Change and Growth 14

There are going to be some changes around these parts, particularly with the Friday posts.  I’m not exactly sure what changes will be happening so stay tuned.  I just know that there is a shake up but things will stay largely the same.  I’ll still have the link up and some sort of variation of this Happy/gratitude list but just revamped. The reason for the change:  Sometimes you just need to walk away from friendships that don’t serve you any longer.  It doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed or I hate the person, not at all.  I just simply value myself […]

embracing change

Going Vegetarian and other things

I’ve been unintentionally putting it off but I think once the New Year hits, I’m going vegetarian.  I want to.  I need to. It’s going to happen.  I’ve seen too much, read too much… all of which can’t be undone or rather, I can’t plead ignorance like so many billion people do.  I know that animals are sensitive BEINGS and I don’t care if you disagree with that statement or not, it is my opinion and mine alone.  You can’t tell me that animals don’t feel.  Look at mother cows that have their calves taken away, same with horse… They […]

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, hello again. It’s been awhile since I wrote. Left my old job approximately 3-4 wks ago, then had a week off in between and then started at my new place last Monday.  It’s so much different than what I’ve been used to for the last almost 5 years. It’s a refreshing change and I feel like I’m actually using my brain again.  I could certainly get used to this. 🙂 Yesterday we did our boat tour of the harbour with the TPS marine unit and holy shit that was so much fun. A 600 hp oversized zodiak.  It was […]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So some new changes will be occuring on Monday….a bit of mixed emotion but I know it’s the right thing to do, even if it’s shitty at first.  Must look out for myself as no one else will, ya know? Alex came down for the weekend.  Also have British relatives staying at my mom’s.  Went out for dinner with all them last night at an English pub.. Was a good time. Also, another positive note, EVERYTHING is booked for Europe shy of the Thalys train tickets from Paris to Amsterdam via Brussels, but that’s only because their bookings are only […]