November Mantras, Goals & Currently 24

Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

A few months ago, our chill blogging group that goes by the name of Peaceful Posse launched a monthly link up called Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently. For those that missed it, the link-up opens up the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days. So for this month, it opens up today (Monday, November 6th) and it will close at midnight on Monday, November 16th.  The link up for December opens up on Monday, December 4th, and so on and so forth.

Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your posts. Do whatever works for you, how about that? 🙂

So here goes my update on my October Goals and then we’ll get crackin’ onNovember’s  mantras, goals and currently.

Let’s take a look at what my Goals for the month of October were and their results:

  1. Meal planning.  Meal planning has been going well and I will likely migrate this goal going forward to continue with it.  Evenings especially go much smoother if we know what we’re eating.
  2.  Play around with our Instant Pot more and experiment.  I
  3. Keep encouraging Jeff and joining in on our mini daily workouts.  This has been a fail mainly because I’ve been injured and unmotivated/frustrated with my own situation. He has been doing it here and there, though, I’ll give him that.



Mantras for November:

November mantrasNovember mantras

November Goals:

  • Meal plan more and look at more of what we have so we can eliminate possible waste.
  • Read more.
  • Get organized and get started with my 2018 bullet journal.
  • Get outdoors more. I tend to want to hibernate when the colder weather  comes, so sometimes I have to force myself out a bit more.



Reading… Heather’s usual Surfing Sunday posts that I usually enjoy and Stuart Woods Indecent Exposure and Fast and Loose.

Playing… cards with Jeff.

Watching… Lethal Weapon, RHOC, Greys Anatomy, The Challenge: Dirty Thirty, Stranger Things Season 2, Icarus, Scandal, Narcos Season 3, Fargo, A Dog’s Purpose.

Trying… to lighten up a little.

Cooking… chicken for lunches, steaming eggs, baking a tray of bacon andtryibg to think of what to make for dinner.

Eating… a chicken souvlaki pita.

Drinking… Still drinking water like a mad man.  Nothing changes. Lol

Calling… my sports massage therapist.

Texting… my usual rotation of friends and family.

Pinning… the usual: recipes, outfits, quotes, dog/pet stuff.

Tweeting… animal conservation messages, animal pictures, inspirational posts.

Going… for a massage and getting some cupping later on this evening.

Loving… all the beautiful colours of Fall.

Hating… that it gets dark so early now.

Discovering… new routes going home from up north.

Thinking… about plans for this coming week.

Feeling…sore from sleeping in a crappy bed up at Jeff’s Dad’s.

Hoping (for)… a drama-free holiday season.

Listening (to)… UFC in the background.

Celebrating… my 34th (!!) birthday on November 10th.

Smelling… key lime cheese cake that Jeff made.

Thankful… for having worked with a colleague over the last seven years and for becoming friends. She just left my workplace for some new adventures and I wish her all the best.

Considering… our options for dinner.

Starting… my bullet journal once I get my stencil from the Netherlands.

Finishing… books.

– – – – –

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