Christmas cards

Christmas Cards – that is the question 8

I’m trying to get my shit together so that I can get Christmas cards out this year but hello, it’s November 28th and I’m still sitting here. Where did November go?!? I got the boys groomed a week and a half ago so I’ve got to brush them up real good and pose them together all cute-like, or at least that’s my plan.  If I’ve got nothing by December 5th, I’ll just throw in the towel and say better luck next time. Are you sending out cards? Or have you already? So instead of commiserating, here’s a couple of photos […]

Black Friday

K here’s a nagging question that has always baffled me.  Why does it seem that for Thanksgiving, most Americans have the bulk of the week off?  I feel like us Canadians get the short end of the stick.  No but, for reals, yo.  Our Thanksgiving, we get the Monday off, that’s it.  I can’t tell you how nice it’d be to also have the Friday off, too.  Or November 11th, freaking Remembrance Day.  I’d love to have that day off to pay my respects for my grandfather that was in the war but oh no, I’ve got to work on […]

Confession Tuesday:

So we almost died last night!  We stayed home yesterday because the power had gone out on Sunday night, leaving me with 4 loads of laundry I was just about to shove into the driver.  Then Monday morning, minutes after the hydro coming back on, our fire alarm goes off.  And then not long after that, we lose our hot water until 9:30 PM last night.  Was just not a good day.  Can I just say that it felt SO nice to have a hot shower last night?  Jeff and I both feel dirty! And then last night, I just […]