Sentence a Day – November Edition 2

Sentence a day

Earlier in the spring, I stumbled upon Julie’s blog, Julie’s Touch of Style, through our Peaceful Posse Facebook group in one of the daily blog threads and I kind of fell in love with the idea of summarizing each day of the month with one or two sentences, hence the name A Sentence A Day. April’s Sentence a Day post is here if you’d like to read it, May’s is hereJune’s is here,July’s is hereAugust’s is here, here is September’s and lastly, here is October’s.

Leslie is kind enough to organize the link up and it opens up the first Thursday of each and every month. So if you feel like playing along for December, you’d better get started.

Sentence a day

The key thing you need to ask yourself is this: If someone asked you how your September was, what would you tell them? And so, this post idea was born.  I can’t keep things brief to a single sentence, so you’ll get a few, mmmkay?  Mmmmkay.

Let’s get started:

Wednesday, November 1 – Work was moderately busy and the weather was kind of crappy today.  I took the dogs to my mom’s after dinner (Mmmm, sheppard’s pie).  We later watched season 2 of Stranger Things.

Thursday, November 2 – I had physiotherapy after work tonight and then went to get the dogs afterwards.  We had enough sheppard’s pie to eat for leftovers, so we did just that.  It was cold and windy tonight and all I wanted to do was curl up in a blanket on the couch.


Friday, November 3 – We were going to head up north tonight, after work, but after I got home, we just decided to chill out and head up in the daylight tomorrow morning.

Saturday, November 4 – We slept in and ended up leaving to head up north around 11.  Oops.  We literally took our sweet time, enjoying the views and plus, it was rainy.  We decided not to go to the gun club (because of said rain) so instead, we played cards for the rest of the day and watched movies in the very cold house of Jeff’s Dad.  He’s away and has thermostat set to 45!  FOURTY-FREAKING FIVE!  You can see your breath people.

The scenic routeSunday, November 5 –  Wow, it’s been 31 years since my Dad died.  It’s insane how quickly the years creep up.  We slept in, again, and took our time getting out of bed and ended up leaving around 11:30 to meet up with someone, then afterwards, we decided to back road it all the way home and enjoy more of the pretty fall views.  We got home around 4 and the rest of the afternoon and evening was meal prepping, laundry and getting our $hit together for the week ahead.

Monday, November 6 – I’m really not enjoying that it gets dark so damn early in the evenings now.  Work was okay today, then afterwards I had some cupping and a massage, which felt AMAZING.  Dinner then chilled with the dogs at mom’s afterwards.  We’re staying at her house for a week while she’s down in Cuba.

Jeff and the dogs

Tuesday, November 7 – Another crazy busy day at work.  Work flew by though, thankfully, then I went home and took Charlie to hydrotherapy while Jeff stayed home and made us dinner.  We played Canasta but Jeff was tired and wanted to go to sleep a bit earlier.


The day after I had cupping

Wednesday, November 8 – It’s so cold and damp out tonight, I just want to crawl into my jammies and curl up in a ball.  I helped my aunt work out some kinks on her new cell phone and did laundry.  Fun times.

Thursday, November 9 – Charlie had his 23rd hydrotherapy appointment this evening and then we had panzerotti’s for dinner afterwards.  We later drove back home to load up the snow tires to get put on to the car tomorrow because it’s -11 and supposed to snow over night.  And snow it did.

Charlie Update - 4 months post-opFriday, November 10 – I had such an amazing birthday.  Flowers delivered to work (a first in 15 years!). and lots of kind words and wishes.  I even got the night off from pet sitting, too, so Jeff made me a nice chicken parmigiana for dinner.  A fantastic 34th birthday. 🙂

Birthday flowersSaturday, November 11 – This morning’s pet visits were a bit all over the place.  One house I went to had one dog in attack mode (but what do you expect when it’s a rescue and he’s not been previously introduced to you?), so I couldn’t get in there.  Then I was told one house was indefinitely cancelled because the dog had gone missing two days prior (so sad… and he was never found.  Poor Duke 🙁 ) and there were also a few other cancellations.  The day was decent, though.

catSunday, November 12 – I had eight pet visits today – not too bad.  Jeff was going to put winter tires on the car (as well as Friday) but the lock nut stripped and that quickly ended that.  The car will be going in to the dealership now to get tires put on, so much for trying to be efficient…  I spent the evening doing laundry and packing up our things to move home tomorrow night.

Vinny and MeMonday, November 13 – Nothing like an 8:30 a.m. meeting to kick off a good ol’ Monday.  LOL!  Charlie had his 25th hydrotherapy appointment tonight and Jeff stayed back home to make us dinner.  I packed the car up and we headed home around 9 and mom landed around 10.

Tuesday, November 14 – I had physiotherapy of my own tonight and had my psoas and hip flexors really, really worked on good.  I was given some core exercises to do that will no doubt leave me with a 72 pack in about 6 days. LOL!

Wednesday, November 15 – Pups got picked by my mom after her and I attended a doggy/happy hour event in the evening.

Yappy HourThursday, November 16 – Tonight was busy and I had to pack my bags for my girls weekend away up in Blue Mountain (Collingwood, Ontario).

Friday, November 17 – Girls weekend away!!!  Had a blast at a martini bar with Tara, Sonja and her sister, Andrea.  I’m so glad we booked this weekend away months ago; it’s gonna be a great weekend!

Charlie Baxter
Tara & I
Saturday, November 18 – Today we went to the spa and it was freaking awesome.  Afterwards, we browsed some shops and vegged until about 8, where we then went out for some fancy Italian dinner.  We ended up indulging in a $160 bottle of Veuve Clicquot and it was one of the best nights in a long, long time.

Magnone'sSunday, November 19 – Awoke at 7 with Tara but rolled out of bed around 7:30.  We were packed up and on the road by 9  — roads were crappy and Andrea was trying to catch an early flight home to Montreal.  I got home and my mom met me with the dogs, then I cleaned the rest of the afternoon and fiddled around with my dead iPhone to no avail.  Jeff got home around 6:30, we ate and then I did laundry and got a few groceries.  There’s the weekend!

Blue MountainMonday, November 20 – Mental health day!  🙂  Totally needed and deserved it.  I’m such a stress ball lately, so Jeff and I both stayed home from work.  We watched a bunch of tv, vegged and snuggled with the boys who were tired from mom’s.

Tuesday, November 21 – Another 8:30 a.m. meeting, that’s a rough start to the week given that I took yesterday off but I guess that’s payback. LOL.  No lunch break, no sweat-it-out-at-the-the-gym-time.  Sad Lindsay.  Charlie had his 27th hydrotherapy session tonight.  Jeff dropped us off, ran some errands with Baxter and then returned to pick Charlie and I up a half hour later.

Wednesday, November 22 – Work, then a belated birthday dinner with my mom and Jeff at a delicious local Mexican restaurant.  We left feeling like gluttons.  Mom picked up the boys afterwards for her usual Wednesday/Thursday escapades with them.

Thursday, November 23 – I had a crappy day at work… I really have to snap out of this funk that I’m in.  Mom picked up the boys after work and that was probably the highlight of my day.

Friday, November 24 – I had a presentation at work today (which went well) and then several meetings. I was so glad when the meetings were over and the day was done. Had a nice cat nap on the train coming home and then made dinner for Jeff and I at home later, which he made a key lime cheesecake for our friend’s mom’s surprise birthday/retirement party this Sunday.

Gym selfie

Saturday, November 25 – Today, we went to Royal Canin Dog Show (the same one we attended last year) and of course, it was so much fun! Afterwards, we went out for a late lunch with my mom then home to see the fluffs. Jeff made the second cheesecake he said he’d make for the party — so tempting having two cheesecakes in your fridge that you can’t touch. Lol!

Bichon Show dog

Sunday, November 26 – Today was the surprise birthday/retirement party for Pam and boy was it ever a surprise. The look on her face as she walked through the door was priceless. We spent the afternoon there then came home feeling very full (and fat!), did laundry, for prep for the week, etc etc.Monday, November 27 – Today was a heavy day and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and cry. Jeff and I had a huge argument and it just set a salty tone for the rest of the day.

surprise 65th birthday and retirement

Tuesday, November 28 – Second last big meeting until 2018, woohoo! Today was better than yesterday and that has to count for something, right? It feels like spring today – the sunshine is just beautiful!

Charlie post-recovery

Wednesday, November 29 – I finally made an appointment to see an osteopath that was recommended to me. I figure at this point I will try anything and if nothing else at all, it’ll just compliment the existing work I’m having done to rectify this wonky lower back/nerve pain in my leg. After work, we took the dogs over to moms and Jeff cut my step-dads hair.

Thursday, November 30 – I had a really good physiotherapy session after work again. My damn left hip keeps misaligning and I’m so uncomfortable. We picked up the dogs afterwards at mom’s and I made Sheppard’s pie for dinner. Mmm! 🙂

And that’s November for you, ladies and gentlemen. Another month gone, just like that and before we know it, it’ll be 2018!

I’ll be back next month to recap my December.

Have a great day my friends!



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  • Happiest of birthdays, and what a fabulous month!! Of course when you get to celebrate your birthday many times…it better be fun, right??
    I always struggle with the shorter daylight during this month and the next couple…..but the animals have to keep you happy!!

  • Thank you ever so much. I had a fabulous 34th birthday last month and you’re right, no better way to celebrate than many times over, I mean why the heck not?!

    We’re almost over the worst of it, then it’s all up hill from here. I just want to sleep all the time and get so confused when it’s only 6 pm but looks and feels like it’s 11 pm. Thank goodness for fluff love and cuddles. 😉

    Merry Christmas Jodie xo