Life Lately – Newbarket Dog Festival & More Dog Photos 8

Life Lately - Newbarket Dog Festival & More Dog Photos

So I think it’s pretty safe to say if you don’t like dogs, you probably want to skip over this post.  And in actuality, if you don’t like pets in general, perhaps this is not the space for you since I am animal and dog obsessed.  *smiles*  This past weekend, I attended a dog festival in the town that I live in called Newbarket.  It has been ongoing for at least 5 years or so now and over the years, I’ve worked the event at our pet sitting booth, other years I’ve been pet sitting and unable to come out because I’ve had house visits and a couple other times, I’ve had the pleasure of attending because my weekends have been free.  It’s so much fun to go to, and even better if the weather cooperates.  I remember the first time I attended, the location was a bit crappy in that they set up all the vendors in a mucky, wet area and it rained all weekend.  People were troopers and still came out, but the year after that, it was sunny and a far better weekend with so many people and their four-legged friends.  This year did not disappoint at all.

I had planned on going on Saturday with my friend Kelly that was visiting me, but her and I had a text miscommunication and she got to my place with about 15 minutes to spare before the festival ended.  Crappy for her that she couldn’t get out to see it, but I still had Sunday to walk around and enjoy myself.  I’m sure that anyone that knows me knows full well that I was literally smiling the entire two hours walking around.  I just love seeing all of the dogs in their glory, meeting them and saying hello.  We also got to stop and talk to my boss for a bit and saw a client that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and it was so nice to see Miss Ruby.  There were a ton of Frenchies, some bulldogs, Great Danes *swoon*, labs, goldens, Australian Shepherds, an Irish Wolfhound, Newfs, a Komondor (!!) and even a few pitties.

Life Lately - Newbarket Dog Festival & More Dog Photos

Jeff and I went but we decided to leave the dogs behind in the air conditioning at home.  Charlie had his 6th hydrotherapy appointment last Saturday morning and with my friend Kelly visiting, he didn’t rest a whole hell of a lot in the afternoon and evening, so by Sunday it had all caught up to him and he was pooched.  Today, Charlie is 10 weeks post-op or he’s on day 71.  He goes for his two-month follow up next Tuesday morning with my mom and at that time, our plan is to get the go-ahead to continue the hydrotherapy treatments and phase out the exercise rehab sessions with the vet tech (Virgilia) and phase out the cold laser therapy.  We’re comfortable operating the hydro tanks and we plan on having him in the program for the coming months, we’re just excited to be moving along in the stages of recovery.

My mom gets home from Barbados this Saturday night while Jeff and I are at a wedding, but the plan is on Sunday, to pick the boys up and that’ll be their homecoming.  Charlie will be coming home for good!! *happy dance*  We figure with that many days behind him, he’s going to be just fine at our place and the days that my mom wants the dogs, he can still go over there.  My mom also expressed interest about taking him to hydro appointments, so if she wants, she can take him maybe once a week or something along those lines.  At this point, I think he’s less likely to hurt himself, if at all, at our place with mostly carpets, whereas my mom, man, for someone who has dogs, I have no idea why she has the floors she does.  They are so slippery and I’m pretty sure that’s how he injured his knee in the first place.  When we moved in to my mom’s almost 10 days ago to housesit, we moved in with runners and rugs and carpets to throw all over the place so that Charlie had traction.  You can plainly see that on tile he is not 100% confident, whereas on any other surface, he’s a dream.  All this makes us think that he slipped on her floors to hurt himself to begin with, not jumping off the couch in a mad dash to the door with all of the other dogs.  My mom has been an absolute blessing to have her look after Charlie (and often his brother Baxter, too), taking him to appointments, getting all of his exercises and walks in….   Without her help, I would have had to take a lot of time off and we are very grateful to have had my mom there for us (again) to help with his recovery.

Anyways, less chatter and more pictures… 🙂 Enjoy!


Last Thursday night

Charlie post-grooming

Charlie post-grooming, last Friday evening just when I got home from work.  Such a sun baby this boy.

Charlie Charlie
Such a sleepy boy <3 
Charlie post-op Charlie post-op 
Charlie post-op Charlie
Saturday morning, after his hydrotherapy session.
Baxter Baxter

Sleepy Baxter

Charlie post-op Charlie post-op

Charlie and Daddy

How freaking adorable is this?!

And now on to the Newbarket dog festival…


Newbarket Newbarket
NewbarketNewbarketNewbarketNewbarketNewbarket Newbarket

How adorable is this pittie getting outfitted for a hat? 🙂

Newbarket Newbarket

Newbarket NewbarketNewbarket NewbarketHow many of you have ever seen a Komondor?  Or a Puli?

Life Lately

 Newbarket Newbarket

And then there was the pool.  To cap off the summer, a nearby allows members of the public (humans) to swim on the Labour Day weekend and then one week later, the Newbarket festival takes place and they actually allow the dogs to play in the pool on both days.  Once the festival is over, the pool is then drained for the season and doesn’t re-open again until the following year.  How cool is that, though, having the dogs close out the local public pool?  The dogs just have so much fun frolicking around and playing with others.

Newbarket  Newbarket Newbarket Newbarket  Newbarket NewbarketNewbarket Newbarket
Newbarket NewbarketNewbarketGreat Dane
I’m not sure if you caught the Great Dane frolicking in the water above but here’s a close up of him  I saw him in the crowd of vendors before I saw him in the pool later on and I was in love. 

Just look at this sweet boy and THOSE EARS! I die, he’s so handsome.  Guess how old this fella is?  FOUR MONTHS OLD!  The biggest ears I’ve ever seen and oh my gosh his paws were enormous.  I was a happy girl because I got to say hello, give him pets and I even got a kiss from me.  Great Danes are my dream dog and I seriously get weak in the knees when I see them.  My family also knows that when I’m driving and if I see one, I will most certainly pull over and ask to say hello.  Yep, I’m that girl. LOL

And last but certainly not the least, here’s a short video on dock diving. 


 Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed the being there. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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  • My girls would have loved this festival. Now that all the cats are in heaven, their focus is on getting a dog. My favorite shot is that first one of the dogs in the pool!

  • Watching the dogs in the pool must have been awesome!
    Lovely photos – Charlie’s hydrotherapy pics are always so cute!

  • 🙂

  • Omygosh, it was. We left the boys at home because yet was hot and they’re small; little dogs often get stepped on and with Charlie having had surgery, I didn’t want to risk anyone messing up his progress, so we went into the pool area and we just stood around and played with the dogs, took photos and the entire time, smiles! Totally in my element. 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂 He’s doing really well and also, it’s nice to have them back home 24/7.

  • 🙂 Have they put in their requests for the breed or they would just like a dog in general, they don’t care what it is? Also, is that even practical? Since they split their time with you and their mom? It would be good company for you, too, and you know what they say? Dogs are chick magnets. Lol. You never know Eli. 😉

  • Britt K

    That festival looks like a ton of fun! They don’t do anything here in the little town we live in (too small town really to have the people to support it I think lol) but if we drive 30 min to a neighbouring town they do one called the Woofaroo Pet Festival every summer and its SO much fun!
    Britt |

  • It’s been going on in Newmarket now for about 5 years. I’ve visited twice and worked in once. And was working the other two weekends I believe. You’ll have to tell me where and around when the place near you has the dog festival. Im always up for new ones and for a nice drive. 🙂