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What's up, weekend?

Happy Friday and Welcome to the What’s up, Weekend? Friday Link Up!

Welcome to the Happy Friday link-up that Charlotte, from My Pixie Blog, Beth from The Beth Next Door and I host call, ‘What’s up, Weekend?’  It’s the last Friday of 2017!!!  I hope you have some fun things planned for NYE, whether that’s sitting in front of the TV, going out to a party or just relaxing in your own merry way!

For well over three years now, Fridays have always been (and always will be) a place where I reflect on the happy and grateful things in our lives, but more specifically from the last week. To expand upon that, this link-up is now open to any post that relates to happy things, happy lists, gratitude lists, faves of the week or it could also be your practice to greet the weekend with a bang/open arms. Whatever your choice is, have fun with it. But please remember that any links that are just simply “dumped” or if your blog post does not mesh with our theme, it will be deleted.

For me personally, sometimes all it takes are gentle reminders of things that have made me grateful or appreciative during the week. We live in a world full of conflict, disaster, chaos, poverty, famine, and tragedy – you name it. Reflecting on the positive, I personally find, makes me more mindful and appreciative of all things, big and small.

You can be having the worst of weeks but I somehow always manage to find things to be happy or grateful for. So I hope writing out your lists makes you happy, too!

What's up, Weekend?

**When adding your blog post link, please remember that this is not a link dump; if it is not an appropriate link, it will be deleted.**

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Grateful and Happy things of the Week:

  • Lola the Pitbull.  I saw her story on the Dodo and fell in love with her.  Check her out! 🙂
  • I had five days off and let me tell you it was G L O R I O U S!!!  Waking up without an alarm is something wonderful.
  • Making NYE plans with our friends Tara and Erik.
  • Celebrating Christmas with family.

Christmas 2017

  • Going to a charity event in honour of an acquaintance that passed away from cancer this year.  It was dog related and we won a ton of things in the raffle and we donated some to a charity in return, which I thought was a nice gesture in thanks for all that we got and have.
  • Winter sunsets and sunshine on freezing cold days!!  Holy smokes has it ever been cold here!!
  • Unplugging for days.  Do it, I recommend it.  🙂
  • Spending an afternoon up at our friend Dina’s new house.  We had dinner with her, watched a movie and the dogs ran around having fun together.  It was super nice to catch up with her.
  • Heat, warm clothes and hot water.  God damn, it has been cold here.  (I know I already said that.)
  • Winter solstice is past us, which means more sunlight is upon us going forward.  Yahooo!
  • Loafing around in my pyjamas with zero cares in the world.
  • Although it meant leaving the house (okay, it had to happen eventually), I got a massage and some cupping done last night and it was/is a perfect way to end the week.

My favourite quotes of 2017, courtesy of Steph when she attended a women’s conference back in October of this year:

“If you meet someone and they feel you are too much for them, they are right. You do not dim your light for someone else’s.” – Carla Harris


“The names you give people and things matter. Words are power.” – Shonda Rimes

What are YOU happy or grateful for this week?

I may be doing a few pet visits this weekend to help out so we shall see, otherwise we’re not up to too much other than heading over to our friends’ for new years eve and then having new years day dinner with my mom and step-dad.  It’s a three day weekend and that’s’ all I care about, let’s be honest here. LOL!

What about YOU? 

Have a safe and Happy New Years!  All the best for 2018! 🙂

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If you want to join an amazing group of supportive bloggers, look no further. It’s called The Peaceful Posse and its intended purpose is to be a safe and supportive place for bloggers to come hang out, share their posts, interact with others and much more. Come on over and join us! We’d love to have you. 🙂

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  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Glad you enjoyed your days off! I, also, unplugged for a couple days and it was glorious!

  • Nothing beats time off from work, relaxing and unplugging. Glad you got the chance for some of this honey.

  • I’m glad you had some unplugged time! I’m going to get some of that this weekend and I can’t wait! It has been crazy cold here too. I’m glad you have fun plans to look forward to for New Years. I’m so thankful for you my dear! Happy New Year! XOXO

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    I am so excited about our NYE plans too! I have had some unintentional unplugged time too and it’s been glorious. Glad you were able to celebrate Christmas with your family. Sounds like a great week!

  • Omg you are not kidding about the cold weather…I’m so over it already and I feel like you have it 1,000,000 times worse than we do right now!

    I love that you had cupping done! Have always wanted to try this. Oooh Lola the pitbull??!! I don’t think I know her but would love to see her story. You know about my love of pitties!

    Wishing you a very happy new year my sweet friend and hope you have a fabulous evening celebrating with friends!

  • TheEmiTimes

    I’m so glad that you had a great week. I am so looking forward to more sunlight! I’m also ready for warmer weather. Have a Happy New Year.

  • shootingstarsmag

    Yay for days off and a nice massage. I’m not sure what I’m doing for NYE, but I’m doing brunch on New Year’s Day so that should be nice…and then back to work for me. lol It’s been SO cold where I live too; lots of snow today too!


  • What a great week you had, Lindsay. I hope you’re having a terrific NYE, and that your 2018 is filled with joy, peace and all all good things!

  • Glad you enjoyed your days off and got to unplug – it is so important.
    Your tree looks amazing, glad you had a great Christmas.
    All the best for 2018!

  • San

    It sounds like you had a good holiday season (and I personally believe that the cold weather is part of a good holiday season :)).

  • I could’ve used this week off too … boy was it rough going back. 🙂

  • A few days here and there never fully lets you relax, I find, but ten days was great.
    We’re you able to take some time or work work work? What area of law do you practice? I’ve been working with lawyers for over 12 years now and it’s interesting work.

  • Hey girl, a week late but whatevs. I don’t like leaving comments unanswered. How are you feeling after being at work last week? Mine was tough and I had end of Q3 crap due so it was crunch time.
    I hope you’re keeping warm babe! It’s far colder this weekend than last!! xoxo!

  • And to you and yours, too, Emily. 🙂

  • Hey girl, I hope you had a good NYE whatever you ended up doing. 🙂

  • NYE was great with two friends and we drank and played cards. 🙂 Good times! I hope yours was great, too! Thank you my friend and to, Tracey and the fur kids.

  • Thanks babe. xoxo

  • Yes and no. -30 is just frigid! If you dress for it, though, it’s not nearly as bad. But skin exposed feels like reOr blades hitting it. Lol!

  • Thanks girl! I hope you had a great NYE Zane first week of January. 🙂

  • Girl it’s -25 tonight without the windchill!!! What in the actual fk?! Lol!

    I’ll try and find the link for Lola. I cried watching it. <3

    Stay warm sweetie xoxox!

  • GOOD.GOD. That’s friggin cold as balls. Hope you had a nice weekend and that you enjoyed all of your pet visits! I’m sure they were very glad to have you 🙂