Three things – January Edition 8

Three things

Oh, January… Many find January a refreshing month of change, starting anew and setting goals and smashing them out of the park. I find January to be a hellish month. For many reasons. But of course, there is always good and in January, it’s about celebrating the birthdays of Jeff (January 31) and Baxter (January 15). While I’m feeling largely uncreative and uninspired lately, I thought I would steal borrow this fun idea from Jana (thanks girl!).  You can read some of my other three things posts here. here and here.  These kinds of posts are always fun and I also enjoy reading other people’s posts, too.  Let me know if you borrow the idea too so I can read yours, too!

Three things

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat

Pickles, horseradish, sushi.

Three foods I love and eat more of than I should

Salads, bacon, eggs.

Three things/chores I avoid until absolutely necessary

The mall, going to Costco (god I hate that place) and cleaning the toilet.

Three chores I always do

Laundry, clean the kitchen and cleaning the bathroom.

Three wardrobe staples

Yogawear, anything from RW & Co. and cute underwear.

Three things I don’t spend money on

Coffee, manicures or pedicures (I’ve had maybe two pedicures in my life and one manicure), anything in Bath & Body Works.

Three things I do spend money on

Fresh food (we rarely eat out), quality active wear that stands the test of time (and sweat) and makeup.

Three TV shows I frequently watch in reruns

That 70s Show (we just finished watching the entire series again), Family Guy & Futurama.

Three movies I love (that might surprise you)

I don’t know about surprising you, but I’ll tell you what I love:  The Breakfast Club, Stigmata & Fear.

Three genres I generally don’t read

Romance, fantasy, horror – I’m totally agreeing with Jana here.

Three things I’m looking forward to this year

Two weeks in Barbados in July, organizing and helping Jeff with the August provincial (shooting) match (Jeff’s Dad is out and no longer helping) and enjoying precious time with family and friends.  Time just passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

What about you?  What are you most looking forward to in 2018?