Monday get ‘er done

Motivational Monday  6

Well if this doesn’t make you want to turn around and go back to bed, I don’t know what will.   Charlie had no plans for his Monday. 😉 This is the polar opposite of motivation. Lol I’ll be back tomorrow for the Let’s Be Friends Blog Hop that I’m cohosting, and I will also be posting my pet sitting adventures from the weekend, too.  Work got a little nuts today and the day ran away from me.  Happy Monday! Xo

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What’s Up Monday / Weekend Recap / Charlie Recovery Update 17

So what fun did y’all get up to this past weekend?  We had some mediocre, summer weather this past along with a lot of relaxation, cleaning, packing, seeing Jeff’s Mom in rehab, seeing old friends Saturday, good eats, good company and of course, time with the boys.  In a nutshell, of course.  (Meanwhile, I just went on a run-on sentence there, there was nothing brief or nutshell about it – lol) Jeff went up late Thursday night to his parents, which was basically only a place to rest his head, so he could go out on Friday morning, up to […]

Monday’s Aren’t All That Bad… 20

And so it goes.  My most dreaded day of the week: Monday.  Maybe I don’t hate the day itself, I just dislike it’s association with fun times are over and the work week is about to begin, yet again. However, this past week was glorious in that we didn’t have many plans and we were going to lap that right up.  With Jeff’s Mom being sick and visiting her every free weekend that we have, on top of my usual one weekend a month pet sitting commitment, there hasn’t been much time to breathe, decompress and digest everything that’s transpired […]

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It’s One of THOSE days… 26

It’s really one of those days.  You know, those kind of days where everything goes wrong and you really should just call it a day, pack up your shiz and go home and start again fresh tomorrow. The entire underground transit system was down this morning due to communication errors (i.e. the trains couldn’t communicate to each other and there could have been crashes at every station).  This didn’t affect my commute into work, but it was the buzz all morning as I came in on the train from up where I live. Then, I came into work this morning to […]

Monday Get’er Done! 12

Hey guys, I’m back from my weekend up north visiting my in-laws.  It’s that lovely day of the week again, Monday, that most of us dread but today I write from home, comfy as hell, sitting here in my underwear and fully appreciating that it’s a long weekend and we have today off.  Sweet, right?  Score for 3-day long weekends! Today I’m also guest-blogging over on my dear friend Selma’s blog, Crazy Little World of Mine.  Please head on over to her blog to show Selma some love and read my post on Maintaining your Friendships While in a Relationship. This past […]



Monday Musings … 13

Another busy weekend although I wish it was a 3-day weekend.  I wish every weekend was a 3-day’er.  Womp Womp.  Saturday morning, not long after we got ourselves out of bed, Jeff decided to head up north to see his Mom.  He had been flip-flopping for days and then when he finally made up his mind to come out with my Mom and step-dad that morning, he felt bad and I told him to head up north if it was bothering him so much.  So we ate a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado, with coffee of course, then […]