Scuba Diving

Barbados 2016 Part 3 – Scuba Diving Week 25

Barbados.  A slice of Heaven on earth … If you’re just joining me, I published the first part of my Barbados 2016 series here and the second part here.  This third part in the series covers days 6 through 11 where we did most of our scuba diving. I mentioned previously that on day 3, we only did the one dive.  It really wasn’t until the following week did we actually get into the diving.  Beginning on Monday, July 11th, we did 10 dives during the course of the week, bringing the total amount of dives to 11 in just six days, with approximately 10 hours of […]

Barbados September 2014

Barbados 2014! {MASSIVE picture post below} All of the posts below were taken from my iPhone, with the exception of a few I took from Jeff’s GoPro pics in the water.  I’ll post camera pics in another post.  For now, Enjoy and sorry for taking up a ton of bandwidth getting these badboys to load. We did six days straight of diving, which was 11 dives and we added about 10 hours of bottom time to our logs.  We saw many turtles, our divemaster killed many a Lionfish (so pretty, but vermin of the ocean), saw many new things I`d […]

I was thinking just last night that I need to write more and if need’s be, carry a small note pad around with me for things that I can talk about when I’m blogging.  I find myself blanking out all the time when I sit in front of the computer and go to write a blog.  I just find myself reading other blogs and I think I’m just not that creative.  Maybe? Who knows…. Seems that diving season is over.  That’s one thing that sucks about where we live.  We have cold temperatures for what seems like 8 to 9 […]

So I had written out a blog last week sometime, only to have to come back to it numerous times over because I had gotten busy throughout the day.  Not much is new with me.  The August long weekend we didn’t do too much… I know we did venture up to Orillia to visit Alex.  We brought along Bruce, Alex and Greg and had a smashing day frolicking in the pool, eating, drinking, playing with his roommate’s dog, Shelby, this lovely happy go luck Golden Retriever.  The day after that we went back up to Penetenguishene and dove out by Jeff’s […]

Out of the blue and into the blackYou pay for this, they give you thatOnce you’re gone, you can’t come back….When you’re out of the blueAnd into the black. … It’s better to burn out than to fade away…. Having a glue morning.  Woke up to Mr. Grouchy Pants.  Turns out I didn’t cuddle with him enough last night, let alone the past 30 days and if I can’t handle the truth then don’t ask.  Excuse me?  Who shit on your cornflakes?  Oh and my bad, I guess I haven’t touched you in 30 days.  Mhhmmm, right.  Just because he […]