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Pet Sitting Adventures – May Edition 14

Pet Sitting Adventures – May Edition Hello my friends and welcome.   This past weekend I worked and I was very much looking forward to it as it felt like AGES had passed since I last worked (only 4 weekends ago).  Also, I was feeling a bit down and stressed leading up to the weekend, so I was welcoming the thought of spending my weekend with dogs and cats that I could pet and love on to my heart was content.  It was a busy and fulsome weekend and it finally feels like we’re  So let’s get to it! So here’s the […]

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Pet Strollers and Why They May Benefit You & Your Dog One Day – Features to look for 6

If you had asked me prior to 2015 if I ever thought of pet strollers, flat out I would’ve told you ‘No’.  It wasn’t until Charlie was diagnosed with the torn CCL last year that I ever contemplated any other ways for him/us to help him get around and continue to be active and mobile. In the beginning, I didn’t know our future and that in itself was scary. Was the surgery going to be successful? Would Charlie have to be carried everywhere going forward? Because if yes was the answer, we were 100% on board.  We would’ve done anything […]

My Weekend Adventures in Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 10

 Welcome to my ‘Weekend Adventures in Pet Sitting & Dog Walking’! Hello my friends!  How are you?  Did you have a nice weekend?  I did, although it was crazy busy and insanely hot and humid, but I managed just fine in the end, I was just exhausted that is all.  This weekend was gearing up to be a busy one from the get-go, where I was already waving a flag at the beginning of the week to ask for some help as there were just too many visits booked, not enough hands and time to make it to all with just myself working.  […]

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Weekend Adventures in PetSitting/Dog Walking (New Monthly Series) 8

WARNING: Picture Heavy Post. (Okay, it’s not that bad – I’ve had heavier posts.) As mentioned, this past weekend was my scheduled weekend to pet sit/dog walk.  I work for a company that has been in existence for the 15 years.  The owner, that I’m proud to call my friend as well, has built the business up from the ground, with many blood, sweat and tears along the way.  I’ve been working for her 3 years this May and it is the most fun and best job I’ve ever had.  It isn’t even considered a job in my books.  It’s a […]

Changes, Recap & More 6

As many of you noticed, I’ve migrated my Blogger blog to my own domain and I’ve been learning the ropes of WordPress for the last 4-5 days.  To say it has been confusing and frustrating trying to learn something that I thought would be straight-forward was a serious understatement.  To the point of tears.  Yes, tears.  When I get frustrated, I cry.  I did as Jeff suggested, though, downloaded the Dummy Book for WordPress and I’ve been reading that through, which has been extremely helpful.  I find design/HTML/CSS to be a foreign language… I totally understand why people throw in […]

Easter Long Weekend!

I had a friend come down for a visit on Thursday night, which was nice. Friday morning we went up White Feather and Heronview. Of course the highlight of the road trip was seeing all of Lori’s, her beloved four Leonbergers… Below is Kramer, 185 lbs of fur and love :).  The second Leo is Emma getting in on some of the love. She’s one of his daughter’s I believe.    Later Friday night we went to my moms for Easter dinner, which was delish! Kelly stayed for dinner then headed back home to the ‘Shwa.    Saturday morning I went […]