Uh oh, I’ve missed a day 8

But it’s all good. It’s not like I’m going to get a slap on the wrist for missing a day of Nano Poblano. I was doing so well, though, but missed Thursday because it was hectic day at work and then in the evening, I was just too busy packing for my girls weekend away.  And now I’ve actually missed two days, yesterday too, because of my $&@! phone that has been on the fritz since Friday. God damn to technology and their bullshit.  First, it was the faulty battery, now it’s my SIM card that’s on the fritz.

Anyways, I was up in beautiful Collingwood all weekend, a beautiful little ski town just a short drive from where I live. We usually try and make it an annual or bi-annual event where we go to the spas and just unwind for an entire weekend.  Since I can’t get this morning’s photos to sync, here is what we woke up to yesterday morning.

Two years ago, my friend Tara and I did a hike on this very mountain and it was terrible conditions – slick, muddy and did I mention slippery? Yeah my friend rolled her ankle and we ended up spending the afternoon in the ER with a broken ankle. So since then, it’s always a running joke that Tara is not to go hiking under any circumstances.

Blue Mountain


Nano Poblano

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  • shootingstarsmag

    That’s great you had a nice time, but I’m sorry to hear about all the trouble your phone is giving you. Technology – it really sucks sometimes.


  • So glad you had a great girls’ weekend, Lindsay! Sorry to hear about your phone. Technology is a blessing and a curse, for sure!

  • It’s so crazy to see snow on the ground already! But I love it. That picture is gorgeous. Ugh, I hate technology. Mainly because I always ruin something inadvertently and thank god Bryan is a computer geek. I picked wisely, lol.

    Awww, sounds like such a fun weekend, and that’s okay for missing a day or two on NaNoPablanoPeppers, ha 🙂 You deserve to live it up, which is what it sounds like you’re doing!

  • San

    A little ski town… that sounds perfect. Can I come? I miss the snow.

  • That weekend away feels like a distant memory away, it’s crazy. But it was such a great weekend.
    Thankfully with this (now) 2nd new phone compared to my bricked battery 6, knock on wood, this one is great. I’ve gained some memory somehow when I restored it, there’s no lag and my battery is not dead after 60 minutes. Winning! 🙂

  • It’s such a cute little ski town. It snowed in the Sunday morning when we left but so far, we’ve only had the two dustings of snow and none since. I think they’re calling for some white stuff this weekend, though. Come in January/February and there’s usually Lots of snow and it’s -25 Celsius. Sounds lovely, right? Ahaha!

  • It was a much needed weekend away and a great time, too. 🙂

    Technology, can’t live with it, but you can’t live without it. A double edged sword. 😉

  • So we have zero snow right now but I think some is forecasted for this weekend.

    I’m the worst with technology and always have to get Jeff to undo what I’ve fked up. Lol!

    I need more weekends away! They’re good for the soul and your mental well being. I think I just need to calm and center myself. Take some deep breaths and get back into yoga. I just need to be Moreno kind to myself…

    Totally don’t care about missing days at this point. I’ve done a far better job this month posting than ever before so for that, I’m proud. 🙂