Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant {Sponsored} 8

Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant

First and foremost, I will disclose at the onset that this post is sponsored and I was provided product from Smile Brilliant at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest reviews and opinions. I want to stress that I am the one that chooses the sponsored posts that I share with all of you and I do so very carefully because I refuse to recommend anything to you without using it mysegiveawaylf first.  Capiche?  Cool.

Teeth whitening. Who hasn’t tried some form of teeth whitening

My journey began way back in 2008 before our wedding, but I want to be clear – I haven’t whitened since then. But let’s back up a bit.

Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant

If you want to talk teeth and mouth junk, I’m your gal. I’ve had many, many extractions in my lifetime, a periodontal skin graft on my lower gum line, I’ve had braces TWICE (yes, twice, that is not a mistake), all four (impacted wisdom teeth removed and then finally, the biggie – I had maxillofacial reconstruction surgery (say that, it’s a mouthful, literally! Ha) in the Summer of 1999.  And of course, I’ve had your usual run of the mill dental visits that I just loathe going to. 

I am an open book about all of the procedures I have had over the years.  Basically, the way my upper jaw grew was deformed in that my upper jaw was normal or average size, but my lower jaw was significantly smaller. I had an overbite as well that the braces could only do so much for… And so, over a few years time, my orthodontist began noticing in X-rays that my jaw was starting to shift backwards. After many scans and discussions, we came up with a game plan, which was to extract my wisdom teeth to allow room for this stuff in my mouth (teeth, lol) and then at age 15, for the second bloody time, I had braces put on for another year. One year later, I had four-hour jaw surgery. I have pins in my upper left and lower jaw, pins in my upper right and lower jaw, I have a plate in the roof of my mouth, I have screws in my chin and last but not least, wait for it…… I have a titanium chin implant. My jaw was wired shut (with several elastics for tension on my braces), and my mouth looked like Frankenstein. 

It was pretty intense for a 15-year-old going back to school in two weeks time, right? I guess I did go to Greece for two weeks prior to surgery, but still. My face was SO swollen, and I looked very different. I couldn’t eat. For SIX WEEKS! (I lost 30 lbs!) It was so painful and the healing was dreadful, not to mention I was literally starving away… but it was worth it. My teeth have been beautiful ever since. Or I should say, more beautiful. 🙂


In the above pic ^, I am actually whitening my teeth sitting at my desk, while at work.  

When I was getting ready to get married in 2008, I decided to get ZOOM whitening. I don’t even know if this blue laser magic stuff still exists. But it was great, even if it wasn’t cheap. I was grateful I decided to take the plunge and kept it up a year later with at home trays and whitening gel from the dentist office that did my whitening a year before. Since then, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve not done anything. I used to be a smoker and quit in … er, maybe 5 years ago, almost 6. So there’s that, and I drink a bit coffee. So no doubt I’ve had discoloration over the years but I’ve kinda had a laissez-faire attitude about it. lol. Until recently.

Enter Smile Brilliant.  

Smile Brilliant is an amazing whitening system that is SO easy to use and for busy on the go professionals, moms or even millennials, it is so convenient to incorporate into your everyday ,busy lifestyle. I  even found myself whitening my teeth at the weirdest times of day – while taking my dogs out for a walk, while I’m sitting at work during a period without meetings, I just pop my trays in and go.  It’s that simple.  What’s really nice about this particular system is that it is customized to YOU.   Smile Brilliant offers whitening for those that have sensitive teeth and those that don’t and for each of those, they have three different levels you can select from based on the severity of the stains you think you have. 

I decided to go with the Sensitive, T6 system that captures your average, every day stains.  I drink coffee twice a day and I will occasionally indulge in a can of Coca Cola from time to time.  I quit smoking over five years ago, so that certainly helps  me out.  Tea and coffee stains are harsh on your teeth, as well as some pigmented foods (think red sauces), all of those things can affect your great smile.

Smile Brilliant


Here’s how it works: Smile Brilliant ships you dental impression trays and concoctions to make your own dental impressions at home, along with the desensitizing and whitening gel. You can set aside the syringes with the desensitizing and whitening gel for later, for when you get your impressions back. Making your dental impressions is super easy. Don’t worry, if you mess up the molding goop, they send you a second set just in case you need it or you need to redo your impressions. If I recall correctly, I redid my upper impressions once and my bottoms looked great from the get go. Send them off to Smile Brilliant, where they work their magic and not long after, you are sent your dental trays in the mail. Just like that, you’ll have everything you need to get started wherever, whenever.


Don’t laugh, no one looks glamorous with dental trays in the mouth! LOL

Smile Brilliant even takes things to the next level for you – they send you a postage-paid envelope to send them back your handy-dandy teeth impressions and in the blink of an eye, your finished trays are mailed back to you.  Quick and easy, I’m loving it.

Smile Brilliant

The whitening trays and system are so easy to use, in fact I used them a lot when I was mobile, commuting from work to home or vice versa. Or I’d pick a convenient time in the morning at work and pop them in. Sure I’d slur my words ever so slightly and I felt nostalgic back to the days I had a retainer or a mouth guard, but still, it was so easy and fuss-free. The results are outstanding; I noticed my teeth looking whiter almost immediately. It wasn’t until I saw my before and compared to after 2 weeks of treatments, I’m blown away! 

Check it out

I’ve whitened my teeth while doing the dishes, taking the dogs out for a walk, sitting at my desk at WORK. You can literally make this system work for you anytime, anywhere.


Smile Brilliant

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   Smiling is something we all should be doing more often, not something we shy away from embarrassment…. so take charge and take care of that beautiful smile of yours.

Smile Brilliant


So what are you waiting for? Check out Smile Brilliant, I promise you will not be disappointed by the results and you’ll be amazed just how quickly you’ll see the positive results. Smile Brilliant

If any of you have any questions, please let me know and I would be happy to answer them! 

Thanks for stopping by! Xo 

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  • shootingstarsmag

    That’s awesome it worked so well for you! I’m going to be trying this soon – so I’ll be curious. I’ve never whitened my teeth but I’ve wanted to since getting my braces off.


  • Wow! Looks like this worked really well for you! I have never tried whitening my teeth but I am a coffee drinker so I know they’re getting stained. I might have to try it sometime. And to be honest I should probably have braces again, my teeth did not stay nice after the first time! Eek.

  • UGGHHHHHH I don’t know if it was wordpress or what, but it stripped the giveaway details from the post completely. So if you want to enter, go to: http://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/flynnigans
    So sorry love, don’t know what happened there.

    Ohmygosh, teeth shift a lot as we age, don’t they? Even my front teeth, one has shifted ever so slightly back, which makes the colors a bit off. Oh well. I would never get braces a third time!! Ever!!!! LOL

  • Oh braces. I can relate. TWICE.

    I don’t know if it was wordpress or what, but anyways, the giveaway details were were stripped from the post completely. So if you want to enter, go to: http://www.smilebrilliant.c
    So sorry love, don’t know what happened there.

  • Wow this product looks amazing! Your teeth look great!

  • Kim Munoz

    Girl. I can’t imagine going through all of that. At such a crucial time too. I bet you smile has always been warm and friendly though. My mouth has been a mess as long as I can remember. But growing up out where I did we didn’t have a good dentist. That and my dad thought it was a waste of money 😑 I’m still playing catch up and my illness just makes it much more complicated. No whitening for me but it’s always cool to see it work for other people! Hope you had a great weekend Love!

  • Thanks hun! 🙂

  • It was horrible timing. Kids thought I went and had plastic surgery on my face and I was swollen for 6-12 months. It just changed a lot how I looked. And you know how kids can be, cruel as shit, right? It was a tough time after. Oh and I was modeling at the time and they wanted head shots in November and I had surgery in August. Uhhh No. lol!
    Medications can really play a number on your teeth eh? Jeff doesn’t really take care of his; I’ve never known him to go to the dentist since I’ve known him (15 years). But I don’t push, I won’t make anyone do anything and he’s a big boy.

    The whitening is nice but certainly not something I do all the time like some others do. 🙂