life lately

Life lately in pictures  10

Do you ever feel like the days are getting away on you or you just can’t keep up?  That’s how I’m feeling lately.  Moments are fleeting and time is just whirling away on me… So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to post a life update in pictures today for good measure. Oh and if you want a nice visual (and a laugh), yesterday I was carrying a bowl back from the kitchen for a colleague and in the bowl were stuffed bell peppers.  With red sauce.  Can you guess where this is heading?  I spilled the bowl ALLLLLLLL down the front of […]

Life lately

Life lately

Life Lately 10

How are y’all doing? I’ve been quiet around these parts lately because I’ve been busy at work during the day time and at night, I’m trying to spend much of my time with Jeff and being present.  The evenings are always so short and on a daily basis, I’m always wishing I had an extra couple of hours. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Of course, I’m sure, an extra couple of hours a day would never be enough and I’m sure I’d always be wanting more.  That or I need to figure out how to function on a couple of hours […]

Life Lately 4

Did you all enjoy the lovely three-day long weekend?  I sure did!  If I could seriously figure out how to get my organization to work longer hours so we could work a four-day work week and have three-day long weekends, I’d be all over that.  Nevertheless, I’m back to work and happy that it is a short work week, even moreso than usual as I am not working this Friday so it’s an extra short work-week.  Yahooo! We had AMAZING weather all weekend long, with temperatures soaring into the double digits AND alllllllllllll of the snow was melting, which made for […]

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Life Lately Around These Parts 4

Are we sick of the fall photos yet?  Good, cause they’re getting posted regardless so if you’re sick of all things fall, discontinue reading pronto.  I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend and I’ve still not posted anything about the weekend.  Not that there was much going on but I did have some pet visits, thirteen to be exact and one of them was an overnight visit with an adorable 11 year old jack Russell Terrier named Cooper.  I didn’t celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving per se because one, my parents only just got back from the Dominican Republic last night […]

May 2-4 Long Weekend 11

Victoria Day Long Weekend I’ve been tardy with posts lately and truthfully I think it’s because I got s bit worn out from the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. I’m sure that and just being exhausted with life and constantly on the go, I’m just feeling super unmotivated lately. I mentioned last Friday that we had a 3-day long weekend this weekend past and let me tell you, it was glorious and much needed.  I felt like it didn’t go by too quickly nor was it too slow.  I wish we could have a three-day long weekend every single […]