Letters to the Universe 7

Letters to the Universe

A number of my friends have done this Letters to the Universe topic (Charlotte, Beth, San, Kim and I’m sure I’m missing some others…), so I thought I’d borrow the idea and do one of my very own.

And now, my letters to the universe (in no particular order):

Dear Lululemon, never go out of business. I love you so and always fawn over the latest designs. In fact, I have a gift card from a dear friend that I’ve got that’s just burning a hole in my pocket wanting to be spent.

Dear Christmas, how are you just over a month away? HOW?!?!? I’m so unprepared for Christmas.

Dear body, why are you all of a sudden in pain after caring for it oh so well like I have been? Please heal and get better.

Dear Charlie and Baxter, you are both oh so handsome and much more cuddly after having been groomed last Friday.  Please live forever so I won’t have to endure heartbreak one day.

Dear Mental health days, I need to have more of them in my life.

Dear Wednesday, hurry up and get here so I can eat some delicious Mexican food out with my mom and Jeff.

Dear technology, you are a blessing and a curse.  I’m now on my third iPhone since last week.

Dear Jeff, stop peering over at my computer screen. LOL

Dear friends, due to cursed technology, I’m so behind and have catching up to do after being largely unplugged for three days,  I’m so sorry

Dear weekend, I am SO looking forward to you.  This Saturday, we are going to a dog show and on Sunday, we’ve got a friend’s mom’s 65th birthday/retirement party, so it’s going to be a good one!

Dear winter, can you hurry up and get your season over with?  I’d love warm weather again, please.

Dear motivation, please come back. LOL

Letters to the Universe

  • I love your letters and so glad that you participated in this! Wasn’t it a fun exercise??

    Oh, lululemon—yes!! Give me all the spandex and head wraps and thumb holes sweatshirts!! Love their stuff so much.

    Ugh this broke my heart a lot because I think this all the time: “Please live forever so I won’t have to endure heartbreak one day.” 😥

    Stupid technology. My coworker is convinced all of our old iPhones are going to stop working so we all invest in new ones. Possible—mine has been on the fritz, too lately.

    Enjoy Mexican dinner and time with Jeff and your momma! Xoxo

  • San

    Love that you joined in on the letters to the universe….

    I cannot believe Christmas is only a month away – WHAT?
    I definitely feel like I could use a couple of mental health days right now.

    I have never owned anything from Lulumon (they’re expensive – LOL) but I’d love to try their stuff.

  • Have you started Christmas shopping? I just did, yesterday! It’s such a flurry of a season eh? So much going on, so little time.
    Loved doing this exercise and reading other people’s posts, too. 🙂

  • I loved doing this exercise; never have before but I think it’s goes hand in hand with the gratitude exercises.

    Do you not wonder why more companies put thumb holes in their hoodies? They’re genius! I haven’t gotten a new scuba hoodie I ages, I’m kinda waiting around for the perfect shade of blue and then maybe I’ll get another. But I lurve Lululemon, such comfortable athletic wear.

    Oh my gosh speaking of dogs, watch Megan Leavey on Netflix. But grab the tissues. What a great movie, that’s all I’ll say.

    I’m convinced that apple deploys bugs to older phones to get you to replace them. Apple customers are loyal and rarely stray, so really in all actuality their marketing and strategic plots often work in their favor. They’re selling the 256 x here for $1500! Is it that much in the US? That’s outrageous man!!

    Mexican food last week was fantastic. I definitely went home with a good belly. Lol!

  • San

    yes, I’ve started Christmas shopping but I have ways to go… trying to keep it simple this year though.

  • If that movie is going to make me cry, I might have to pass. I’m still sad about Marley and Me… but OMG, that book though 🙁 and also what’s the other one? OH! A Dog’s Purpose. HOLY SOBFEST, BATMAN!

    Every sweater should have thumbholes. I picked up a jacket on vacation in Ireland because it had them and I <3 it so much!


  • You cry, yes, but seeing the love someone has for the beloved, and that devotion, it’s such a beautiful thing. <3

    That’s awesome! My winter jacket also has thumb holes and it’s the BEST! 🙂