February Mantras, Goals & Currently 8

Last year, our chill blogging group that goes by the name of Peaceful Posse launched a monthly link up called Mantras, Goals & Currently.  It’s pretty self-explanatory – share any mantras, goals and/or currently’s for the month. For those that missed the details explained earlier this year, the link-up opens up the first Monday of each month and will remain open for 14 days. So for this month, it opens up today (Monday, February 5) and it will close at midnight on Monday, February 19. It is totally up to you on how you want to layout or structure your […]

Monthly Mantras, Goals & Currently

New Year, New Me, Changing things up at the gym 4

With my lower back injury last fall, I’ve really had to change things up at the gym and modifying what I’m doing, to work with what I’ve got.  And the biggest challenge has been mentally, in al of this… While I am significantly improved, these things take time and, that, I think is the most frustrating part of it all.  For thirty four years, my body has been slightly rotated towards my left hip so now, I’m trying to train my body to work and respond differently and how it should, not how my anatomy and physiology decided to work or […]

Things I’m looking forward to 4

I’m off until next Friday and therefore there are many things I’m looking forward to do in the next few days: Celebrating Christmas with family. Eating tourtière and making Jeff’s mom’s baked Christmas goods. Gotta keep her memory alive. <3 Not having to roll my ass out of bed in the dark before 530 a.m. Getting together with friends. watching everyone opening their gifts. (I love gift giving!) Having a pajama day with the dogs. 🙂 Getting lost in a book or two. Snuggling on the couch with my dogs. Indulging in goodies and not giving a fk. Lol! The […]

Things I’m looking forward to

Old garage and dog

Stressed 18

I started writing this last week but then abandoned it, and now I’m picking it back up again because nothing has changed since then. Two work days in a row have left me hiding in the handicap washroom so I can cry like a little bitch. Is it the time of year? Is it work? Is it everything? Because everything right now is overwhelming and is stressing me the fu*k out. I feel unwanted and unneeded by so many people around me and when I feel like this and my self-esteem is in the dumps, it’s so hard to put […]

Thursday Thoughts before turning 34 tomorrow 2

What is up my friends?  I have no idea what to write today other than it has been a seriously long week and I’m very glad that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is also my 34th birthday.  Tomorrow is also the day I buried my dear father 31 years ago.  My birthday is always a mixture of a happy and sad time because I am reminded of the man that I was robbed of knowing.  I would like to think I have memories of him deep within, but I was only 2 years old (turning 3).  The things I do think […]

Thursday Thoughts


Venting 6

I should’ve posted this a few weeks back when I initially wrote it, but then I didn’t and I thought better of it at the time.  Now I’ve just decided f*ck it, just post it, Lindsay. So here’s something from a couple of weeks ago when I was in such a mood, I needed to vent bad! I’m upset and overwhelmed and frustrated and angry.  Why is my body screaming out and failing on me? Why am I the person that constantly gets shit on or dumped on?   Why do I take on so much? Why don’t I ask for (more) […]