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 Today I bring to you my follow up post to signing up with the Bigs and Littles Link Up, hosted by the lovely Christine over at The So-Called Homemaker and Chelsee over at Southern Beauty Guide So What is Bigs & Littles? (description obtained from this post) This is a partnering of bloggers to teach, to learn and to grow that lasts two months. In the Bigs & Littles Blogging Network big & little bloggers are matched together. Each of us regardless of size or experience has something we can give back to others. Throughout this program you will have the ability to […]

Bigs & Littles

Something Old, Something New

Follow Up – Something Old & Something New Blogger Swap with Fashionista’s Travel 9

A few of weeks ago, my friend and fellow blogger Lindsay over at Fashionista’s Travel created this cool Blogger Swap/Link Up called Something Old, Something New.  It sounded like a great way to meet some new people and cool little idea to exchange a couple of items with someone. The person that ended up having me as their selection was Cindy and what a variety of things she blogs about but one thing that I think it definitely unique and unlike I’ve seen anywhere else in this bloglandia is that she does sews like a boss but she’s also doing this thing […]

Something Old & Something New – Blogger Swap with Fashionista’s Travel 3

I feel so discombobulated this morning because I forgot my iPhone at home this morning.  Oh the horror, right ladies?!   It’s that wonderful day of the week that most of us dread, yes Monday. *groan* Today we’re going to do something a bit different. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something Old & Something New Blogger Swap   Lindsay (no, not me) over at Fashionistas Travel has come up with this neat blogger link up. In a nutshell, the idea is that you exchange a gently used/item you already have at your home and something new.  It could be a bottle of wine you had lying around, […]

Transitioning from Blogger to My Own Domain & WordPress 2

So just a little over two weeks ago, I moved from Blogger, spread my wings and created my very own space at my own domain I had started an account with Blogger YEARS ago, as in over a decade ago.  Initially I created a private space for Jeff and I to communicate when we first started dating and he was on rotating shifts and I saw him largely on the weekend and talked on the phone for hours during the week.  From there, I made my own blog, a public space and it was kind of a lot of […]

So our anniversary has come and gone and a nice one it was indeed. We went out for steak that night and then came home afterwards.  Twas a good night.  Jeff liked the 4 leaf clover. 🙂 So I’m going to get some ink on my wrist tonight!! WOO, I’m excited about that. Not much exciting going on.  This weekend was pretty uneventful, didn’t do much on Saturday, cleaned, errands, etc. Alex came down Saturday afternoon.  Stayed til Sunday. We went to Ikea yesterday and I bought candles and nothing really substantial Short blog, busy. Bye!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had a third session with the massage therapist today and my shoulder/arm/wrist is starting to feel better.  The two knots in my shoulder and shoulder blade are pretty big though, those are going to take some time, exercise and better posture.  I used to do modeling and dance and I know posture is everything but dammit it feels good to slack.  Just have to tell my back muscles to supercede the pectoral muscles that always want to win and thus the slump forward, bad posture. Oh well.  See, I write this blog because often I like to write down my […]