Things I’ve learned Pet Sitting over the last five years 19

Things I’ve learned pet sitting over the last five years:

Things learned pet sitting

  • That almost all cats love their chins scratched.
  • That most dogs hate you going over their head to pet them.
  • That your allergies can improve the more you’re around animals. Point and case: I’m no longer allergic to dogs and my cat allergy has gotten better slightly.

Pet sitting

  • It’s best to take photos of pets on burst mode, that way you’re to get at least one decent picture out of say 20.
  • That most cats will only want to interact with you on their terms.

Rag doll cat

  • That dogs can se fear and pick up on your body language and cues like CRAZY.
  • That no matter how long or short of a period of time you leave them, dogs will undoubtedly always be elated and over the top excited you’ve come home to see them. After all, you’ve come just to see them. 😉

happy Husky

  • That some cats are really, really sweet and will love on you just like a dog would.
  • That most dogs love their chest scratched. Or their bums. That’s a sure fire way to a dog’s heart, just scratch their bum. 🙂
Bichon Bums

Bichon Bums ..

  • That I never knew until I became a pet sitter five years ago that cats can make a myriad of sounds, some funny, some weird and some down right scary-sounding. Lol

Scottish Fold Cat

And Finally …

  • I could spend my entire life educating myself on felines and I realize that That I will never, ever fully understand cats. Lol.  Every cat has a unique way of how they like to be pet, how they like to socialize, and how they just like to be, to exist. No two cats are the same.
  • Dogs are simply the best. Most will give you so much more than you ask for and ask simply for love in return. The gifts animals give us are tremendous and I am so incredibly blessed to be able to spent my time with all these special critters.


Remember, it’s not okay to just simply say hello or reach out to touch a pet without asking. Ask permission to pet that dog from the pet owner.

(this list is not complete and I’m sure I could’ve added another 500 things)

Stay tuned for my weekend pet sitting recap later week. 🙂

paw prints in the snow