Top 5 Favourite 16

Top 5 Favourite

I was tagged by Britt over at Alternatively Speaking to share some of my top 5 favourite, which you’ll see below.  This tag was created by Hannah from A Tiny Girl’s Big World. She wanted to create a tag that would allow a little bit of an insight into the writer of their favourite blog. The idea of the tag is:

“There are a series of topics and you have to answer each one with 5 answers (Only once in your post can you add a sixth if you’re really stuck on a particular topic). This way, your readers have a chance to find out a little more about you and hopefully, they’ll be able to connect with you a little more when reading your other posts.”

Top 5 Favourite
Here. We. Go.


1. Spend time with Jeff and the boys.

2. Scuba diving.

3. Exploring new places.

4. Taking photos and capturing memories of a time and place.

5. Getting my sweat on at the gym.



1. Bridesmaids

2. Disconnect

3. Deadpool

4. Captain Ron

5. The Burbs



1. Below Deck.

2. RHOC, RHONY, RHOBH, RHOT. Mostly all of the Real Housewives series, yeah I know. It’s my guilty pleasure. Lol.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

4. Suits.

5. Shameless.



1. Believer – Imagine Dragons

2. Forever – Six60

3. People Everyday – Arrested Development

4. Drive – Incubus

5. Wish You Were Here – Incubus



1. My Pixie Blog

2. Life According to Steph

3. Stranded in Chaos

4. Can I decide another day

5. Groovy Goldendoodles

6. Not Entirely Perfect

7. The Beth Next Door

8. Hope Whispers



1. Our tenth anniversary.

2. Our subsequent trip to Barbados in July.

3. My performance review at work next April.

4. Watching Charlie get stronger as he gets older (he turns 11 next year!!!!) and continuing to build upon the bonds with my two fluffers.

5. Growing my relationship with Jeff. Next year it’ll be 16 years together!!



1. My pups are my kids. I have to agree with Britt here. My kids are everything to me and if you don’t like dogs, well then you probably won’t like me. lol!

2. My body is my temple. I love to eat just like the next person, but my genes are crap and if I didn’t work my tail off at the gym, I’d be legit obese. And so I’ve found a balance: I love getting my sweat on because not only is it great for physical health benefits, it helps with my mind and clears my head.

3. I had facial reconstruction when I was 15. I had my jaw broken and reset, basically, in a nutshell because I had TMJ and my jaw was starting to shift. As a result of the surgery and the nerve damage and thus not all 100% repairing, I have a numb spot on my chin. And because of this dead spot, I routinely tell people to tell me if I get food on my face, because I obviously can’t feel it. Lol!

4. I’m a very passionate person. I love hard and I hate hard.

5. I used to think camping involved electrical outlets and hairdryers. These days, I prefer more adventurous camping trips. (Link to camping post)


5 BEST MEMORIES (with pictures)

1. Our wedding was one of the best days of my life.

The Flynnigans Wedding

The Flynnigans Wedding

2. Anything to do with our dogs. 🙂

The Boys

3. Camping.



4. We’ve made so many memories scuba diving. We are so blessed to experience such an other worldly beauty that is no place like it on this earth.

scuba diving scuba diving

5. My first ever dog show.

show dogs



My Role Model: My mom. She’s been through so much in her life and yet she is always positive and such a spitfire. She inspires me to be a better person every single day.

My Hero: See above. My mom is also my hero.




Mom and I a couple of years ago



1. Charlotte @ My Pixie Blog

2. Beth @ The Beth Next Door

3. Lindsay @ Highlights & Hashtags

4. Kimberly @ All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something 

5. Kim @ Hope Whispers

Share some of your answers in the comments!

  • Britt K

    So much fun to read! Jano used to think of camping as a cabin that he had stayed in once but I’ve got him tenting and roughing it now! Once he tried it there was no turning back!
    Britt |

  • Awwwww what a fun post and thank you so much for the tag! I’d love to participate 🙂

    Also you know what’s really weird? I’ve been playing the Arrested Development unplugged CD for days now. I love it so much and People Everyday is SUCH a good song.

    Love your wedding pics!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before <3 and also the scuba photos:) what an incredible thing, to be able to see a world not many can say they have experienced!

    So happy to have found a passionate doggie sister in you. Dog people are always my kind of people and you sure do have some cute pups <3


  • Oh, I love this!!! How do I get in??? Such fun. My hero is my sister. How special that yours is your mama. What a lovely wedding you had! Beautiful photos of you lovebirds.

  • Can’t wait to do this! Love ya!

  • These posts are always so much fun to read!
    Bridesmaids is one of my favourite movies 🙂
    Lovely photos!

  • Aw I’m honored to have made your list, thank you! Wow coming up on 10 years, that’s very exciting. Your wedding pictures are so pretty.

  • viktoriasch

    Beautiful photos :)and so much fun to read :)The scuba diving must be a memory for life

  • I have yours in my reader cued up to read; cant wait to read yours either. 🙂 xoxo

  • Thank you so much Viktoria. 🙂 The scuba diving is truly incredible. It’s like heaven on earth, it’s just so peaceful down below. 🙂

  • You’re welcome babes. 🙂 Yep ten years is coming up next year; we’ll have been together for 16 (!!!) years. It’s crazy how quickly time passes.
    Thank you Stephanie, your compliments are always appreciated. 🙂 I love looking back on our wedding photos; it was one of the best days of my life.

  • Aren’t they? You learn so much about a person. 🙂

  • Copy and paste to your blog and replace with your answers, girl. Do it! 🙂 Thats how I found the post, I borrowed the idea and went with it. 🙂
    That’s amazing your sister is your hero. <3 my momma is everything to me.
    Thank you thank you, that's so sweet of you to say. xo

  • You’re welcome babes. 🙂

    Do you know I had People Everyday stuck in my head for the the longest time and couldn’t for the life of me remember which group it was?! I had the tube in my head and I was humming along but was pulling such a blank. I love their mellow vibes. All old school music was/is the best, isn’t it?!

    I love our wedding photos too. I sometimes pull out the CDs and look at them all. My faves are pictures of the dogs at the wedding. I’m so glad we included them in our day. I mean, how could I not? 🙂 Scuba diving IS so incredible and special because not everyone has that gift or ability to go diving. It’s heaven on earth, and I know that sounds cheesy but it’s absolutely incredible in the depths. 🙂

    Love you momma. xoxoxo

  • San

    Hey, so sorry for not commenting lately… I’ve been road tripping and hadn’t had much time to read blogs… just catching up now! I love these types of posts, because it’s so fun to learn random things about each other.

    You’ll be surprised to hear that I haven’t seen any of the TV shows that are your favorites! LOL

    I love the photos… esp. the shot from your wedding <3

  • I’m so sorry I’m SO incredibly late getting caught up on comments (AND I totes owe you a phatty email!). Bryan has Sirius in his new car for free for a year and we are loving up on the old school hip-hop station (can’t remember the name). It’s funny when we both rap along and try to remember the words 🙂 but yes–that was a great time in musical history; anything late 80s/early 90s was SO much fun!

    Aww, I love that you included your dogs on your special day too. You have to!

    I am going to respond to you soon. You have been MISSED and we have a lot to catch up on! XOXO

  • Hey sweets, now I owe you an email. Lol!
    Sirius is cool but Jeff and I were talking about it last night and we’re thinking of discontinuing it because of the cost. It’s over $100 a year I think, and we don’t necessarily need it, even though it’s got a great mix of tunes and comedy we listen to.
    Let’s talk on the weekend love, my pet sitting weekend isn’t too heavy… yet. I wouldn’t mind an easy one but if not, whatevs. Alternatively I’ll be home after 9 on Friday night after three pet visits.

    Miss you and love you babe. xoxo