Barbados 2016 Part 3 – Scuba Diving Week 25

Barbados.  A slice of Heaven on earth … If you’re just joining me, I published the first part of my Barbados 2016 series here and the second part here.  This third part in the series covers days 6 through 11 where we did most of our scuba diving. I mentioned previously that on day 3, we only did the one dive.  It really wasn’t until the following week did we actually get into the diving.  Beginning on Monday, July 11th, we did 10 dives during the course of the week, bringing the total amount of dives to 11 in just six days, with approximately 10 hours of […]

Still in Barbados  15

And enjoying every second. It has been an incredible 11 hours of diving we’ve done in the last week. I feel so full and truly blessed.  Barbados is and always be my favorite island. The people, the landscape, the climate, the diving, it’s all wonderful. I will be back later next week, so until then… Be safe and well my friends. Xo