TBB Asks – February: All About Love

TBB Asks – February – All About Love

I’m a little late to the punch, but what else is new, eh?  I’m here and that’s all that counts.  It’s the Popular Link-Up Series…TBB ASKS. February has lots of LOVE swirling around so this month’s theme is, of course, ALL THE THINGS LOVE. Join The Blended Blog and read everyone’s fun answers. Make sure to show all these linkers some serious love and see how they showed their February Fun.


1. Kisses or hugs?

I love both.

2. Candy or flowers?

Flowers. I’m not a huge candy addict.

3. Baking or cooking?

I’m definitely better at cooking than baking. Jeff is the better baker of the two of us.

4. Do you remember your first kiss?

With Jeff or first kiss ever? lol

My very first kiss was with Sean I think. And with Jeff, I was 18 and we had just met, maybe the day before. See, I maintain that he ignored me the first day I met him, then after that, he just couldn’t shake me to save his life. Lol, jk! I remember I was so, so smitten with him that first weekend we met. <3

5. Favorite color of roses?

Any color, really. But I love the ones where the edges are different colors, usually peaches and pinks.

6. Conversation hearts?

I guess so? Again, I’m not a huge candy person. And these things are so chalky, don’t you think? Just me?

7. Do you leave love notes?

I do occasionally and Jeff doesn’t usually, although any occasion where I get a card from him, I keep those and cherish them because they are just the sweetest notes. <3

8. Do you decorate for Valentines Day?

Not usually. We are also at my moms house til February 28th so I definitely won’t be decorating here.

9. Red or pink?

I like both, but depends what for and that’ll depend how I answer. Clothing? Neither. Lol!

10. Milk, white or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate.

11. Do you believe in love at first sigh?

Lust at first sight, yes. Love, no. I believe you can have feelings but to say right off the bat meeting someone for the first time, no. But that’s just my opinion.

12. Do you give humorous or serious Valentine’s Day cards?

I personally like both. Some are sweet and thoughtful, others are funny and raunchy. lol

13. Favorite chick flick or romantic movie?

Bridesmaids. But I really should get around to watching The Notebook. I’ve never seen it, shocking, I know.

14. Stay in or go out?

I’m such a homebody, but I do enjoy going out occasionally.


What about you?  Tomorrow is the usual What’s up, Friday link up and I didn’t get a chance to share my February pet sitting adventures so I’ll be back on Saturday to do that.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 xo!