2017 Royal Canin Dog Show

2017 Royal Canin Dog Show

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I often prefer animals over people and that couldn’t be any more true.  Attending the 2017 Royal Canin Dog Show was a definite must again this year, as we really, really enjoyed going last year and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in good company, surrounded by hundreds of my four-legged friends?  I can’t think of many other things that bring as much joy, but that’s just my opinion….  And you know that I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time, so that’s a great day in my books.

2017 Royal Canin Dog Show

We attended last year, and I’m glad we did, as I have something to compare to.  The one downside to this year’s show was that there was only ONE Bichon.  O N E.  See for comparison to last year:

show ring 2016 Royal Canin Dog Show
This year, there was no Bichon speciality judging like last year that drew dogs from the breed from all over Ontario and the U.S.  You see the lady above in the purple top, grooming the dog?  That lady is Heather and she’s a Bichon breeder and she runs the speciality judging as well as the Bichon Frise Club of Canada.  I emailed her earlier last week to ask her if she would be there and if we’d see her and she sadly said no but for good reason – she has a litter of puppies at home that need her attention.  So while that was a bit disappointing, I must say, I’m glad I went last year to see the 18-20 Bichons. 

It was still good to see the one male Bichon this year, though, I won’t discredit that.  Isn’t he handsome as ever?  *swoon*

Bichon Show dog

I love that his little pal, a black Standard Poodle, behind him is just chillin’, resting his head on his paper towel roll at his grooming station.  LOL.  My favorite is the big, round bouffante head and the tree trunk legs. I just love love love the show look of Bichons. 🙂

Most if not all of these show dogs are friendly and breeders will allow you to pet them, IF YOU ASK.  Some breeders prefer that you not pet them until after they’ve been in the judging ring because the oils on our hands and in our skin, it affects their hair and fur and all the grooming and styling they’ve had done.  Some will tell you to only pet them under the chin or sniff you, but most are happy you’ve taken interest and want to pet their dogs.  Of course, there are some breeders out there that seem like they’re not enjoying themselves or they’ve got their noses in the air, but that’s just a few people and we’ve not met many of them which is good. 

Next year I will be taking my DSLR.  I totally forgot to charge it and bring it with me, so all of the photos I took are from my iPhone 6. 

So without further ado, here are some of the dogs I saw last Saturday:

Dandie Dinmont Dandie Dinmont
Do any of you know this breed?  Most have never seen this breed in person but only in a dog show, like the Westminster Dog Show.  This is a Dandie Dinmont.
Sheepdog Sheepdog
This Olde English Sheepdog doesn’t even look real. LOL
Look at one from last year – isn’t she a pretty girl?  And look at all that hair 🙂
Old English Sheep Dog
Westhighland Terrier
This little Westie was THE cutest little guy. 🙂
Staffordshire Terrier Lhaso Apso
A Staffordshire Terrier on the left and a gorgeous little Lhaso Apso.  This little darling was 10 months old and so, so pretty.  Apparently she’s a rough and tough little thing, loves to run around and get dirty just like any other dog. 🙂
Kid in a crate
Wolfhound Bulldog with mom
A Wolfhound and a Bulldog my mom made friends with. 🙂
This Bulldog was the one above’s Daddy.  Just look at that face. <3
Vizsla Vizsla
These two Vizsla beauts were sisters — same mom and dad, but the baby was 4 months I think and her sister was 2.  🙂  Cute, eh?
A wee little Dachshund
Whippets  Golden Retrievers
Whippets and Golden Retrievers
Samoyeds Newfoundlander
Samoyeds and Newfs!
Manchester Terrier
Standard Poodle
I cannot tell you what Standard Poodle show dogs are like, they’re something else.
Caption this. LOL  Beautiful.  There are eyeballs somewhere in all that hair.  🙂
Standard Poodle
Patiently waiting. LOL
More Wolfhounds
Scottish Terrier
A baby Scottish Terrier, I think she was 8 months 🙂
Standard Poodle
A resting while Standard Poodle
Meanwhile, back at home….
Charlie Baxter
I didn’t take nearly as many photos this year so I’ll try to take more next year.  I tried enjoying the moment instead of being so much behind a camera snapping photos. 🙂
I hope you all enjoyed these dog show photos!