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A few months ago, our chill blogging group that goes by the name of Peaceful Posse launched a monthly link up called Mantras, Goals & Currently.  It’s pretty self-explanatory – share any mantras, goals and/or currently’s for the month.

For those that missed the details explained earlier this year, the link-up opens up the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days. So for this month, it opens up today (Monday, December 14) and it will close at midnight on Monday, December 18th. The link up for January opens up on Monday, January 1st – New Years Day.

Mantras, Goals & Currently

It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your posts. Do whatever works for you, how about that? 🙂

So here goes my update on my November Goals and then we’ll get crackin’ on December’s mantras, goals and currently.

Let’s take a look at what my Goals for the month of November were and their results:

  1. Meal plan more and look at more of what we have so we can eliminate possible waste. Let’s just go ahead and leave this one permanently on my goals, mmmkay?
  2. Read more.  I have definitely upped my reading game in the last month.
  3. Get organized and get started with my 2018 bullet journal.  I’ve cracked open my Leuchtturm journal and have made some good progress.  Must finish the collections and the weekly’s for January and February, then I’ll show you guys what I’ve done.  A few people have expressed interest, so stay tuned for that if you’re into bullet journaling or love planners.
  4. Get outdoors more. I tend to want to hibernate when the colder weather comes, so sometimes I have to force myself out a bit more.  Fail.  I tend to recoil in the colder months, but having said that, we’ve had some really mild days this month but I think winter will definitely rear its ugly head for good next month.


Mantras for December:

Monthly Mantras, Goals & CurrentlyMonthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

December Goals:

  • Look at the weeks of December and determine where we are (housesitting at my mom’s while she goes to Barbados (again!) for a week, holiday plans, etc.) so I can plan accordingly for our meals.
  • Try to be and stay as centered and calm as I can. Less stress is the goal for this upcoming holiday season.
  • Try to be as positive as possible. No matter what. Rise above.
  • Continue the reading kick and find a new author to delve into.
  • Get organized and get started with my 2018 bullet journal.
  • Get outdoors more. I tend to want to hibernate when the colder weather comes, so sometimes I have to force myself out a bit more.


Reading…Heather’s usual Surfing Sunday posts that I usually enjoy and Stuart Woods’ Barely Legal.

Playing… cards with Jeff.  Yep, still.  We’ve been playing a lot of Canasta in the last month.

Watching…Megan Leavey, Below Deck

Trying…to be more kind to myself and take things one day at a time.

Cooking… pulled pork and veggies.

Eating…nothing now, but Doritos lol

Drinking…Still drinking water like a mad man. Nothing changes. Lol

Calling…my mother.

Texting…Kelly and Tara.

Pinning… Christmas cookie exchange recipe ideas, inspirational quotes, packaging ideas.

Tweeting… animal conservation messages, animal pictures, inspirational posts. The usual.

Going… to the grocery store.

Loving… caramel butterscotch mocha lattes, shopping for gifts for others.

Hating… grouchy people. dangerous drivers. the cold.

Discovering… new recipes.

Thinking… about our day tomorrow.

Feeling… sore.

Hoping (for)… some results once I start seeing the osteopath this week.

Listening (to)… tv in the background.

Celebrating… the holiday spirit.

Smelling… Scentsy yumminess.

Thankful… for heat and hot water.

Considering… holiday plans.

Starting… a new book.

Finishing… my bullet journal.

– – – – –

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  • I love how you structured this post and may have to borrow next month. I feel like it’s “meatier” if that makes sense 😉

    You did really well last month and I love your list for December. I’m trying to infuse my life with less stress these days, too. It’s hard because the holiday season always comes st us with a fury but there are things we can do to eliminate at least some of the panic—like shopping early, yoga, deep breathing, saying yes to nights in when needed, and spending time with good girlfriends as often as possible.

    I’m a bit planner obsessed myself so would love to hear more about your bullet journaling! And also let me know if you ever need reading recommendations based on the genre you prefer 🙂

    Xoxo and hope you have a great week ahead, my dear friend.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I can’t wait to see your bullet journal. I want to do some sort of bullet journal next year – maybe just for the blog. Not sure yet. lol I’m with you on needing to get out more since it’s so difficult when it’s really cold. I know I’m supposed to do something outdoors this Saturday evening, so hopefully I won’t freeze!


  • Kim Munoz

    I love that you are pre planning your journal. I can’t wait to see it! Also Barbados, again! LOL . I kid, I bet she will be glad to escape the cold for a week! Menu planning is about the only thing I can ever stick to. I have commitment issues! hahaha! Love you babes! Hope you have an amazing week.

  • I’ve been thinking about trying a bullet journal. We’ll see! I love your mantras for the month and I need to take them to heart. I’m going to write them down. Good for you on reading more! I have not been doing that enough. I need to get us outdoors more too, I tend to want to hibernate in winter and as a result the kiddo kind of hates winter. So I need to show him it can be fun. Great list as always my sweet! XOXO

  • Good goals. Like you, I tend to hibernate to avoid the cold, but being outdoors is always refreshing. And keeping track of our goals makes them more likely to happen.

  • Corey Wheeland

    I’m trying to be less stress this holiday season, too, which means trying to be on top of all the shopping 🙂 I LOVE that first mantra!

  • I’m totally with you on the less stress for the holidays. It’s pretty hard for me, so I need to be really conscious of it. I have not been reading at all, so I need to get back into a good book. I’ve been getting better about drinking water…you inspire me!

  • I definitely need to force myself outside a bit more too. I was really into evening walks after work every day during the warmer months and I definitely miss that so I need to remind myself those can still happen as long as I bundle up, even if they aren’t as long.

  • I’d like to hear more about your bullet journal – they seem to be popular 🙂
    Great mantras and goals. I’m also trying to be more positive and more mindful.
    Hope you get good results later this week from the Osteopath
    Well done on the water 🙂

  • Hello my friend! I’m finally getting truly back into the blogging world (I’ve missed it). I love that you do a bullet journal and look forward to hearing how you do with it. I have a few clients who do them but I haven’t been able to . I also love your point of trying to stay positive!! That is so important.

  • Thanks momma. 😉 I’ve structured these posts in what I feel like makes most sense for flow, and I like how they’re a few posts blended into one.

    So I’ve really got to get my ducks in a row to get my Christmas shopping done. I refuse to be out in public shopping spaces after this week. I’ve got some baking to do too. Thankfully the little tree is up, which I’m grateful for. 🙂

    Another self care thingy I’ve got to look into more is adding back in a good healthy dose of yoga back into my weekly schedule. My body needs it. The osteopath appt last Thursday was AMAZING and absolutely what my body needed. I’m so glad I went. I have two more appointments between now and New Years and two more after. She’s my miracle worker. 🙂 🙂

    What planner are you loyal to? Or what do you like? I like the fancy ones but don’t want spend $60 + you know? I like happy planner but theyre too big and plastic-y if that makes sense? I’m open though… I’ll show my planner when I’m more done but happy with it so far. 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend babe. Love you. xoxo

  • I haven’t got all my ducks in a row to link up my bullet journal YET but I’ll definitely do a post soon. It’s coming along slowly but surely. 🙂
    Hope you had a great weekend hun!

  • Bullet journals are nice but they’re time consuming to do/plan out. Depends also on how creative you are, too. But it’s been fun planning/doodling and drawing it out. 🙂
    It got so cold (windy) and snowy over the weekend, I just want to find a fireplace to curl up in front of. It’s a pretty time of year, winter, but ugh, the struggle to get outside is real. Having a kiddo is good motivation to get outdoors and have some fun, though. 🙂 xoxo!

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love the fresh air in the winter but man, I do not like the cold. Lol!

    Hope you’re having a great December his far. 🙂

  • Thanks girl. Gah, I’ve got to get shopping done this week to avoid that last bit of rush. Yikes! Hope you’re fairing our better than I. Lol! 🙂

  • I think it’s pretty hard to be completely stress free during the holidays but being more mindful about it, I think, is half the battle. 🙂

  • Well that’s the thing, as long as you dress warm and for the weather, it’s not that bad. Being underdressed on the other hand is never a good time. 🙂

  • My osteopath initial went fantastic!! I’m blown away. I’m achey but I have zero pain. Zero! 🙂
    I was going to link up with Lauren for her planner link up re my bullet journal but I’m not ready to share it just yet, but I will most definitely. 🙂

  • Hey Sheryl! Welcome back girl. 😉 always nice to see you.
    I’ll let you know when I post about my bullet journal. Almost ready to share but not quite.
    I hope you’re doing well hun. Merry Christmas! 🙂 xo

  • Oh I have to plan it out or I’d be mucking up every single page. Lol!
    Yessss barbados! Matter of fact, my mom is there now and it’s snowy here. Looks like she had the great idea of leaving town at an appropriate time, eh? 🙂
    Love you momma. Hope you’re well and having a good month, albeit busy (!) so far. 🙂 xo

  • Hi, my sweet! how are you love, and how’s your week coming along? i’m trying to play catchup. i swear, the mountain of emails just keeps growing. Aww, would love to see Christmas tree photos! I am behind on gifts this year, too, and Bryan drives me nuts because he literally WAITS until the last minute EVERY YEAR! ugh. thank god for gift cards, lol.

    Aww good on you with the self-care! Glad to hear you found something that is helping so much <3

    anyway, i use the Simplified Planner (Emily Ley); have you heard of it? I really like it, but my only caveat is that there is a lot of wasted space… so it makes me think perhaps i don't really NEED all of this. I really loved the Start Planner and thought that was perfect for budgeting/finance, personal, career goals, etc.