Charlie turns 10! 5   Recently updated !

Our little man Charlie turns 10 years old today! You are such a sweet, funny, feisty and charismatic boy, Charlie and you bring us so much joy.  One of your best qualities is that you have this insatiable ability to win absolutely anyone over and make them fall in love with you.  You just love people in general and your zest for life shines through for all those that are blessed to meet you. So without further ado, we hope you have the happiest of birthdays, my boy — we hope you have a hundred more of them so that […]

kitty in a sun beam


One year ago: Charlie’s Cranial Cruciate Repair 6

Exactly one year ago today, Charlie was heading into surgery for his left hind cranial cruciate to be repaired (fancy word for knee, basically) and just for fun, they planed down his meniscus a bit as it was partially torn.  If you’d like to read about his journey and healing process, click here.  I went into the surgery that apprehensive, worried and very nervous, thinking that it was going to be a rough, rough road ahead of us but in the end it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. For the first few days, my mom took him into her home […]

Motivational Monday  6

Well if this doesn’t make you want to turn around and go back to bed, I don’t know what will.   Charlie had no plans for his Monday. 😉 This is the polar opposite of motivation. Lol I’ll be back tomorrow for the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop that I’m cohosting, and I will also be posting my pet sitting adventures from the weekend, too.  Work got a little nuts today and the day ran away from me.  Happy Monday! Xo

Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery & Hydrotherapy AND Weekend Recap 9

Hello, Friends!  I literally can’t believe that today marks fourteen weeks (or just over 3 months) post-op with regards to Charlie and having had surgery on June 22, 2015 for a cranial cruciate tear, as well as a meniscus tear (also known as or called an ACL/CCL tear). If you missed reading about Charlie’s Post-Op Recovery, you can to read about