Question of Three’s 6

Questions of Three’s  I was perusing some of my old posts back from when I was hanging out over at Blogger or Blogspot ages ago and came across this gem of Questions of Three’s that I just had to update and re-visit.  I’ve now been blogging for six and a half months over in this pretty little new space and I really have to go back and clean up some old posts.  But, as you know, I’m always remarking about time and not enough of it, so I suppose I’ll get around to it at some point… Anyways, if you […]


Paleo Tuesday

Paleo Tuesday 28

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now into July and it’s been one month since I last posted anything regarding our paleo life.  All of this means that we are now sixteen weeks into this Paleo dietary change.  FOUR months, that seems so wild to say, I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…

Paleo Tuesday 8

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now already a week into June and half way through the year.  That means we are now twelve weeks into this Paleo dietary change. I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…


paleo muffins

Paleo Tuesday 16

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! How is it that It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  God, the weeks and months are just flying by.  We are now ten weeks into this Paleo dietary change and not much changed since my last update.  Part of me wonders if I should forego this bi-weekly post and only post when I come up with new recipes, or I try new recipes or something has changed.  Not entirely sure where I want this to go but I feel a bit repetitive.  The fact of the matter is, not much of the content of this “diet” changes from day to day but that’s […]

Mother’s Day Weekend & Alpaca Sheering 35

What a wonderful mother’s day weekend this past has been.  The weather here on Saturday is 32 ° Celsius. In MAY!!  Not going to complain but the weather sure has taken a bizarre turn in the last year.  It’s not usually this warm, this quick.  But I’ll take it.  We all bitch that it’s too damn cold in the winter and this past winter was no different – it was cold and we got lots of snow.  So it’s time to savor the weather and enjoy it because soon enough will once again rear its’ ugly head. Friday night, Jeff […]

alpaca sheering

What…? 4

What I loved about the past week: That we’re finally back at our place (just over one week now).  I realise that although I love the space at my mom’s house, home is less than 800 sq/ft and for now, that’s fine by me. What I’m looking forward to: The weekend.  Although I’m working and I’ll be in and out of the house all weekend going to and from pet visits, weekends are always awesome. 🙂 What I’m nervous about: Nothing at the moment. What I’ve been daydreaming about Warmer weather and summer-time.  I really want to go interior camping this […]

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