fall colours

The scenic route

The Scenic Route 4

Today we decided to take the scenic route on our drive I on northbound to a Jeff’s dad’s place.     — NanoPoblano Peeps this month are: Ra @ Rarasaur Julie @ Bug Bytes Bill @ Bill Friday Elsie @ Ramblings of a writer Jessie @ Behind the Willows Anita Shree @ Heartsongs blog Sarina @ Shining Seeds Blog Lori @ LoriStory Blog Kasturika @ Musings of an eccentric mind Lorna @ Gin & Lemonade Blog Angie @ The Muses Words Varuna @ Vanilla With Sprinkles Ghost @ Teleportingweena Sibelius Russell @ Consolations Many Form Blog Sarah @ Mother of […]

The Autumn Tag 3

The Autumn Tag is a blogger tag that embodies all things autumn related. There is no better way to get into the vibe of the season. The tag was created by Becca at Becxblogs based on a blog post by Naomi at roomtoglow.co.uk and Simply_Kenna’s YouTube video. Special shout outs to Britt over at Alternatively Speaking for tagging me! Her blog is amazing, informative and fun AND she’s a pretty cool chick in general! If you’d like to see her answers to the tag questions, yoru can check out her blog post here. I’m not a huge fan of autumn […]


Changing of Seasons

Weekend Recap 22

Holy moses, it’s Wednesday and I’m just getting to all my pretty fall pictures that I took over the (long) Thanksgiving Weekend.  Colors from where we live versus three hours north, where Jeff’s parents live, are like night and day.  Down where we live, you still see lots of greens and the leaves are just starting to turn.  Up north, they’ve almost all already turned and all of the colors now are burnt reds, yellows and oranges and with little green in sight.  It was quite pretty up north, and COLD, too.  It was actually O° Celsius on Friday night!! […]

My weekend up north (tons of pics!)

To recap the weekend, I booked Friday off from work weeks ago when Jeff asked me if I wanted to come up to his parents house the weekend of the shooting competition but his brother this time was going to bring his sorta-kinda-not really girlfriend or lady friend.  We were going to leave on Thursday night, having sorta packed on Wednesday night and then the last of it on Thursday after we got home from work.  But the night flew by and by the time we were in the car and ready to go, the weather took a turn and […]