    The pictures of Charlie and Baxter always make me smile!

  • Julie Scott Thorne

    I love the idea of a sentence a day…it’s almost less daunting that way! Looks like a pretty good month overall. Although I’m sad to see summer go!

  • TheEmiTimes

    I love this idea. It’s a great way to reflect on each day. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  • Sure enjoy all the pet pics in your post. You are an animal lover extraordinaire! I love animals, too. And I think I would enjoy a job caring for people’s pets when they are out of town…just not sure my hubby would like it!

    So glad you were able to join us. These are such rewarding posts because we get to know one another better and get to reflect on our days past.

  • This is such a good way to remember each day!

  • Corey Wheeland

    I love this concept. Reading your post was almost like watching a little documentary! 🙂

  • I love these kinds of posts. I should try this soon.

  • Kim Munoz

    I loved every day of this. You my friend are all kinds of busy for a woman who took days off! I know how much you guys miss the boys when they are away! Im glad you were able to steal them away a few times. Sorry to hear about Jeffs Dad though 🙁 I can’t wait to hear all about this mastiff. You know I love me some big dog love!!

  • I love these posts and keep meaning to do one of my own. As Corey said it is like watching a little documentary! Hope September is great 🙂

  • It’s posts like these that make me truly see how un-boring the months are and just how busy it is.
    Jeff’s Dad stuff is shitty but it is what it is and we’ve distanced ourselves for the time being, but he’s also away, too, so the physical distance has been good for us. It sucks just how much the relationship with him has changed, but that’s out of our control…. I think it was hard on Jeff up until maybe August when he told him how he felt like hes not engaged or present anymore. He didnt’ voice his specific displeasure about the whole dating situation and it being a family member, but that’ll come in due time I’m sure.. When things start heading into a more serious direction, that’s when words will be said. It’s just messed up when family starts dating family, no matter what the circumstances, you know?!!
    I’m post dog festival and updated pics of Charlie and Baxter today 🙂 Stay tuned!

  • I tend to ramble and extend mine to a couple or a FEW sentences, but it’s all the same. I love the little daily recaps, though, I really love reflecting back upon the month. I really need to make more of an effort to read MORE of the link ups, that’ll be my goal for next month.
    I’m super sad to see summer go, too, you’re not alone. 🙁

  • Lindsay, I had to laugh when you said “you were done like dinner”—I’ve never heard that saying before.
    It’s such a great way to keep track of our months!! I’m so glad you joined up with us!

  • LOL. Glad to have made you laugh AND you’ve heard something new. 🙂
    Have a lovely afternoon, Julie! 🙂 xo

  • Thanks Emily, I think it’s a great way to reflect on the month and I enjoy doing it, too. 🙂 Hope your week has been good hun.

  • Thanks so much for stopping by, Leslie. I am an animal lover, through and through. I’m known for saying I prefer four-legged friends over the two-legged kind. LMAO.
    Hubby tolerates me out for most of my weekend when I pet sit, but I only do it one weekend a month and helping out here and there. I’ve been pet sitting for over five years now and it is hands down the best job ever and I can’t see myself ever giving it up. It has so many positive benefits, not to mention it’s my fun job. 🙂
    I’ve got your blog open in another tab and intend on reading up a bit on you. If I don’t comment today, I will most certainly tomorrow. Thanks again Leslie and thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

  • Agreed. 🙂

  • It’s cool, eh? And fun. Of course if you get behind on the days, it can be hard to remember, at least for me. That’s why I enjoy writing it out daily. 🙂

  • DO IT! 🙂

  • Do it girl. Honestly if I didn’t write things down, I’d never remember a damned thing. Lol
    Everything is always a blur for me so I actually enjoy documenting the month and recapping along with pictures. It’s fun and nostalgic. 🙂

  • I’m so busy and I know everyone is but damn! If I had kids, I honestly don’t know where I’d find the time. That’s one of the many reasons I don’t want kids. I love being busy but some days it just weighs on me and I’m exhausted.
    The boys are coming home on Sunday. For good! Apart from when my mom steals them on occasion, of course. Lol!

    You would’ve loved the mastiff. Poor fella was in rescue with someone caring for him for three years, then he was adopted by his current mom and dad who just adore him. His story though was that he was tossed from a car at three months old and needed surgery, so that’s why the same man that had him in rescue had him for so long… I guess it was pretty touch and go.
    I met him first to get an introduction, some of the giants aren’t the friendliest is they’ve never met you. All it takes is an Intro and I’m usually golden. I’ve been cornered in a home before by a cane corso I’d never met and he was a lunatic. The next day I went for a visit, with the owners, COMPLETELY different dog. So the giants usually get meet and greets with us beforehand or they can request one due to special circumstances.

    He’s a bit weird and iffy with some men and he’s dog aggressive, so when we went out together, we’d avoid people and cross the roads. He was just a darling though, and got SO excited when you’d pull his leash out. 🙂