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Happiness Boutique (and discount code!) 2

For the past six months to a year, I’ve been eyeing so many beautiful pieces of jewelry, whether it be in quaint little shops online or mortar and brick shops that I stumble upon in my daily adventures, my eyes are now always on the lookout for simple, unique and understated pieces.  Whatever it is, I’m slowly building a nice little collection of pretty pieces that inspire or leave me feeling beautiful and like I can conquer the world.  Enter Happiness Boutique. I’ve been slowly curating a small collection of pieces these last 6-8 months and since we all know […]

Happiness Boutique

Christmas is 75 days away 11

Like many of you, I`m beginning to turn my attention to the impending holiday season.  Not only is Christmas right around the corner but it also is a busy birthday season for me these next 4-5 months.  As such, I couldn’t have picked a better time to share with you some of my unique finds from Uncommon Goods that I just have to share with all of you.