A to Z Pet Mom 10

A to Z Pet Mom

So I totally stole this post idea from Britt over at Alternatively Speaking, a cool chick (and blogger!) that I happened to meet last week at our friend Alex and Norma’s wedding.  She’s pretty cool, we have a lot of things in common and she’s just very easy to talk to.  I was happy that we were seated with another lovely couple at the wedding that just so happened to be dubbed crazy dog people, too.  Go check out her blog!

So today I’m running down the alphabet today in the name of Pets.  I have done an A to Z travel post previously in 2016, along with a few others when I was participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  I couldn’t resist with the topic being about pets, I thought why the heck not!  And let’s be honest here, it’s an excuse to post pictures of my dogs, why wouldn’t I partake?

Here we go… Feel free to play along in the comments or steal it for your own blog, whichever works. 🙂


A: Adoption – I’m a firm believer in adoption except when allergies are concerned.  I say this because I was really allergic to dogs (and cats!) both when I was little, so when we lost my bunny rabbit when I was around 7, my mom looked into getting a hypoallergenic dog for me and we ended up getting our very first Bichon who was around 3 at the time and she was being retired from a wonderful breeder.  Having said all this, if you asked me today, I would most definitely adopt a dog.  There are SO many animals in shelters and rescues that deserve a good home and caring family members.  I’m happy to say that I’ve outgrown my dog allergies, but I am still slightly allergic to cats, most especially if I touch my face.

B: Bed Buddies – Have you met me?! LMAO.  Ummm, Jeff tried to do the crate training/sleeping at night business when we first brought Charlie home and guess what happened?  As expected, I would pull him out in the night and snuggle with him.  SO needless to say, none of that worked and that is because I grew up with my dogs sleeping with me, which is a hard habit to break and one I didn’t want to break, anyhow. LOL.  These days, Baxter sleeps pasted to my legs or belly, often times under the covers and Charlie usually sleeps in his favorite place, our closet.  I don’t like the idea of him trying to jump off the bed at night (especially since having surgery), so he doesn’t sleep on the bed with us.  Plus, even though he’s snuggly, he would never stay on the bed an entire night with us anyways.  He will sleep with me on the bed if I’m solo, but most usually he is in the closet.


C: Carrots – Omygosh, my dogs love anything crunchy, especially carrots and lettuce.

D: Dog Beds – Off the top of my head, I think I can count about 10 of them in our condo.  LOL.  I’m in the process of replacing most of them with orthopedic beds; those are the best.  Only the best for my boys.

E: Eyes – Let’s talk about Baxter’s beautiful eyes.  He has the softest, sweetest looking dark brown eyes and he just looks at you with such gentleness.  Charlie likes to look at you out of the corners of his eyes, when you can see the whites.  He tries to be sneaky but really it’s not inconspicuous at all. LOL

The Boys

F: Fur – Thankfully the boys don’t shed, but we do find fluff balls like cotton balls on the carpets from time to time.  No big deal.

G: Gas – Not really.  They toot from time to time and we think it’s freaking hilarious.

H: Hugs and Cuddles – There’s always time for hugs, kisses and cuddles.

I: Intelligence – I’m amazed how smart the boys are, especially Charlie, whereas Baxter is like a happy, excited little kid.  You’d never guess that Baxter is 9 years old!

J: Jogging – The only time I do anything but walk the dogs is with Baxter, when we like to get some energy out of him.  I don’t normally run or jog with the dogs.

K: Kong Toys – Moreso when the dogs were little, these days I don’t feel them many treats.  That’s one reason why Charlie gets excited about rehab – he actually gets treats. LOL

Charlie post-op

L: Litter Boxes –  I don’t have cats but I sure clean out my fair share of litter boxes when I’m doing pet visits.

M: Mice –  Nope none of them.  Speaking of mice, my mom had a couple under her kitchen sink.

N: Naps – Any excuse for a nap and some cuddles, I’m in. 🙂

Bichons Bichons
O: Obedience – For the most part, the boys are pretty good but I must admit they do have their moments where selective hearing is at its finest.

P: Pawprints – I love pawprints, in fact I want to get some tattooed on my feet.

Q: Quality Time – Every moment with my boys is quality time.

R: Rubber Balls – Some, but more squeaky balls.  They’re a fan favorite in our house. (Baxter)

S: Scratch Post – We do not have any of those, for the obvious reasons.

T: Tails – Charlie and Baxter’s tails are always up, proud and wagging a full 180 degrees across their backs like little umbrellas.

Charlie & Baxter

U: Urination – Oh they love to pee alright, and mark every blade of grass on their walks.

V: Vomiting and Furballs – Thankfully no furballs, but the up-chucking happens from time to time, but thankfully not too frequently.

W: Water – The dogs now have a water bowl in the living room that they seem to prefer over the kitchen.  Apparently there’s better water in that bowl. LOL!


X: Xtra Energy – Baxter acts like a two year old and Charlie is the doting lover and alpha.  I just love the bond and love these two brothers have for each other, it’s just so adorable.

Y: Yearly Checkups – Always, but with the boys now getting a bit older and knowing more, I’ve opted to not get any vaccinations for them going forward, as much of the time the vaccines are present in their systems for far longer than you’d think.  And frankly, I’m not doing that to them anymore.  I’ll do rabies, which is required by law, but otherwise, nope.  Baxter is strong as an ox and Charlie is at the referral clinic doing hydrotherapy twice a week, so they’re both in great shape and, knock on wood, doing pretty well.

Z: Zoo – I’d love to have a house full of animals; animals bring me such joy and I’ve said it many times that I often prefer animals over people.

Charlie Baxter

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