Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday 26

Happy Wednesday Friends! This weekly link up from the Blog Paws community is one of my favorite days of the week.  Winter has hit us really hard in the last week or so, and particularly in the last couple of days.  It’s cold, there’s a lot of snow and the roads are a mess.  BUT, one positive thing about the winter and snowfall is that our boys just LOVE the snow.  In fact, they’ll actually put their head down and plow snow with their heads.  I have a hard time getting them to come in because they love it so much […]


Charlie's Post-Op Recovery

Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery – Day 16 11

Today we are now 16 days post-op for Charlie and he’s doing fabulous.  He honestly feels like he could probably run a marathon, I’m sure (my opinion as a crazy pet-parent).  He’s got spunk and this renewed energy.  But, so far he’s listening to his limits i.e. Mommy yelling.  He now has his stitches out (yesterday) and he’s very happy about that.  He spent one more night in the cone and this morning, he is cone-FREE.  Pet parents reading know that this is such a triumphant moment.  Cone-wearing is always such a shitty thing, for both the dog and the […]

Picture Post 4

So maybe I should have forewarned you all that I tend to post a shit-ton of pictures.  And now that you’ve been warned, here are some pictures from the last 24 hours. Today’s plans involve doing a couple of visits to see Holly, the nervous/timid girl that I looked after last weekend.  Her pet parents are coming home late tonight and my boss didn’t want a new person going in this weekend and potentially making her nervous again.  She’s come leaps and bounds this week and she’s actually excited and happy when you walk through the door and she recognizes […]

Bichon Frise

Tuesday’s musings…..

My weekend was pretty chill, quiet because Jeff wasn’t around, he was up north doing his monthly thang with his brother and father.  I spent Friday night doing grocery shopping and not much else other than watching the boob tube.  Saturday morning I biked over to my mom’s house to visit Toby, the Pomeranian that she’s looking after (the one that I’ve cared for previously, visiting him at his house though) and then I also previously wrote that my mom was also looking after a crazy cute dachshund.  Cuteness overload at her house. I stayed for over an hour, then […]

Tuesday Musings…

You know what really chaps my ass and SO many women do it.  People that are obviously slim that say they’re fat.  Um you’re smaller than me, what the fuck am I then?  I must be obese, if that’s the case.  And that my friends is how you get a complex.  People like this individual I’ve described above that have “made” women insecure.  This same person likes drama and also like to make mountains out of mole hills for no reason in particular.  I seriously, seriously think if we showed a little more compassion, love and understanding of people, we […]