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Life lately

I’ve now missed two days for the Nano Poblano, but whatevs, life shit happens.  I didn’t post anything yesterday because I was too busy out celebrating a belated birthday dinner with my mom and Jeff.  My step-dad didn’t end up coming because he’s got the plague or something.  He’s sick every time he comes back from a trip now and lately he’s had a crazy heart rate, on top of other weird things like swelling and a never-ending cold or flu.  Nevertheless, we enjoy our dinner and I ate way too many nachos but you only live once, right?  It’s all about balance and enjoying life, you know?  I haven’t done a Life Lately post in a bit so I thought I’d catch up that way, so here goes.

Over the last few weeks, my iPhone 6 battery started to drain very rapidly, to the point that I could kill my battery within a train ride from home to downtown Toronto (1 hour) and it was such an inconvenience constantly plugging it or tethering myself to a portable charger.  So I ranted about my misery on Facebook, as one does when they’re plagued with this shit, and someone told me to go to the Apple store and for $99, I could get my battery replaced or if not replaced because it was leaking, I’d get a brand new phone.  So that is what I did.  I went into Apple and got a service ticket to bring in my phone for repair.  I was told it’d be 3 hours so I dropped it off last Thursday after having spent hours the night before backing up my phone.  Thursday comes along, and I go to pick up my phone and when they opened up the phone to look at the battery, the camera died and so, they had to then give me a brand new phone altogether.  Went home, had to update the phone for hours, restore my backup for HOURS (do you sense a theme here, that it took HOURS off my life?!) and then it worked for maybe 16 hours and died last Friday afternoon.  I hadn’t noticed it was not working UNTIL I was about to text my friends that were picking up that I was running late in traffic.  WOMP WOMP.  Thank god for my work iPhone because I would have been lost without any means of communication.  I met up with my friends on our way to a spa/weekend away in Blue Mountain (Collingwood) and then spent the next two hours on the phone with my service provider and also Apple tech support.  No one could figure out what was going on and I was not going to be near an Apple store again until Sunday.  So I was basically incommunicado most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday and while I was initially pissed off and stressed about it, I learned to let it go because it was completely out of my control and what the hell was bitching and commiserating going to do for me?  Not a damned thing, so I just accepted it and moved on.  I talked to Jeff a couple of times throughout the weekend but I was largely radio silent and it was refreshing.

Here are some of the photos I snapped over the weekend or had friends send me:

Blue Mountain

The weekend was really nice, though.  Two people didn’t make it.  One we knew she and her family were going through the rounds of a bad stomach flu, but the other took us by surprise, but kinda didn’t, if you know what I mean.  So in the end, it was just four of us.  Tara, Sonja and her sister, Andrea and myself.  It was perfect.

Friday night, we had reservations at a martini bar and I’ll just put this out on front street right away. I lost count at drink #7.  LOL! We ended up having dinner there and had a really good (and FUN) night together.  We were all feeling pretty damn good.

The next morning, Tara and I both woke up around 7 a.m.  Andrea, being a mom and having three kids of her own, woke up and went to get us all coffee (so thoughtful).


I showered early and got that out of the way, then we were off for a quick breakfast and then it was time to head to Scandinave Spa.  We were booked for massages at 11:45 and Tara and I were together, and Sonja and her sister were together.  Tara passed out at one point and I just mellowed out getting rubbed down and listening to the beautiful sounds of water just outside the window.

Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa

After our glorious and relaxing massages, we spent the next two hours mellowing out in the Scandinavian baths outside (see above).  There are several saunas and an exquisite Eucalyptus steam room, there are hammocks and lunge chairs, bubble pods to hang out and have a nap in… It was wonderful and it never disappoints.  Every single time we are there, we leave feeling like we are floating.  It’s a wonderful feeling. 🙂

After the spa, we went and got a few groceries and coffee, then Tara and I vegged the rest of the afternoon, while Sonja and Andrea went shopping in the village.

For dinner, we booked an Italian place called Magnone’s, which was in the village and also a stone’s throw away from our hotel, aka we didn’t have to stagger home too far. I had a steak and garlic frites, and guzzled down a (stupidly marked up) bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which Sonja, Andrea and I shared while Tara dipped away on her pitcher of sangria.

Ready for dinner

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun of a weekend with a group girls. I enjoyed getting to know Andrea better (and she also because my techie for the weekend, with my iPhone issues *rolls eyes*) and it was nice to see Sonja and Tara, catching up with them and just living in the present, grateful for it all.

Blue Mountain at night

Blue Mountain village at night

Back to my phone debacle, Sunday rolls around and we wake up at 7 am and want to get moving as soon as possible because snow was forecast to come and we had one person from our party flying back out to Montreal later that evening.

Blue Mountain Blue Mountain

Our drive back home was pretty uneventful and I got my mom to meet up with me at the highway park-and-ride location and she ended up driving me back home with two very, very adorable and freshly groomed little boys.  🙂  The rest of the afternoon was spent moving furniture around our living room and cleaning, as well as once again talking to my service provider and waiting for Jeff to get back home from his weekend up north.  Jeff ended up getting me a new network card on his way home Sunday, trying that as a last resort and that didn’t work, so it was pretty clear at that point that this brand new iPhone 6 was a lemon.  Jeff got home around 6:30, maybe and we spent the rest of the evening catching up and watching some TV.  All the while, the boys caught up on their sleep from a busy weekend away at my mom’s.

Monday, Jeff and I called in to work and we were lazy for most of the day.  We did end up going to Costco and I went to Apple and explained that I was not leaving until we got my phone issue sorted out.  If this was last year, I would have been livid (think back to when my mother-in-law was very sick).  Having no means of communicating is refreshing, yes, but man did I ever feel disconnected.  I was given a brand new phone, my second in under a week and immediately, it worked.  Clearly, the other piece of shit was a lemon.  We spent most of the afternoon restoring and updating my phone, watching TV and snuggling with the dogs on the couch.  It was nice because it was really crappy and cold out.  WINTER IS HERE my friends and I’m not liking the bite in the air.  Being in a deep freeze for at least six months of the year SUCKS!

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  • Damn, Lindsay. That phone debacle sounds like a real pain. But I’m glad you had some good stuff to keep your mind off of it and got to enjoy being with your pals! The spa looks marvelous.

    Hey, we got the Baron Fig Raspberry Honey notebook. Thank you again! Tracey loves it, and is looking forward to using it.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  • San

    It sounds like you had such a nice weekend, unplugged mostly (ha!)… and I love that, but I don’t love the phone issues! I mean, I love my iPhone and I would be majorly pissed if I had to be without it for 4 days… but at least you got a replacement eventually.

  • Oh it was such a pain in the ass, Kevin. I had my work iPhone but I can’t use that as a personal phone, not for an entire weekend, so thankfully I had that but man alive, I hope I don’t have to deal with any further issues for a long time now.

    The weekend away was amazing and so worth it. I need/want to go back. I might suggest to my friend we go back in spring, too.

    So glad you received the notebook and SO SORRY it took me forever to send it. My apologies.

    Hope you’re having a great week my friend and that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving/long weekend. 🙂

  • It was a huge point of contention at first, then I realized it was out of my hands and there’s no sense in getting my feathers ruffled, stressed, for someone beyond me. I’m grateful I got another new phone – I gained some space after restoring mine and it’s not laggy anymore, which is awesome.

    Being unplugged whether by house or voluntary, was still nice. 🙂