Sentence a Day – December Edition 1

Sentence a Day

Sometime last spring, I stumbled upon Julie’s blog, Julie’s Touch of Style, through our Peaceful Posse Facebook group in one of the daily blog threads and I kind of fell in love with the idea of summarizing each day of the month with one or two sentences, hence the name A Sentence a Day. April’s Sentence a Day post is here if you’d like to read it, May’s is hereJune’s is here, July’s is hereAugust’s is here, here is September’s, here is October’s and here is November’s.

Leslie is kind enough to organize the link up and it opens up the first Thursday of each and every month. So if you feel like playing along for December, you’d better get started.

Sentence a Day

The key thing you need to ask yourself is this: If someone asked you how your December was, what would you tell them? And so, this post idea was born.  I can’t keep things brief to a single sentence, so you’ll get a few, mmmkay?  Mmmmkay.

Welcome to the very last Sentence a Day for 2017. Let’s get started:

Friday, December 1st:  Work was a half-day today because in the afternoon we had our annual employee meeting and festive gathering.  I met up with Jeff after work, we got pizza for dinner since I didn’t feel like cooking and we just vegged all night watching tv.

CHristmas party

Saturday, December 2nd:  Jeff was supposed to go to a gun show this morning but didn’t, so instead our friend Bruce came over in the afternoon after I did some cleaning.  Later on, Jeff and I drank.  Too fast, apparently, because then I proceeded to toss my cookies.  Good times.

Sunday, December 3rd:  We slept in this morning, but made it to meet up with our friends Tara and Erik at a local tree farm so they could pick their Christmas tree.  No real trees for us but I got a few ornaments and gifts from their cute shop.  Afterwards, we ran errands then spent the rest of the afternoon at home.

Christmas reindeer

Monday, December 4th:  I put up our Christmas tree after work as I got dinner going on the stove and lunches for the next day.  We then took the boys out for a long walk as it was unusually mild out for December.  Whatever, I’ll take it.

Tuesday, December 5th:  Work has been good (quiet) this week with my boss being in Costa Rica for the week.  Tonight, Charlie had his 31st hydrotherapy session while Jeff and Baxter ran a few errands before coming back to pick us up.

Charlie post-recovery

Wednesday, December 6th:  After dinner, per usual for our Wednesday nights, I took Charlie and Baxter over to my mom’s and I met the two whippets that she’s been looking after for the last week.  They are so adorable together! 🙂


Thursday, December 7th:  Today, I went to see an osteopath for the first time and OH MY GOD.  Magic.  I should have been skipping the physiotherapist and going to this woman all along.  I had such a great adjustment.  The boys aren’t coming home tonight, Mom is keeping them since we’re going over there tomorrow night.

Friday, December 8th:  Today I met up with a girl I used to work over 7 years ago, back at the law firm.  We went out for lunch at a local pub and the food was great but the service was terrible.

Saturday, December 9th:  The whippets at my mom’s went home this morning and we saw them off.  Mom got picked up to go to the airport at 6 am to fly out to Barbados for her 70th birthday.  Jeff went up north and I did pet visits throughout the day.  After dinner, I decorated our little Christmas tree and chatted on the phone with Jeff.

Golden Retriever

Christmas trees

Sunday, December 10th:  Today I had five pet visits (only) so I had time to run to Costco and get groceries.  I had some much time on my hands that I also ended up making some dog cookies for some dog lovers’ Christmas gifts.

homemade dog treats

Monday, December 11th:  Jeff woke up with a wrenched neck and back and I decided to work from home.  I did most of the day and then we went out and bought a mandolin that I’m not allowed to touch.  Now Jeff helps me make dog treats (because I will likely lop off my palm using it).

Tuesday, December 12th:  It was a crazy day at work but the last one until January.  I did a spinning class at the gym then went to my second osteopath appointment.  I had a huge improvement in alignment in a week since I’d last seen her (victory!).  My experience going to see an osteopath has been really amazing, I can hardly believe it.

Wednesday, December 13th:  Ahh, mid-week.  Today was much more manageable at work and I could actually breathe.  My ergonomic assessment was rescheduled at work so I went to a yoga class my osteopath was hosting at her clinic.

Thursday, December 14th:  Tonight, my pet sitting boss hosted a client and sitter appreciation night at a local brewery.  It was nice unwinding for an evening, chatting with other animal lovers and also indulging in steak poutine from a food truck.  I also enjoyed seeing Murphy.  🙂


Friday, December 15th:  Today is my department brunch my boss hosted and then in the afternoon, we went to a local comedy club to see a sketch and it was a lot of fun!  I met with Jeff after work and the rest of the evening, we cooked food and baked.

Saturday, December 16th:  This morning, I cleaned while Jeff ran to UPS and the library.  Later, we went to our friends for dinner, which was really yummy.  On our way home, we stopped to see some pretty Christmas light and Jeff made a cheesecake when we got home.  Mom is back from Barbados!

Sunday, December 17th:  We got the rest of our Christmas shopping wrapped up today, thank god.  I also did a ton of laundry and set some clothes aside for donation.

Monday, December 18th:  I spent entirely too long on the phone with customer service for two companies today, it was irritating.  Then later on, Jeff and I played tech support at my mom’s house.

Tuesday, December 19th:  Charlie had his 36th hydrotherapy session tonight and Jeff made dinner.  We then continued our binge-watching season 2 of El Chapo.

Charlie and Baxter

Wednesday, December 20th:  After work, we braved Costco for one last gift for Jeff’s Dad and surprisingly, wasn’t too bad.  Traffic, though, another story.  I took the boys over to my Mom’s around 9 and they were, of course, over the moon to see her.

Charlie and Baxter

Thursday, December 21st:  I feel like cooking dinner so we grabbed pizza and watched the end of season 2 of El Chapo.  After, I went to fetch the boys from my Mom’s house.

Friday, December 22nd:  Today is a half day at work.  At noon I went to the gym, showered and then went back to work to grab my stuff and go.  Let the holidays begin.  In the evening, we watched tv, wrapped gifts and ate shortbread. Yum!

Saturday, December 23rd:  Today we attended a charity fundraiser for a lady we knew that passed away from cancer in November.  As luck would have it, we won a ton of prizes and so to pay it forward, we donated many items for the local shelter.

Sunday, December 24th:  I went to the gym first thing for a spin class, then over to the mall to get some Bajan money for my step-dad.  Jeff baked some of his mother’s favourite recipes all afternoon and I took the dogs over to my mom’s for the night.

Monday, December 25th:  Merry Christmas!  We woke up and drove up to Jeff’s brother’s to spend the morning with his family and Jeff’s Dad.  Around 3, we left and headed back home and over to my mom’s for dinner.  We ate turkey, opened some gifts and went home exhausted.

Christmas 2017

Tuesday, December 26th:  Ah Boxing Day.  We did zero shopping on Boxing Day but I did a cat visit for a lady in our condo, though.  Late afternoon, we headed up to our friend Dina’s to see her new house and visit with her and the dogs.

Things I’m looking forward to

Bichon Frise

Miss Stella, one of Dina’s Bichon’s.  Isn’t she cute?

Wednesday, December 27th:  Jeff went back to work today and I read most of the morning with the pups cuddled on the couch beside me.  I also had time to watch some crap reality tv, napped twice and it was glorious.  Today was super cold, coming in at -17 Celsius!!

Thursday, December 28th:  My last day off- wahhhh!  It’s been so lovely not waking up to an alarm every single morning or putting on makeup.  I ended up getting a massage and some cupping in the evening, which was really nice and a great way to cap off vacation, no?

Charlie and Baxter

Friday, December 29th:  I didn’t feel like going into work at all, so I decided to work from home.  It was perfect because a snow storm was brewing outdoors and it was FREEZING.  Around 2, I called it quits and had a shower, read my book and then had a nap on the couch while I waited for Jeff to come home from visiting a friend in the city.

Saturday, December 30th:  Today we ran some errands and came home to veg afterwards, once we got that out of the way.  I read while Jeff played on his (new) PS4.  We had pasta for dinner and watched the UFC PPV.  It’s so cold tonight, -19 Celsius!!

Charlie & Mom

Sunday, December 31st:  I woke up early and ventured out into the -19.5 Celsius frigid weather to head to the gym.  Spin class was full so I just didn’t my own thing for an hour.  We loafed around much of the afternoon until I took the dogs over to my Mom’s house for the night.  When I returned home, Jeff and I headed up to see our friend’s Tara and Erik for the evening.  Happy New Year!!!

New Years 2017

And that’s December for you, ladies and gentlemen. Another month gone, just like that, it’s January 2018!

I’ll be back next month to recap my January.

Have a great day my friends!

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  • Sounds like a busy but great month you had!
    So glad that the Osteopath could help and you are feeling better.
    With the photos these posts always feel like a monthly catch up in minutes – it really is such a cool idea.