October Mantras, Goals & Currently 27

October mantras, goals & Currently

A few months ago, our chill blogging group that goes by the name of Peaceful Posse launched a monthly link up called Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently. For those that missed it, the link-up opens up the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days. So for this month, it opens up today (Monday, October 2nd) and it will close at midnight on Monday, October 18th.  The link up for November opens up on Monday, November 6th, and so on and so forth.

October Goals, Mantras & Currently

 It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your posts. Do whatever works for you, how about that? 🙂

So here goes my update on my September Goals and then we’ll get crackin’ on October’s mantras, goals and currently.

Let’s take a look at what my Goals for the month of September were and their results:

  1. Continue meal planning so that I’m not at a loss what to make every night. This happens all too frequently and I can’t stand standing around the kitchen, glancing into the fridge and hoping that something will magically come to me.  I would say this is a 50/50.  For half of the month, I thought ahead for meals but then I fell off the bandwagon.  So I really, really need to get back into this practice.  It just makes for better evenings knowing what we’re going to eat versus scrambling on the fly.
  2. I just got an Instant Pot so I’ve got to leave how to use that bad boy and try to free of up some time. I want to maximize my time as much as anyone because it is precious to me.  I have started using the Instant Pot and we’ve made maybe five or so meals in it, including: pasta, roast, chicken.  I’ve also made hard-boiled eggs and Jeff has made about four cheesecakes and they are to die for.  I’ve told him we cannot be having a cheesecake every single week unless he’d like for me to gain 60 lbs.  Um, no thank you.  LOL
  3. Start incorporating more natural products into our home.  50/50.  I’ve incorporated some products into our home but I definitely could do better and put a bit more effort into it.


Mantras for October:

October mantras, goals & Currently October mantras, goals & Currently

October Goals:

  • Meal planning is still going to be on the list for obvious reasons.
  • Build my confidence in using our Instant Pot and getting creative with dishes.   So far we’ve had maybe 10 meals and they’re delicious, and quick.
  • Keep encouraging and joining in on mini daily exercises with Jeff.



Reading… Heather’s usual Surfing Sunday posts and Stuart Woods Below the Belt.

Playing… with he two tabby cats that I visit nightly.

Watching… Lethal Weapon, RHOC, Greys Anatomy, The Challenge: Dirty Thirty, Race Wars.

Trying… to find more recipes, find peace within (ha!), a new heart rate monitor.

Cooking… Zucchini chicken enchiladas.

Eating… sweet chili heat Doritos (aren’t I always lol!)

Drinking… Still drinking water like a mad man.

Calling… Jeff, my mom, Dina.

Texting… Dina, Regina, Alex, Jeff, Alex, Carolyn, Mark, Kelly, Morag

Pinning… recipes, outfits, quotes, dog/pet stuff…

Tweeting… the usual.

Going… to see Sedrick, my mastiff pal.

Loving… all the hot weather that was September.

Hating… nothing at the moment.

Discovering… new geocaches.

Thinking… about the next few months and all the things.

Feeling… blessed, full, happy, content, excited, frustrated, disappointed, resigned, relief. So many feels lately.

Hoping (for)… a nice fall that lasts loooong into December. We had a hot September after a cool start, but it is legit fall/sweater/jacket weather now.

Listening (to)… Jeff’s comedy podcasts and the tv in the background.

Celebrating… life and it’s blessings.

Smelling… food cooking in the kitchen.

Thanking… everyone and everything that I have. I am very blessed and sometimes forget to count my blessings.

Considering… buying more LipSense. I need something more dramatic for nighttime.

Starting… my hunt for a 2018 planner.

Finishing… dinner.

– – – – –

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  • That first quote is so true!
    I’ve also started looking at planners/diaries for 2018 – never too early lol!
    Zucchini chicken enchiladas sound delicious – enjoy!
    Good luck with your goals for October.

  • I’m looking forward to following along on your Instant Pot adventures, I’m trying to decide if I want one or not! Love both of the mantras you chose for October. I hope it is a great month my sweet! xoxo

  • Kim Munoz

    Did you say cheesecake?? mmmmmm. You know me, I would die if I didn’t menu plan. Or at the least go a little more crazy Lol I see zucchini enchiladas. Hope you like them 🙂 . I mean whats not to like right?! Good luck in your hunt for a planner. I have tried all kinds and finally found one that finishes out this year and the whole year 2018. I hate planners than end in the summer! Im like HELLO! The years not over yet! LOL . I hope you have a wonderful week love!

  • Sweet chili heat Doritios are my favourite kind ever.
    I love that you’re listening to Jeff’s podcasts in the background. That’s like the best background noise ever.
    I don’t know if you follow Danielle LaPorte but her planners are amazing so I’ve heard. She’s into positivity and she’s kind of like a life coach and all around bad ass. Her planners are super cool looking. I have been itching to get one of her planners.
    I hope that this month is good to you xoxo

  • I love that “be good to people for no reason” mantra. I wish for everyone to follow this every single day!

  • I’ll be linking up tomorrow! I love your mantras for this month. Kindness is so needed. Cheesecake in an Insta Pot sounds awesome! I don’t have one, but now may need to look into purchasing one. I’m going to try to make those zucchini enchiladas tomorrow night! So excited! Hope you’re having a great start to the week.

  • Kim Airhart

    Seriously, I am scared of my instant pot.Jason’s mom bought me one for my birthday and I’ve only made hard boiled eggs. She was over this weekend and asked if I’ve used it. I told her I was scared of it and she looked at me like I was nuts. help.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I hear good things about the Instant Pot. I REALLY need to do better with meal planning and getting things ready the weekend before so it’s easier to get ready after work. I hate cooking. sigh. haha

    I would LOVE a long fall. Love the weather!


  • “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Oooh, that is GOOD.

  • Corey Wheeland

    I want fall to last into December, too! I’m going to steal your mantras this month! So great. And I’m asking for an insta pot for Christmas – I’m excited. I’m glad to hear you’re loving yours!

  • TheEmiTimes

    I’m so glad that Grey’s Anatomy is back! I loved the new episode. I’ve been feeling a ton of different emotions as well. I keep hearing about LipSense. I’ll have to check it out. Have a great week.

  • Britt K

    You’ve got some great goals here. I have seriously been considering picking up an Instant Pot because it seems like such a great option for healthy food on a busy schedule!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  • Some people are already buying planners in the summer! I don’t buy too early but I look. There are so many nice ones out there but $$$!
    Thanks for your support as always, girl. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

  • I keep telling jeff he has to do a series on the blog since he uses more than me. Lol! I’m just afraid of messing up A step or something I suppose.
    Thank you my love, and you too. 😉 xo

  • Oh my gosh IP cheesecake is soooo good. It’s the devil and way too easy to make/ or mess up.
    I usually get planners for Indigo and spend no more than $25. There are so many nice planners out there but dang it some of them are super pricey!! I like to enjoy my planners the entire year and pull out a fresh one in January. 🙂 no jumping the gun here.
    I hope you have a great weekend/month babe. Xoxox

  • I used to love cool ranch but you know when you get a bag with sparsely flavored chips? Yeah it’s such a disappointment, and so I tried sweet chili heat one day and was HOOKED. Lol.
    I’ve gotta look up the Danielle Laporte planners. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of them but I could be wrong. Thanks for the pointer. 🙂
    You too, love. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope youre able to excuse yourself from family shenanigans!! xoxo

  • I think it’s just a must. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen, right? Spread kindness like confetti. 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend Katie!

  • I saw you linked up and still have to drop by and read it.
    Instant Pots are pretty neat and time savers. And the things you can make in it, it’s pretty darn versatile.
    I hope you’re having a great weekend hun. 😉 xo

  • That’s how I was feeling (am) and so jeff usually helps/makes things in it with me. YouTube and Facebook groups are helpful too. Just be damn careful if you’re manually venting it and use a tea towel over it to catch the steam from hitting you.

  • The versatility of the Instant Pot is what sold me, that and being able to save time in the kitchen. I don’t hate cooking but i get frustrated with how much time I’m in the kitchen, and then that’s when crappy decisions can be made. Ease over time. So I’m grateful for it and the time it has saved me.

    Its finally looking like fall here – the leaves are finally changing, it’s gorgeous.

    I hope you’re having a good weekend, Lauren. 🙂

  • Right? I loved it the moment I stumbled upon it. 🙂

  • The leaves are all changing here, finally, It’s just beautiful. 🙂
    I hope you get your IP for Christmas. 🙂

  • Me too. 🙂
    You must check out LipSense. It lasts and there are a ton of colors to choose from.
    I hope you’re having a great weekend Emily.

  • They’re a great time saver and the versatility and what all you can make in the most is pretty freaking awesome. I recommend. 🙂 Happy thanksgiving hun!

  • Kim Airhart

    I used mine this weekend. I made spaghetti and french dips. I’m hooked now.

  • You made dip?!? What kind? Do share?
    Have you started an IP board on Pinterest or following any good people/recipes?
    Pasta in an IP tastes incredible. You MUST make a cheesecake sometime. 🙂

  • Kim Airhart

    I made french dips(hot beef sandwiches)
    The spaghetti was awesome. It was nuts to put raw pasta in there but it worked. I have started pinning and am part of a IP facebook group.