Saturday Feels 4

Saturday feels

Saturday feels


Nano Poblano

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  • Great pics, Lindsay. But I guess this means Autumn is over, huh? We’ve been very cold here, but no snow yet (knock on wood).

  • Britt K

    That white stuff… You can keep it up your way because I’m good with not having any down here! I’ll drive up to it for the holidays instead – Sound like a plan? haha (I ask as if we could feasibly make it happen just by agreeing in a blog comment)
    Britt |

  • THanks kevin! 🙂 Yep, I think summer and fall is definitely dunzo. It’s inevitable and I need to stop being in denial about it. Lol

  • Lol! I was amazed the areas and pockets that did and didn’t get snow last week. It is all but gone now, though. It’s just cold now. Lol!
    Sounds like a plan, Stan. 😉