Our 7-day Paddling and Camping Adventures 25

Wow, what a camping adventure we had in late June and I’m just now getting around to recapping it.  Let me first start off my saying that we were completely off the grid, away from our cell phones and unreachable for a whole S E V E N days in late June and it was glorious.  Leading up to the trip, I was getting anxious because that meant I couldn’t check my personal iPhone, nor could I check my work iPhone and frankly, the volume of emails I was going to face coming out of our camping trip was enough to […]

Camping adventures

Jungle Cat World

Jungle Cat World 14

I had heard of Jungle Cat World many of times over the years, but I’d never visited the place before, much less knew even where it was located.  I had mistakenly thought it was up in Bowmanville and connected to the Bowmanville zoo owner who was caught on video a couple of years ago by Peta for whipping/”training” one of his big cats.  I was wrong, Jungle Cat World is not at all affiliated to this man or any cruelty and that was enough for me to seal the deal to head out for a visit. On the Friday of […]

Back to the Real World

All good things must come to an end……… And so it goes, I’m back from beautiful Barbados, sunburn and all and of course, a TON more freckles, which, as a ginger, is to be expected.  I had a really great time down south, I basically did a lot of relaxing by the pool, walking on the beach, some dips in the ocean (it was windy and quite rough most of the time there), I adopted a family of kitties (one Momma, her four kittens and what we think was the father) that we fed daily.. they were just way too cute.  We went […]