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How are y’all doing? I’ve been quiet around these parts lately because I’ve been busy at work during the day time and at night, I’m trying to spend much of my time with Jeff and being present.  The evenings are always so short and on a daily basis, I’m always wishing I had an extra couple of hours. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Of course, I’m sure, an extra couple of hours a day would never be enough and I’m sure I’d always be wanting more.  That or I need to figure out how to function on a couple of hours […]

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Thursday Thoughts

Things that Annoy, Frustrate or Aggravate me 28

Happy Thursday!  I’ve done a few of these posts in the pasts and I figure it’s high time that I get on it again.  I know I’m not alone in these annoyances, so pipe in and let me know what irritates you. It annoys/frustrates/aggravates me when: people that stop dead in their tracks, while walking, because they are so engrossed in their phones.  Listen, I get it.  I’m on my phone as much as the next person, but for the love all of things, step aside if you can’t ‘walk and chew gum at the same time’.  Which leads me […]

Change and Growth 14

There are going to be some changes around these parts, particularly with the Friday posts.  I’m not exactly sure what changes will be happening so stay tuned.  I just know that there is a shake up but things will stay largely the same.  I’ll still have the link up and some sort of variation of this Happy/gratitude list but just revamped. The reason for the change:  Sometimes you just need to walk away from friendships that don’t serve you any longer.  It doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed or I hate the person, not at all.  I just simply value myself […]

embracing change

Life and Serious Shit. 14

Life has been exhausting and so draining in the last, what, five days? I don’t even know what day of the week it is to be honest with you.  My mother-in-law was admitted to the ICU since last Thursday and her back surgery was (obviously) cancelled because of her state. She started slipping hard and then all of a sudden on Sunday morning, pretty much just after I got back from my overnight visit at the farm, we got a call from Jeff’s dad informing us that she was declining and fast and that we needed to come up north […]

5 Things I Need to Work On This Year (and maybe you do, too!) 9

Like most anything in life, all of things apply this year, last year and future years. These are things I need to practice daily.  Counting my blessings. Whether it be gratitude or something as simple as expressing to Jeff how much he means to me, those all count for something. Patience. Pretty self-explanatory. My reactions.  How I react and my immediate response to things needs some serious work and always has. Often times, my facial expressions and body language don’t match, so I can be confusing to some (read: jeff). For example, I could be totally joking about something but […]

Thursday Thoughts

Things that annoy the shit out of me 6

1. People having their phone keypad tones on while on a dead quiet train. You know what I’m talking about: the audible click noises, the keypad noise, the swipe noises, the singing noises. Turn that crap off, it’s annoying as F. 2. Ladies, for the love of all things, STOP wearing see through tights! If it’s as plain as day that I can make out the colour of your genitalia, for the love of all things, get a size up, bend over in the change room to check out the see-through factor, something, ANYTHING. 3. People that have wallet phone […]

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