Charlie Update – 80+ Days Post-Op 10


I feel like I’m really dropping the ball on these Charlie updates but then again, I don’t know if people even care about them or if they’re simply for my benefit, in which case if so, that’s fine by me.  I personally find it nice to look back and see all the progress he’s made over the last three months.  So if these posts make you happy, cool, if not, you can move along.  🙂  Today, Sir Charlie is 85 days (!!) post-op — we are almost at the three-month mark you guys and I cannot believe the progress he’s made, even just in the last 4 weeks but man, time is flying and in this case, it is a very good thing.

It was around the 2-2.5 month mark that we really started to notice a difference in Charlie’s leg, his stance and even his gait.  His right leg was a bit splayed after the surgery and we chalked it up to when he injured himself, he’d splay out the leg to compensate, and so that he could balance himself out with both his good , but it was around the 2 month mark that we noticed the leg came in a bit, underneath his body like it should and we also noticed that Charlie was once again prancing like a proud little dude.  Of course all of this hydrotherapy is helping, so are the exercises, walking and icing his leg.  Everything works in unity together and we are so happy to say that Charlie is doing very well.

He had a check up last week with my mom and the veterinarian didn’t feel any instability or movement in the knee joint (drawer test), which is good, and that he’s in great shape.  The key to aging with Charlie is that I’ve got to keep him nice and lean, so with that, I’ve cut his food back just slightly, same for Baxter and they are (still) getting walk two to three times daily.

Let’s see some Charlie (and Baxter, of course) pictures:

Charlie post-op

Day 78 – his 10th hydrotherapy session

Charlie helping

Baxter Baxter
Baxter sleeping the day away 🙂
Charlie and Baxter
How cute are these two?  Jeff and I move around dog beds to ‘catch’ sunbeams for the dogs.  Although Baxter loves sunshine, Charlie is a true sun baby.
This is what happens when Charlie is used to a routine.  Around the times he goes out for a walk, he’ll come and perch himself under my legs so I can’t move without him being my shadow.  Baxter now does this, too.
Doesn’t Baxter look like he’s drunk, falling out of his bed?  We call this little bed the donut.  They’re small but damnit, Baxter pours himself into them and loves being cuddle up in them all tight-like.  Charlie occasionally gets in them but admitted, these dog beds are more up Baxter’s alley.  Charlie is all about the orthopedic beds these days, that or hiding in our closet in his secret hiding spot that he loves so much.
Baxter Baxter
This is a close up of him fallen out of his bed, looking like he’s pretty hungover.  LOL  Baxter’s eyes creep out many people since they flip back quite a bit and he often sleeps with his eyes open a bit.  He’s such a cutie! 🙂
A view of this hot mess I call Baxter, from above.
Charlie post-op
Day 83!! Session #11
Baxter Baxter Baxter
Baxter looks pretty satisfied (and tired!) after his walk the other night.  I love the close up of his little pink tongue sticking out. 
Until next time….. Have a great day!


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  • Those pictures are too cute! I know I keep saying this but Charlie looks too adorable in his hydrotherapy sessions 🙂
    I’m so glad that he is doing well post op.

  • Heather Hammel

    So glad to hear about Charlie’s good progress 🙂

  • San

    I am so so happy to hear that Charlie is making such good progress. I don’t have a pet myself (although I want one) and live vicariously through the pets of my friends 🙂

  • Wow, almost three months, and he’s doing super well. That’s so awesome, Lindsay! We will continue to send mega good thoughts for recovery and healing.

    I love that you and Jeff move Charlie and Baxter’s beds around so they can get maximum sunshine. 🙂

  • Your comments are always appreciated, no matter how often you say how cute Charlie is. I think so, too. 😉

  • Thanks my dear. xo

  • Aww, some day you’ll have one. Are you more partial to dogs or cats or you like both? Enjoying others’ pets is ideal because you can give them back at the end of the day, kind of like grandparents. Lol!

  • San

    I like both but probably would be better suited for a cat (because I am gone all day)… but I like what you said about being a “pet grandparent” LOL

  • I’m told it is the best of both worlds. 🙂

  • Time has kinda flown by, I think, hasn’t it? I’m just glad we’re on the other side of it, on the uphill part. It’s been really nice to tonsee the progress since we started hydrotherapy though. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    Oh, always. Anything for the kids, right? 🙂 When they’re happy, were happy.