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Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

Last year, our chill blogging group that goes by the name of Peaceful Posse launched a monthly link up called Mantras, Goals & Currently.  It’s pretty self-explanatory – share any mantras, goals and/or currently’s for the month.

For those that missed the details explained earlier this year, the link-up opens up the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days. So for this month, it opens up today (Monday, February 5) and it will close at midnight on Monday, February 19.

Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your posts. Do whatever works for you, how about that? 🙂

So here goes my update on my January Goals and then we’ll get crackin’ on February’s mantras, goals and currently.

Let’s take a look at what my Goals for the month of January were and their results:

  • Do good things for, or to others, just because. This is something I try to live by, nor just something I practice monthly.
  • Start responding to blog comments and emails in a more more efficient and timely fashion. I’m trying to be better at this but it’s difficult with life and all. I hope for this next month I can get a better handle on that.
  • Incorporate yoga into my life as a staple. Find some classes and times that work for my schedule. My body needs it and both my body and body will thank me for it. Fail. I need to figure this one out, if for nothing else other than my own well-being.
  • Meal plan more efficiently and stick to it. Fail. I need to work on this for February HARD. We’re house sitting/dog sitting at my mom for three weeks, which means we schlep all of our crap over to her place, and meal planning will come in so much more handy over there. Well, anywhere for that matter.

Mantras for February

February mantra

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Delia (Thank you for this beautiful quote, Lecy.  This was my mantra for January and I’m going to leave that there for February as well.)

February Goals

  • Sit down with the calendar and plan out meals according to what we have. Beginning with today, February 5th.
  • Start and continue to manage comments and blog feed more efficiently than I have been.
  • Unsubscribe/unfollow websites and blogs that don’t spark interest or bring me joy.
  • Renew our passports!!



Reading…Heather’s usual Surfing Sunday posts that I usually enjoy and I’ve finished Stuart Woods’ new book and I’m looking for something else Currently.

Playing… Words with Friends and HQ trivia games with Jeff.

Watching... Shameless, Summer House, Mindhunter, The Killing, Helix, Family Guy re-runs.

Trying… to improve my work-life and my perspective.

Cooking… Nothing at the moment.


Drinking…Still drinking water like a mad man and I’m also double-fisting a coffee.

Calling… My mom to see what she’s up to.

Texting… My petsitting boss.

Pinning… inspirational/motivational quotes, cute outfits. Not much in the last month to be honest with you.

Tweeting… Blogger tags/follows

Going…to a few more pet visits shortly.

Loving… my new periwinkle Lululemon Scuba hoodie.

Hating… that the side streets are never plowed and it’s always a shitshow after it snows, even if it’s been predicted for days on end.

Discovering… my (new) limits at the gym and working within those constraints. It’s not so bad being more careful and mindful of what I’m doing.

Thinking… Barbados, five months from now.

Feeling… Tired but good.

Hoping (for)… for a nice bonus this spring.

Listening (to)… Family Guy playing in the background.

Celebrating we just finished celebrating Jeff’s birthday last week.

Smelling… coffee.

Thankful…for snow tires.

Considering… having a shower just to warm up.

Starting… laundry.

Finishing… my bullet journal, almost there!! :). yep, still haven’t fully finished it.

– – – – –

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