5 Things I Need to Work On This Year (and maybe you do, too!) 9

Like most anything in life, all of things apply this year, last year and future years. These are things I need to practice daily.  Counting my blessings. Whether it be gratitude or something as simple as expressing to Jeff how much he means to me, those all count for something. Patience. Pretty self-explanatory. My reactions.  How I react and my immediate response to things needs some serious work and always has. Often times, my facial expressions and body language don’t match, so I can be confusing to some (read: jeff). For example, I could be totally joking about something but […]

Paleo Tuesday

Paleo Tuesday 10

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! First, lets get down to brass tax.  A change of plans for this series… This will be the last bi-weekly Paleo Tuesday post I`ll be doing.  I`m going to start doing the Paleo Tuesday posts monthly now, since much of it is repetition by now, seeing on how we`re almost 5 months into it.  The next Paleo Tuesday update will be on Tuesday, August 18th. How much money we’ve spent on Groceries in July thus far: We are about on par with where we should be in terms of spending.  I’d say it’ll end up looking like June […]

Paleo Tuesday 28

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  We are now into July and it’s been one month since I last posted anything regarding our paleo life.  All of this means that we are now sixteen weeks into this Paleo dietary change.  FOUR months, that seems so wild to say, I will try to keep this as brief as possible and not too wordy. So, let’s get to some of the updates…

Paleo Tuesday

paleo muffins

Paleo Tuesday 16

  It’s Paleo Tuesday!! How is it that It’s Paleo Tuesday again??!!  God, the weeks and months are just flying by.  We are now ten weeks into this Paleo dietary change and not much changed since my last update.  Part of me wonders if I should forego this bi-weekly post and only post when I come up with new recipes, or I try new recipes or something has changed.  Not entirely sure where I want this to go but I feel a bit repetitive.  The fact of the matter is, not much of the content of this “diet” changes from day to day but that’s […]

Three Things … 4

Inspired by Sunday Stealing’s Threes Meme I love these little lists – it’s always a good way to get to know someone a bit better. 1. Three things that scare me:  Spiders, dying young and myself. 2. Three people who make me laugh:  Jeff, My Mom and Tara. 3. Three things I love:  Jeff, my dogs and animals in general.  4. Three things I hate:  People that complain about something or their life, yet do nothing to fix it or improve themselves. People that have zero spatial recognition or don’t have a clue what’s going on around them.  People that use me or need me when it’s […]

Ten Things That Made Me Happy This Week – March 6, 2015 3

Friday’s from now on, I think I’m going to follow Krysten’s foot steps and blog about what made me happy during the last week.  I think it’s a great way to end the (work) week (for me, at least) and continue on into the Weekend on a good note.   10 Things that Made me Happy this Week. 1. Jeff.  On Saturday, I came home and he had vacuumed and put away all of the dishes. It’s the little things, people. 2. House of Cards.  Need I say more? 3. Milder temperatures.  One day it was actually + 1° Celsius.  I think I can maybe see […]